Video: Stunning video made using Nokia’s Here Maps 3D data

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here maps 3dA couple of years ago when we saw Nokia Maps 3D, we were in total awe of what Nokia managed to achieve. Whilst it’s a shame they did nothing with it in terms of bringing it to consumers in the masses, especially on mobile, props on Nokia for enhancing location services with their range of location apps.

In the video below, someone created a cinematic film using Nokia Maps or should we say, Here Maps 3D. It’s like the fly-over feature that was used by CNN at the Royal Wedding (using Nokia Maps) and later integrated by Apple into their maps (though, they did it so badly they had to publicly apologize for it)

It looks very realistic, appearing either like real life footage or some high quality video game.


For the next step, it would be cool to see someone use similar fly-overs and integrate it with normal footage to create a minifilm.

All imagery recorded from the Nokia 3D Maps ( All movements handmade. Look pimped in FCP7.
This is a personal project, there is no commercial use.

Join me at 🙂
I stumbled upon this awesome service a couple of months ago and I was really impressed. Unfortunately my graphic card (GT8800) was not powerful enough to realize my idea. I tested a lot of screen recorders, but all of them throttled the fps of the footages and the results were always too jerky at 720p…:(
Meanwhile I had to upgrade my card (for another reason) (HD5770) and I tested it again – and it worked much better! 🙂

Wide Web World from Paul Wex on Vimeo.

Cheers Muerte for the tip!


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  • No video in the post?!?!?

  • dontom

    So cool! So, what is the situation with these 3D maps. Are they property of Nokia or is it Apple that owns these now? Or are these new ones that Nokia has made them selves?

    • Muerte

      Nokia proprietary

  • harsh doshi

    any clue when are they gonna be updated on the mobile version??! if they could come up with this soon it would kick any maps ass!


    damn it nokia, get this into the hands of mass consumers, now.

    • Siliconsub

      It isn’t really useful for Nokia until Windows Phone supports the standard Nokia uses, or Nokia changes tot the standards that Windows Phone uses

      You can get this at if you use any modern browser apart from Internet Explorer, no matter the edition

  • Bob

    Nokia sat on this for years. Now Apple is known as a 3d mapping pioneer.

    Someone needs to “tip” Engadget on this for some general awareness.