Video: Nokia Lumia 920 Low-light comparison – Don’t miss a moment

| March 14, 2013 | 14 Replies

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Choose the Nokia Lumia 920 and never miss a moment!

Using advanced floating lens technology, the PureView camera in the Nokia Lumia 920 takes in five times more light than competing smartphones without using flash, making it possible to capture the best pictures and videos even at night.


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  • twig

    Video is why I bought it, but I must say I’m happier with the 920’s pictures than I am with my 808’s except for outdoor close ups. Shockingly. How? How?

    • Nabkawe

      actually the only thing that 808 excels at really well is outdoor shots , Close ups in the Lumia 920 are much better as you can A. get closer to your subject, B. you can install Proshot for a manual ocus experience that you can’t replicate on the 808, C. You can zoom on your screen (Ease of access double fingers zoom) to frame your subject without actually zooming.

      • AreOut

        much better for what? You have lossless zoom on 808 so you don’t have to come closer to the subject, also color reproduction from 920 is awful.

        just look at that flower, it got fckn pink… seriously, even 6yo N95 has better camera than 920 (and this test proves that)

        • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

          808 is not that great on macro. That ‘lossless’ zoom happens to kill the PureView and then the image quality drops.

          Your link says this about macro shots.

          Nokia N95: 7 pts, Nokia 808: 7 pts, Nokia Lumia 920: 5 pts, HTC One: 9 pts

          In that test 808 was not definitely the best in macro.

          808 is better for something else than macro shots.

          • AreOut

            it’s funny how much time you have for trolling, why don’t you show us some pictures from “your” 808 at last? 😉

            • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

              I’m not talking about my device but only about the quality of the 808 vs. 4S in certain situations.

              I’ll post a picture taken with 4S after RVM (or you perhaps) post a comparable one taken with the 808.

              Why I don’t take that picture with my 808? Simple. Because you would start claiming that I just can’t use the device because 808 will lose so badly.

              Comparable picture is for example one taken from a 1 euro coin or something similar most people have access to.

              Unfortunately it seems that RVM doesn’t dare to take the picture.

  • Rock

    Oh god. Please put this on TV!

  • Mendax

    These camera comparisons are so anticlimactic while we grind our teeth in anticipation of the next few months. They’re amazing pieces, nonetheless!

  • allawi

    Guys I just saw the Samsung galaxy s4 live-streaming. They copy Lumia 920 with the gloves touch and many things. The air flow too which Nokia N9 has it. So there is nothing new to get. I will keep my Nokia N9. Blackberry and Samsung steal from Nokia and Nokia do nothing. Nokia should sue them. I am waiting to get windows on my Nokia N9 or I will get the new lumia 1000.

    • Jas

      Get a Lumia 800?

  • Chris_Skylock

    Pictures? Yes, for the lumia 920. Low light videos? How?

    I got some nice low light shots with my newly bought lumia920 and they’re all amazing. But i cant seem to get low light videos? Any help?

  • stylinred

    Is Nokia going to port or create a Nokia Wellness Centre app over to their lumias?

    Looking at the New Galaxy just now and I notice a Wellness Centre clone included with the S4

    and Im thinking Nokia dropped the ball again

    • stylinred

      and the S4 has an IR blaster…. wow flashbacks of the N95 wish Nokia had included this with the N8/808

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