Twitpic: Nokia calling out the copy cats? [Sammy S4, Apple and Nokia?]

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Quick heads up:


I guess it’s in a timely manner, post S4 announcement but of course, this could apply to more than just Sammy.

Keep at it Nokia, focus on your innovations. Make sure however your marketing peeps show off what you do.

The engineers and designers behind the scene making the product is the kid studying and working hard, revising, toiling away. Your marketing folks is like the kid on exam day. Stop failing on exam day! You need to make all that hard work shine when it counts to let people know exactly how good you are. Please don’t stumble at the last minute where no one is aware of what you can actually do. Stop dropping the ball.

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  • qwert



    “Guess who’s who ”

    No nokia, i don’t know who’s who, can you spell it out clearly for ALL consumers ?!

    don’t ask us, tell us,
    telling consumers is called advertisement,
    asking consumers is lame/lazy.

    maybe some examples with the release or invention dates of those “consumer focused innovations” next to competitor release dates for those same innovations.

    you need to provide evidence, you need to convert consumers who are NOT nokia fans.

    • swain

      wishful thinking.:)

    • Pathetic


  • In that case Nokia should also call out Microsoft for copying Swipe actions from Meego-Harmattan to Windows 8.

    • ssd

      swipe ui patent owned by nokia is useless at nokia

      • So what are you trying to say?

        If Microsoft is using it, is it paying Nokia for the patent?

        What if Jolla uses the Swipe UI tomorrow?

      • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

        What kind of Swipe UI patents Nokia has?

        It was just in the news that Nokia is going to lose the access to the patents Apple has. Of course they never told us what kind of patents Apple licensed for Nokia.

        It would be interesting to know those Swipe UI patents and in what part of the world they are valid.

        • Hui

          Swype was a JV between Nokia and Samsumg. Fact check kids.

          • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

            I was just asking for the facts.

            Anyone has a link to the actual patents or to a summary?

            What kind of patents are there for Swipe?

    • Hung

      That’s rediculous. They are nothing alike. Beside, Microsoft first introduced Windows 8 swipe gestures at Computex in June 1st 2011. Weeks later, Nokia announced the N9.
      Windows 8 swipe guestures are simply genious and absolutely original like what MS did with Metro UI.

      • Swipe gestures first came out in the N9, not Meego and Nokia have patents for it… Microsoft Trolls are waaay tooo ridiculus…..

  • arts

    just to play devils advocate, the latest thing nokia seemed to have copy is the wide angle lens.

    Copying aint so bad after all…… hurry up and copy the s-pen!

  • swain

    Wasn’t the S3 enough to kill 920 and iPhone 5, so they released S4 ??
    God save Nokia and it’s outdated flagship !!!

    • manu

      lol. but in a sense you are right

    • Pathetic

      outdated? c’mon!!! the Lumia 920 takes pictures in the dark without a flash, no matter the great innovations that samsung made, nokia lumia 920 takes pictures without flash in the dark!!!!!!!! I am eagerly waiting for another (stupid/as*hole ) comparison of who took better pictures in dark conditions between these two phones, and you will see that the Lumia is a monster , the lumia take pictures in the dark without flash maaan(<——- how stupid is that)!!! Hahaha

      • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

        Taking pictures in dark? I guess some people can use that.

        Before this Nokia was pretty much focusing on multitasking. Customers were able to multitask that puny selection of applications Symbian had. Some people even claimed that they can multitask up to 50 applications at the same time. I never saw anyone doing that in real life, but apparently it can be done.

        Somehow taking pictures in the dark seems to be more useful than multitasking 50 applications at the same time.

        So, Nokia is definitely improving.

      • swain

        yes, I have collected following points why 920 is better than competition:

        1. it can take pictures without flash in the dark.
        2. (I don’t find any other point. may be the groundbreaking OS)

        • twig

          Now wait….you said you bought a 920. Never trust an Android salesman?

          • twig

            He did,he did. Google Alert, Google Alert !! Recall agent Swain. Mission compromised…repeat mission compromised. He must stand before No.1. Eric…..yikes.

            • swain

              I have not bought an Android phone till now. I have a tablet which runs Android. Still using 808 as my primary phone(don’t laugh). I was thinking of a 920 but unfortunately Nokia launched the device too late in India and priced it ridiculously high for the specs. Let’s see if the next flagship comes well equipped and can be worth my money.

    • argh!

