TheVerge calls HTC One UltraPixel Camera ‘MEDIOCRE’ (Remember, Nokia 808 PureView as Astounding, Breathtaking, Stupefying!)

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Since HTC dissed Nokia’s PureView technology found in the Nokia 808 PureView in favour of their supposedly wondrous UltraPixel, I think it’s always worth sharing the truth coming from the tech reviews (rather than HTC’s delirious bravado).

TheVerge join the ranks of several reviewers that don’t seem too pleased with the HTC One’s ultrapixel camera. Now it’s not potato camera bad anymore, but neither is it as brilliant as HTC made out. Certainly, it does not deserve the right to disrespect Nokia’s PureView.

 it doesn’t change the fact that the pictures I took on the One just don’t look very good.

Credit where credit is due, the HTC One otherwise appears to be a very decent smartphone. Props HTC.

The point of this is that with regards to the camera where HTC shouted loud and proud and put down PureView (and various other manufacturers), well, it was all a load of baloney. It’s not even anywhere near the 808 or the nearing the best out there. It’s just MEDIOCRE.

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Nokia 808 PureView

  • Nokia has produced the greatest cameraphone
  • the one standout feature on the 808 PureView is so vastly ahead of anything we’ve seen before
  • I look at the photos I’ve taken with the 808 PureView and keep asking myself, where is the noise? Nokia, what did you do with the noise?
  •  this sensor at 5 megapixels is simply untouchable
  • The 808 PureView is that good.
  • Choose your favorite exaggerated epithet and apply it to the 808 PureView’s camera. It doesn’t matter what it is, it’ll be true.
  • This phone’s image quality is so far ahead of the competition that it really has no competition
  • at 5 megapixels, the PureView camera delivers, without doubt, the most detailed and natural images of any cameraphone
  • it’s capable of shooting 38-megapixel pictures that match or exceed the quality of most smartphones
  • Think about that latter point for a moment.

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Isn’t it funny that HTC, after releasing a phone with 16MP one year, got trampled by Nokia’s 41MP Nokia 808 shortly after (not just in number but sheer quality), the following year decided to turn back on themselves as some truth-seeker wanting to re-educate all on the megapixel myth (only to fail against the 808 PureView again). It’s this sort of inconsistency with their message and morals that I dislike about HTC. That and their somewhat underhanded deceitfulness when disrespecting Nokia’s actual PROVEN accomplishments in the 808 PureView.

But a great camera isn’t enough to make for a great mass market smartphone. For the camera phone fanatics, yes. Look no further. But Nokia needs to match PureView with a great smartphone experience (Every review had something to say against Symbian in the 808). This was almost done with the Nokia Lumia 920 but of course, that’s PureView V2. It was great, superb in low light and enough to win the top Camera award from none other than Gizmodo. I love the camera in my 920 but it would be awesome to push the boat out and have the unrivalled detail, lossless zoom and xenon-ultra low light flash photography in V1 (or even just actually 920 with xenon. Heck 900 with xenon would have been fine). Here’s to Nokia EOS later this year.

Edit (Ali):

In case you missed it watch the HTC one get destroyed by both the Lumia 920 and its little brother, the 720.



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