Nokia Updates Have Permission to Modify Root Storage in WP8?

| March 14, 2013 | 8 Replies

wp_ss_20130314_0004I’ll be honest; I’m not exactly sure exactly what the screenshot above means. As I was updating my Lumia 820 (it suddenly decided to receive a billion updates from Nokia- 1, 2, 3) I noticed the weird text at the top of my app drawer. “@C:\Data\Programs\….” which sounds a lot like what I see on my PC, these came up every time one of the Nokia feature apps were being updated, such as Display & touch, Network +, Extras + Info..


I’m not sure exactly what this means, besides the fact that a lot of these bug fixes and improvements that have been coming from Nokia are accessing the root storage and modifying system files on WP, and maybe even the chance of future proper file management? But then again I really don’t know much about how this stuff works to be honest.



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  • Chiron

    Anytime you update an app, the app will show that. The system runs like a computer OS which we don’t have access too.

    • rande

      Never seen before…

      • This happens all the time with the Lumia 822 when updating some apps… Nothing’s new… This article is pretty stupid.

  • Mariano

    Nice clue to start developing some hack

  • incognito

    That’s where apps store their protected data. Has nothing to do with root access – each app stores in C:\Data\Programs\{UUID} (and its substructure like Install, Temp etc.) and only an app with that UUID can write to that folder. It’s essentially the home of the said app.

    To change the root system just like on desktop Windows you would need a permission to access C:\Windows\* which no 3rd party app has.

    • incognito

      P.S. If you have a Dev account, you can use the Isolated Storage Explorer tool to explore/troubleshoot the structure your app creates @ C:\Data\Programs.

    • GeceBekcisi

      Sounds a lot like Symbian’s private file system and security model, huh?

  • Khoa

    this didn’t happen in the very first firmware that came with the fone.