WP8 Wins PCMag’s Mobile Operating System of choice (as well as by OS satisfaction).

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BenThePCGuy tweeted this earlier this morning; an article at PC Mag crowns Windows Phone 8 the best Mobile Operating System in overall scores, and satisfaction.,2817,2416521,00.asp

All eyes may be on Apple and Google these days, but Microsoft has delivered a mobile platform–Windows Phone 8, that bests both of those companies in user satisfaction. It delivers to its users on nearly every aspect of the mobile phone experience.

Don’t let this get to your head, MS. You’re still moving much too slow to get to where you need to be. The reader’s choice might also have been influenced by a large Nokia/WP fanbase – odd I know by the doubters given the sales (or perhaps not as they appropriately scored WP8 poorly in terms of apps against competitors). On the upside, it’s excellent that we can use the advantage of our community to highlight WP8 as certainly MS or Nokia aren’t going to do them or their devices justice in terms of delivering the right memorable ads. Also, WP8 is certainly very easy and pleasing to use for the majority of consumers who would require a straightforward, consistent, stable, reliable and fluid smartphone experience.


378223-overall-phone-os-satisfaction-by-ageScreen Shot 2013-03-14 at 08.24.22


Interesting: Reasons to choose a phone…

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 08.24.22 378211-reasons-to-select-a-mobile-phone


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  • Inspite of all these Stats, WP8 still lags behind… Sometimes, all Stats aint the truth…

    All the PureView Camera or the best hardware wasnt able to win hearts of many, just because of WIndows Phone. To prove my point I would like to remind you of your own(MNB’s) facebook page to vote for the best Nokia Smartphone… Even today N9 stands at the TOP! And as your another post on Finland shows, Symbian as S40 rocks. Symbian Belle was never really given a true chance.

    • S40 isn’t Symbian. And that has less to do with userbase but the fact that the browser proxy location is in Finland.

      It appears you don’t read any posts. Just the title and then whinge about MS/Lumia. I’m not blind to the stats, and look at more than one side to what may have caused this supposed ‘win’.

      • LOL, my point is exactly the same at how you always higlight the good of Windows Phone and dont really see how stinking it is from the inside or as a package. Without Nokia, Windows Phone would have been rotting now.

        “Symbian as S40 rocks.”

        Yes, I meant to say that S40 rocks just like Symbian. Sorry, I jumbled up the sentence…

        • Of course I will highlight the good of Windows phone, Nokia or Lumia. I have a Nokia FAN Blog. But we also talk about things we don’t like too. Even then in those posts where we criticise, you guys attack in a “we told you so” and then after that’s passed, you guys ignore any of our criticisms like we don’t do it at all. What gives? Is all you’re going to do just moan?

          We’ve never denied that WP would be nothing without Nokia. Those words have come out of our own mouths plenty of times. What is your actual point rather than just being bitter?

          • who knows

            I come here daily to enjoy news about Nokia and MNB never fails to deliver (I do this on my free time because I like Nokia and its products, I do this to enjoy myself not wallow in misery). Even if some people here try to suck out all the positives that surround Nokia I keep coming back. Keep up the good work Jay!

            • arts


            • I dont doubt that, this is a wonderful blog and I have been reading it for the past many years since I’ve started blogging and I respect the way Jay’s able to find time to maintain his blog which I am not able to do still….

              +1 from me too… 🙂

            • DesR85

              One word: Agreed.

            • i dont even own a new modeled nokia phone. but i always go here in viewing latest nokia stuff 😀 i do wish to own a lumia…..but i dont have enough money, so i just go here daily. haha

          • Luisito

            Everytime this happen… You should answer ala Leonidas… THIS IS MYNOKIABLOG!!!!

          • The point is… Windows Phone is still struggling no matter what stats you show…

            Nokia N9 is also a Nokia device, if you are a Nokia FAN you would have posted the Facebook vote results…

            • Mark

              N9 tried and died. WP may still succeed. That’s the difference.

              I’m sorry you don’t like it, but your darling wasn’t and never was the solution (well, after early 2010 anyway).

