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Here’s a concept by Mkrtchyan Edgar inspired by the ASUS Padphone. It discusses a main component that can be ‘transplanted’ to other devices so only one set is produced for different device types


First adaptable phone

      Automakers do not produce a new frame for each their cars, they reuse one that already exists, why not adopt the same strategy in the market of smartphones? The concept consists of transplanting the brain and vital organs in another body.


This idea comes from Asus with their Padphone

Why not go further on the integration of links?



  •      Have the “same” phone on any device 

      (one phone subscription, no double notifications on different

      devices that have (Facebook, Twitter, Mail etc.).

  •      No need to install / update applications on different devices 
  •      Reduce the cost of production, so the final cost of sales 
  •      Allow customers to purchase only part of the phone they want 

      (for example, a larger screen, larger battery,

      new design or a new processor etc.).

      In case of breakage, we change only the defective part

  •      Have a new phone with all digital content and settings already inside

Main part consists of:

  •    -CPU, GPU and other electronic components 
  •    -Built-in Memory (+ extension) 
  •    -Camera, flash 
  •    -Emergency battery (50-100 mAh) 
  •    -the OS system 
  •    -Connections: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE, NFC, Audio jack 3.5 
  •    *All the components are housed in a very fine 

     and waterproof


Cost components: 90-150 €

(depending on the processor, camera, memory ..)




Secondary part consists of:

    -Hull (with a location for the main part)

    - Screen

    -Main Battery (+ Charging by induction, Solar Panel ..)

    -Vibrate, Gyroscope, proximity sensor and light sensor

    -Connectors: Micro USB, HDMI

    -Volume buttons, lock / off and camera, as well as

     OS buttons: Back, Windows / Home, Search

    -Speakers, Microphones


Cost of components: 60-100 €

(depending on the size of the screen, the size of the battery ..)


the list is not final, just I want you and readers tell me exactly what he wants, maybe I’ve forgotten the details, or they can further improve.


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