Video: Nokia Lumia 920 Low-light comparison – Don’t miss a moment

| March 15, 2013 | 11 Replies

Nokia’s youtube channel just uploaded a video titled “Nokia Lumia 920 Low-light comparison – Don’t miss a moment” where in the end the guy with the 920 gets the pretty girls number; while the S3 user (or is that the S4 😛 ) ends up with a dark mess.



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  • Andy
    • cloud

      cmon boys look at yourself….all you got is taking photo in the dark…but what else lumia got????stop bolding camera…a smartphone needs more features!any monster that other companies release you just bring it in to a dark room and say HA! look it cant take good photo in low light!so lumia is better!!!!!!!!
      are you fooling yourself????
      if this elop guy wasnt in charge now we could have THE N SERIES in our hands instead of boring lumia….look at the older nokia phones they came in different shapes and designs and hardware…it was grate but now we got 100 models of lumia all the same…shame!

      • Silthice

        Totally agree with you. We can get few symbian devices and the feeling for each device is different as we can customize everything. Meanwhile for ALL lumia there are the same and that’s it.

        Plus, I thought only my Lumia have the instability like random freezes, random start, fail to resume and etc. Is this what people said stable and smooth OS? I’ve no idea how WP especially WP8 is a substantial upgrade over Symbian and MeeGo. As far as I’ve used Lumia for a couple of months it’s more unstable than my N9 and 701.

        Honestly I’m quite dissatisfied with my Lumia over my previous phones. The only advantage that I can see for Lumia is that it get a lot of attention from Nokia plus the updates. Meanwhile Microsoft is barely focus with WP and update for the OS is very slow.

        • arts

          which lumia you got btw?

          • Silthice


            • lumia

              Its the ram that make it slow, i have 820 and no such issues. My n8 keeps hang when using whatsapp. Remove app u dont use. Even pc with quad core do hang if u yourself dont know how to use it. Manual are there to read folks! Its auto restart if it get hotter. Again, read the manual!

      • lumia

        Do u even know what is kernel etc, changing to windows expand the future rather stuck with symbian. Have u ever been doing programing n know how much time concuming it is? Yes, its better than s4 ever. Taking photo in dark w/o flash. If u dont want super cool camera on a phone, get urself a phone with a dialer only, or even get a pc!

  • hytheam

    haha lumia rules

  • Sriraj N

    Cant blame Ali. Those damn things all look alike X(

  • nokiafanboy

    F@*k the haters. Nokia rules

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