Instagram for WP coming in May says quite possibly fake source

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Instagram-Windows-PhoneYou may or may not have been paying attention to a recent wave of screenshots from the WP Store that suggested a few apps coming that haven’t been released there before.

The most significant title is Instagram, which Nokia and Microsoft are highly aware is missing as both have (well Nokia has, MS peeps have randomly retweeted) the #2InstaWithLove campaign. Other titles said to be coming include “Templerun 2 realracing 3 Instagram and others aren’t launch until may 2013…its in wp store but aren’t downloadable(need permission)…”

The source appears to be a HTCMeToo-like @evleaks wannabe, @anontechleaks

Trolling WP fans? Highly likely. anontechleaks protests that these are not fake.

Note the above picture initially says for Android.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 08.37.05


Apparently, the pics aren’t photoshopped but then it’s difficult to prove otherwise as all this could be photoshopped quite easily.


Nokia EOS is possibly due for announcement in Spring time. It would make for some nice happy fans to see Instagram partnered with the launch. Again, not because we want to destroy photos with filters but to be part of that social network too, interacting with an audience, or being one for other peeps that interest you. Instagram for WP is a necessary must-have for our platform.

Still as with everything, there’s a small chance it could be real.

Source: anontechleaks

Via: PhoneArena

Cheers sbw44 for the tip



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  • Jurgis

    I would like to have Waze on WP more than Instagram. But Instagram would also be good for WP platform.

    • efekt

      If you want Waze because you’re living in Israel, than don’t worry – Nokia Drive already works in Israel (though for some reason the map is in English while you can search for addresses in Hebrew and it’ll find it perfectly well), and I’ve heard that the guys from the new service – M8 – are working on a WP8 version which will be released soon.
      I have Waze on my Lumia 900 and I also installed it on my wife’s Lumia 820 but that’s for developers only (I’m a registered WP developer so I can – in a limited way – install applications without using the Marketplace), and it works quite well, but still the Nokia Drive app is much better IMO.

  • Rapunxel

    Let it go , you WP fans are so thirsty for Instagram ugh its pathetic

    • Perhaps you should take your own advice and “let it go”. I reviewed your previous comments and they’re all either moaning about WP or attacking/swearing at other users.

      Unless you have something constructive to add, you should leave your thirst for bitterness to one side because, as you say, it’s pathetic.

      • arts.

        its pretty obvious this community is under attack. from former fans, devs, or morons. They dont want this community to survive.

        I sincerely hope that instead of focusing on keeping it “PG or family friendly”, you might consider using your time spent here to kick out idiots like this.

        • You’re right. For a long time, we’ve kept it a policy that the comment section is open for all opinions and discussions. However, some are abusing this openness as an opportunity to bring down the community with constantly deconstructive, negative, whining comments that add nothing to the conversation.

          • arts.

            i really hope you do something about this dude. Would love to fanboy in peace once more. =D and just have cod3error around. he was fun.

            • imcoolerthanjay

              +10 I really missed that guy back when the N8, iPhone 4 and GS1 were the flagships around

              • sunnyvale

                Ah yeah…coderror.. I miss him too.

                Although the majority of the time he was trolling, he was also a reasonable guy, not just a hater. He was just pissed because the path Nokia chose.

                Haha He pissed off Jay sometimes, but I remember when the MNB page saw a traffic increase, he was one of the first on congratulating Jay for it. Also he got credit for like two articles, one of them was a little detail in a promo video that everyone missed, but he was quick to notice about it.

                But, yeah, he did some good jokes. Quite fun indeed. I also remember the time MNB opened the chat during the Nokia World 2012, he was in the chat. All the regulars were there like nabkawe, Janne, nn, Vippo, Ali and some of you guys which nicknames I do not remember (sorry!)

                Thing is, Ali kicked him out of the chat, like several times. In the next days, he continued commenting, but no doubt he was butthurt about it.

          • sunnyvale

            Well, I do appreciate that openness, I think is crucial to know the community’s thoughts on Nokia’s current trajectory. However, I do believe that comments that contain any swearing or attacking, should simply be deleted.

            On the other hand, I think we could also let slip some harsh criticisms IF they are well documented and have a reasonable explanation. Not because trolling pleasure.

      • Nabkawe



    i dont use instagram but it is very important for some people,
    WP needs this app so consumers have a choice about which phone model they can buy,

  • Nothing

    that can be done with a simple html editing. I have done that on one of our telco in the Philippines. sorry for my English

  • when i will use instagram, i wont put filters. ha! jokes on you instagram!

  • Rags

    What’s taking them 2 months to finalise the app? On iOS literally every few weeks they have an update, means the development team is pretty big. We need it on WP8 already!

    • Weirdfisher

      Even android instagram was released only 11 months ago, after appearing on ios for 2years.
      They may release it in 2014