              Move on. Getting stuck in the Anger or Denial stage won’t help you in the long run. 🙂

              • I’m moving on dood.. I dont day-dream like you WP fans… The 2 N9’s are my last Nokias…

                • who knows

                  Here is where I don’t follow. Nokia was completely transparent about which direction they would go, well in advance. They helped people making the right purchase by letting their potential customers know well in advance which operating system they would put their money in. Somehow that have lead people to spout that Nokia has becoming the villain in the story (or Elop) and that they have betrayed their fans/customers. If anything they should be applauded for taking the highroad and letting it be known publicly. They could’ve just added WP to their line of phones and more quietly killed symbian/meego (like Samsung did with Bada). Probably that would’ve earned them more sales but angered customers (well that didn’t work out very well now, did it).

                  I bought an N9 and I’m completely content with it. It works most of times as I would like and the interface is really nice. However I do not go around shouting that Nokia killed this platform before it even was released and claiming to know better how to operate the company…… because that would be CRAZY. I knew exactly what I was buying and that I would have fewer apps then on competing platforms. I take full responsibility for my own purchase and don’t whine about every little thing in every blog post. If they hadn’t told publicly that they would discontinue meego I would’ve understood the hooting and shooting. As it has been these last year(s) its been absolute crazy reading the comment section here.

                • Mark

                  OK. So that was your last post then?

                  LOL! You’ll be back. You can’t help yourself. 🙂

                  • I never said I will not visit this blog again… I know you are a blind fan of Windows Phone, but I dint know you are so blind that you cant read properly…

                    • Mark

                      Actually, Ajit, unlike you I’ve owned an iPhone, Android phone (ZTE Blade), currently own an Android tablet (Nexus 7), use a Macbook and a desktop Windows 8 PC and have used Nokia phones since the late 90’s.

                      You on the other hand hate things you’ve never tried and can’t move on. 🙂

                • correct

                  You’re moving on? Good. Then stop coming to this blog! As you’re not a Nokia fan of NOKIA TODAY.

                  • I still am a Nokia FAN, but not Windows Phone because it originates from Evil Microsoft(which once upon a time was also good)…

                    This is a blog on the internet and not intranet. And as long as its on the internet and I have access to it, I will visit and keep bashing this stupid strategy until it falls into the ears of the right people… What will I get from it? Nothing at all, but cant see a good brand being sold out…. Note that the assets of Nokia are slowly being given away and sold… I’m watching it…

                    • correct

                      That makes no sense. At all. If you hate Windows Phone, then that means you HATE Nokia’s current smartphones! Assuming you don’t include Ashas as smartphones, Lumias are ALL Windows Phones.

                      Either you are a fan of Nokia *now, currently* or you are not.

                      You have proven you are NOT a fan of Nokia *currently*. You are merely a fan of *Nokia past*.

                      Ah okay, so you have admitted you will keep coming here and keep trolling. At least you’re an honest troll. Well MNB staff will be watching you.

              • Luisito

                Nokia (Mr. Elop aka Dr. Evil) never give a real chance to the N9, if you forgot it (or you wasn’t there)…

                • Mark

                  Even fewer people wanted it than Windows Phone.

                  It’s dead. Move on or move out. 🙂

            • Francis

              IMO, as Jay pointed out, and also Ali mentioned before, this is My”Nokia”Blog; and you can not and should not expect any NOT biased comments, news and review from blog’s writer here.

              For me, i just do selective reading. Simple.

        • Hypnopottamus

          You didn’t read the article did you? Let me point out the the part of the article that addresses your point about always talking about the good:

          “Don’t let this get to your head, MS. You’re still moving much too slow to get to where you need to be. The reader’s choice might also have been influenced by a large Nokia/WP fanbase – odd I know by the doubters given the sales (or perhaps not as they appropriately scored WP8 poorly in terms of apps against competitors).”


    88% of people who bought a wp8 device, did so for the OS, shows lots of love for metro.

    surprising to see 57% of people who bought an iphone, did so for of apps, the biggest reason for selecting iOS.

  • john

    lol i refuse to buy a windows phone until major update are done windows i dont no how it could be most satisfying os but i guess its possible

    • krishna6233

      ha ha me waiting for the bugs to get fixed and the basic features to come.

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