      “sigh” -This spec war has gotten out of control. Talk about…mind warping everyone’s brain into thinking more is better.

      Let Nokia focus on their innovation. I’d rather see Nokia come out with a so-called “outdated” flagship than seeing the same iteration of a product each year. *cough* Samsung and Apple *cough* –yes the S4 will sell like hotcakes…but who cares?

      • swain

        Nokia cares. If their devices won’t sell, they will die.

        Same iteration of a product ? Well if you are saying about the name then yes I agree.

        But in all other aspects they are different. The processing power, memory, software, screen, resuolution, battery etc are all changed. Look at the phone when it’s turned on, not while it’s sleeping in pocket. I am sure the S4 with all it’s cheap plastic is an unmatched beauty when turned on.

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Scamsung Samesung

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  • Rich

    Having just left the 800 for the Note 2, after trialing the 920 for a month over Christmas, I must say Samsung is doing it all right.

    Let me say that 3 weeks ago I was Samsung’s biggest critic, after owning the S2 for a few months i said “never again”, but the Note 2 was so tempting with the S pen.

    I thought i’d get the 920, but the Note 2 has MULTIVIEW FFS! Have 2 videos side by side, take a photo by saying ‘cheese’ or ‘snap’ or whatever, cut out images from anywhere, including the browser, and text or email them, stick in a note. The Pen lets you read an email by hovering over the subject, search the web by drawing a command on the screen. There’s Google Now, which is beyond incredible.

    All in all, Samsung is top now because, frankly, it deserves to be. Nokia deserves to be higher than it is, but probably second rather than first. Android has come a long, looong way since as recently as Gingerbread, let alone earlier. And guess what, i am back with a device that has drag n’ drop, built-in DLNA, bluetooth transfer, instant notifications for Facebook & Twitter, pure customisation (assigning a ringtone was too convoluted on WP), and the main reason i left was because Microsoft is not doing enough with WP. It was (is) such a fresh OS, but being crippled by its own manufacturer.

    The innovations from Samsung aren’t copied. Nokia does not have a phone that stays on while you’re looking at it, or pauses a video when you look away, or zooms in on a photo or browser page by tilting the phone back and forth.

    • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

      You really nailed it!

      That’s a modern smartphone.

      Symbian is not a modern smartphone.

      Samsung is really doing it right. Even some random hard core Nokia fan commented that the best approach for a phone is to get 808 and Android phone to be used as a mobile phone.

      Samsung is actually doing so great that Nokia fans are buying 808’s to be used as a camera and Android phones to be used for communications.

      • Banderpop

        Really? I can understand someone pairing an 808 with an Android tablet or iPod Touch/iPad for apps, and using wi-fi tethering for browsing and mail. But it’s not as though the 808 is a weak phone, with it being pentaband with superb reception, having the best daylight visibility of any phone, and great battery life.

        • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

          Apparently people want to have the applications available and connected all the time. You can’t do that with a wifi hotspot on 808 because having that always on would drain the battery.

          That’s why it’s more convenient to have a real modern smartphone with applications (Android) or apps (iPhone) and use the 808 as a camera. And why not? 808 really shines as a camera, but it doesn’t have the applications.

          Another option would be having two SIM cards or a dual SIM. But then again, more costs from that.

          • Banderpop

            Ah. I haven’t really understood the mindset of people who need a constant connection. My PC at home with its constant wired internet doesn’t bother me with pop-ups about new emails, tweets, facebook notifications, ebay bids etc., so I haven’t become used to the idea of any of this being essential. If someone needs my immediate attention, they can call or text me, knowing that I’ll never be the person who’s battery has died.

            • Rich

              Many people, myself included, are the opposite.

              I have Apple mail with 6 email accounts, on my desktop. Mountain Lion gives me real-time Facebook and Twitter updates on my desktop too.

              When i’m on my phone i want to know that i’m not missing people trying to get hold of me, and in today’s world that extends beyond phone calls and texts. It means WhatsApp (my best friend moved to Australia, so that’s how we talk). It means Skype calls, FB, Twitter. Some people email me instead of texting.

              Btw, the Note 2 has a 3100mAh battery, so it’s long lasting. The 920 was a trooper too.

              • Banderpop

                Ewwww. That sounds like a nightmare, especially if I’m trying to get work done. I haven’t had any form of instant messenger installed in years, even though I could relegate that stuff onto a separate monitor.

