HERE Drive + Updated; Brings Favorites Sync Across All Map Apps and More

| March 14, 2013 | 14 Replies

wp_ss_20130314_0002One of issues with the previous version of Nokia/Here maps was the fact that it didn’t sync my favorites between Drive and Maps; meaning that I couldn’t find my “Home” location unless I saved it twice, one in Maps and once in Drive. Thankfully that has now been fixed in the latest Drive update along with some “customization options” (I think there are also some UI changes, like the favorites marker on the map itself).

You can grab the latest version from here:



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  1. Silthice says:

    Waiting for satellite view…

  2. Muerte says:

    Excellent. Step by step reaching the Symbian-version :)

  3. Douglas says:

    Waiting for “Drive Home” in Here Drive+ Beta

    • J-J says:

      That is a good feature in Symbian and Meego version.
      I’ve been looking forward it too.
      Meanwhile I use only one favourite, my home and that does the trick while home option isn’t available.

    • Jose says:

      On my Lumia 800, using the updated “Nokia Drive” app. The MyCommute feature, now enabled, allows me to set a Home Destination and Work Destination. It’s almost as good as the S60 version of nokia maps.
      I can’t understand why they haven’t implemented that feature in Here Drive+ Beta…?

  4. AJE says:

    Thank goodness for that. Does anyone know whether it will apply to 7.5 or 7.8……if I ever get it!!

  5. incognito says:

    The maps data itself also got an update on my N9 – finally the added maps for Serbia and Israel, along with the updates for the UK and Netherlands, are being pushed to the actual devices. Don’t know what situation is on the WP front, tho.

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