Lumia 928 Pops up on Verizon’s Servers again; This time in Red, White, Black and Cyan

| March 14, 2013 | 8 Replies



We previously saw the Lumia 928 make its appearance on Verizon’s internal severs a couple weeks ago; this time its popped up again in multiple colorful variants of white, red, can and black. I think Verizon will push the red most seeing how it’s their signature color, hopefully yellow will be added to the mix as well for the adventurous of us. Of course the 928 is rumored to be an aluminum built device, which means the colors might not be an exact ringer to its polycarbonate brother the 920; especially if Nokia use the same method of “coloring” used in the N8 (and ipods) called anodizing- informational video below.



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  • ok

    ok but if its 12 mp with xenon flash why they are calling it 928 ,, i thinks its a big change.. ?

    But yes they should improve file manager in lumias , like customizing phone os to ,, somthing symbians.. ?

    • KeiZka


    • Bazil

      It’s not. Judging from the leaks, it’s probably the same 8MP 1/3”crappy camera the Lumia 920 has. Nokia, please, bring that EOS.

  • KeiZka

    928 keeps reminding me of Porsche 928…

  • Note the date 17/1/2013.

    dss says:
    March 3, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    Relax.. I am sure they will figure it out eventually, but right now, there isn’t a single device out in the world that runs Windows NT and has a Xenon flash for its camera.

    Until that happens.. it doesn’t support one, when they make it work, then it will.

    The moral of the story? Dss dont know what he/she talking about half the time although he/she have been talking about this for the past year now. Dss should shut up more often. =)

    • SLAYER

      you should relax more often.

      • some people just dont know what they are talking about

        maybe when people who dont know anything stop posting like they know something, ill stop.

        till then, i will continue to expose their misdeeds. 😉

        doing this is pretty chill actually. Fact checking is not hard at all. try that some time! 😉


          keep the b@st@rds honest 🙂