                Alas I am a bit of a sucker for the comments sections of web pages. Just it may take me between minutes and a day to reply, since it’s not urgent.

            • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

              You are one of those people wantong to have the constant connection. You just said it.

              You want to have the access to phone and sms whenever you want.

              It’s the same for the mail client and for everything. Wanting to check all that. And it’s just inconvenient to turn on the wifi on the 808.

              Someone needs the apps for communications, he/she needs the internet connection.

              That’s when the Android/iOS phone is the real modern smartphone and 808 is just the camera.

              • Banderpop

                The constant connection of the phone line is for others to contact me. Otherwise I’d just leave the phone in offline mode until I need it. Currently it is offline to block night time and early morning calls, until Situations puts it back into General mode at 9am.

                Seriously, am I expected to keep up with emails, tweets, Facebook and IM conversations while out walking, shopping, at a pub or otherwise away from home and a PC? I can be. There’s nothing stopping it, since Mail, fMobi, Gravity and other apps all work great for me. I upload photos I’ve just taken to Facebook pretty often while out wandering, since the shots an 808 takes encourage me to show them off. But it has to be up to me to choose when to check anything, and I don’t expect or demand instant replies from others either.

                Needless to say, I’ve no interest in contributing data on my personal habits to Google’s cloud services. So I don’t need a data connection for that.

                • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                  People really have different ways of using their devices. Some people say how great Symbian is because it has widgets. You on the other hand could just keep the phone in offline mode while disabling even those widgets.

                  Now I’m going to quote you.

                  What I’m saying is that “someone pairing an 808 with an Android tablet or iPod Touch/iPad for apps, and using wi-fi tethering for browsing and mail.” is not really an option for people who want to use Android tablet or iPod Touch/iPad for browsing and mail.

                  If someone wants to use Android tablet or iPod Touch/iPad for browsing and mail (and applications or apps) it’s better to use Android phone or iPhone for the task and leave the 808 to be used as a camera.

                  For most people it’s extremely inconvenient to use two devices like that. But I suppose it’s fine for you if you really don’t use Android tablet or iPod Touch/iPad for browsing and mail like you originally suggested.

                  • Banderpop

                    It’s true that I use few widgets. Just shortcuts, toggles, the data counter, and currently playing with the flexibilty of WebView on secondary home screens as a bit of a show-off feature. I don’t even use a clock since Sleeping Screen takes care of that.

                    I don’t tether with my iPad much. When I first got it I did and that worked okay in terms of useability and battery, but it eats up more data than I’m willing to pay for, so it stays at home.

                    And that’s okay because I don’t need it when outside. It’s too big (like Android flagships), takes rubbish photos and videos and doesn’t have offline maps. There’s almost no space for music files, and no FM or DAB radio. The daylight visibilty of the screen is weaker than the 808’s. Plus FB and Twitter for iOS are far more inclined to crash than Gravity and fMobi, but it’s possible that it’s just me that happens to. I could get a SIM card for it but I don’t see any reason to, since it would be throwing money at a feature I won’t use.

                    I admit several Android phones would be better than an iPad for some of the things mentioned above. But I still feel that an 808 or even an N8 is still a more appropriate tool for me away from home, as there’s so much it can do without a net connection.

        • Rich

          No it isn’t a weak phone, but it isn’t as good as Android. I was using the S2 17 months ago, and the improvements between than and now is just amazing.

      • correct

        So I thought you were an Apple fan, now you’re a Samsung fan?

        So the truth comes out. It seems you like any competitor of Nokia, but not Nokia itself.

        • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

          I like to have the best phones.

          Unfortunately devices from the past are not something like that.

          Phones crippled by Symbian OS.

    • JR

      Admittedly the pen is cool, but all the stuff you listed that WP doesn’t do… it does… It has drag and drop, it has DLNA, it has Bluetooth file transfer, instant notifications for FB and Twitter, you can just drag a mp3 into the ringtone folder, or create one on the phone… So it would seem Microsoft’s “Not doing enough” is actually fixing every single thing that you didn’t like about WP7.

      • Rich

        Sorry JR but I used WP8, as well as 7,7.5 and 7.8, so i speak from experience of both WP and Android.

        IT IS DIFFERENT. WP8 has drag and drop *only to SD cards*, and the 920 has no SD slot. Lumia has Bluetooth file transfer, not WP. The notifications are not instant (on Android, they appear before they appear on my computer!). Sure they’re quicker, but not as instant as Android or iPhone. You can’t even make own domain emails sync faster than every 15 minutes. Dragging an MP3 into the ringtone folder is not as easy as clicking ‘assign to contact’.

        There are many ways WP is ahead of competitors, but there are many ways it falls behind. The things you mentioned came in in WP8, there should already be an update, quite frankly. Even more to the point, the stuff they “fixed” should have been present at the launch of WP7.

        Windows Phone has *nothing* that compares to Google Now, let alone the motion behaviour of Samsung devices, native DLNA, synced browsing (to the point that when i use Firefox on my computer, my search terms are immediately on the Note 2), use your face to unlock the device.

        And you know what’s hilarious? In Google Play store you can get a WP8 launcher, and the tiles are translucent so you can have a background! Microsoft won’t let that happen. Microsoft won’t even let you have folders.

        You wanna know the best thing? I can plug my phone into my computer and BACK IT UP. If I don’t want my text messages on Microsoft’s servers, there is NO alternative way to back them up on WP. With Android, i can do it to my Mac, or PC, or to Google, and i can even run an automatic daily backup of the ENTIRE PHONE to Dropbox. Pretty cool eh?

        So no, “all the stuff” I listed that WP doesn’t do…it doesn’t do. Seriously, it doesn’t. As much fun as it is, and as great as it is in some areas, it’s still very immature as an OS and because Microsoft wants all the control like Apple it probably will remain that way. Nokia is doing ALL the decent work, like trying to get instagram, providing decent maps, contact transfer, bluetooth, cameras etc. All the good things about WP, for the most part, is Nokia. Hence MS banging on about resizeable tiles all day, rather than saying “check it out, this phone will natively play your recorded or synced videos to your xbox!”

        Microsoft STILL doesn’t have Skype running out of beta. Only Microsoft would allow competing devices to have better versions of its own goddam software.

        • Rich

          And let’s not forget that Microsoft’s update to WP8 made devices freeze and reboot. In the month i had the 920 i lost count of the number of times i took it out of my pocket only to see the loading screen as it turned back on from a random reboot.

          • twig

            That’s strange as I’ve had mine since December and never has that happened to me. I certainly also do not need to back up my windows phone like I would an Android phone. A windows phone doesn’t have the FBI warning of do not use like the Androids do. I have yet to see any advantage to an Android that isn’t met with many more disadvantages. Your Android pictures suck by the way.

            • Rich

              I needed to back up my 800 but couldn’t, and lost ALL my data when it needed repairing.

              I have always backed my devices up. it is not an issue of “needing” to, it is a standard feature that all phones should have.

              yours may not have rebooted but it is a common problem, Jay mentioned it a few times.

              the pictures on the Note 2 are actually really good. I have given a list of advantages of the Note 2, you just refuse to accept them. fact is you have it in for Android and probably haven’t used it lately, if ever

    • Keith too

      Samsung certianly has compelling phones right now but they also have some big negatives. Their plastic phones are light but they don’t scream quality like Lumias do and you need to use a case with them. Worst of all they have CarrierIQ installed on them. Your personal details will be emailed to the develper every time you buy an app on Google Play. I would take Lumia 920 over any Android, and until Android cleans up it’s act I would even take an iPhone over an Android.

  • Banderpop

    The woman is Symbian, quietly making stuff work like USB-OTG, TV-out, nfc, Webview Widget, Situations, Bubbles, Sleeping Screen, Live View etc.. Probably all at once because as a woman she can multitask.

    The guy looking over the binders is Android, copying Symbian’s ideas and taking all the credit, knowing full well that he’ll get away with it because he’s bigger and everyone will ignore her anyway.

    The bloke at the blackboard is Windows Phone. He likes colours and big letters, has to have his errors corrected frequently, and is stuck on trying to figure out how to get a decent camera to work (see the AAS Big Shootout report).

    • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

      Are you trying to say that a woman like that has some serious disease or some other condition making her to faint quite too often?

      Symbian does freeze quite often.

      • Banderpop

        No disease, but let’s say that she can be temperamental.

      • swain

        After few updates, my 808 in not freezing at all. Last time it froze was 2-3 months ago.

        • twig

          Androids are years behind Nokia buddy, but it’s fun to listen to your bashing. It shows desperation. Oh, another award for Nokia. Google can’t be happy with you guys. This is where the battle really, really heats up.

          • swain

            Do you ever think before you write something ??
            Just read my comments and your comments. The desperation is visible.

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