Weekend Watch: Nokia Lumia 920, iPhone 5 And Galaxy S3 Camera Comparison

| March 24, 2013 | 23 Replies

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Check this out, it’s a very thorough video comparison of the cameras of the Nokia Lumia 920, Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

It’s amazing to think that it’s now a Nokia that’s getting picked up on oversaturated colours. I do distinctly remember when it was the N8 producing the most lifelike colour against the iPhone, reviews loved the iPhone pics. Anyway, Nokia might have overdone it.


On other things like grip to hold when taking a photo, stabilisation, video sharpness, low light photos, the Lumia 920 takes the top spot.

Uoobe Vid·

The photo below was low light WITH LED flash.

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 14.01.51Cheers imcoolerthanjay for the tip!



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    that grey lumia 920 looks sexy,

  • Personally I love the colours produced by the Lumia 920. Really warm. Although I am the type of person who would have said i didn’t like this if it was on the iphone. Fanbois, hey!?!

    • imcoolerthanjay

      Don’t worry, you’re on the good side 😉

  • yemko

    I’m tired of this cam comparision of a thing… Camera is not everything

    • Maybe

      That’s the only area that Lumia excel in… That’s how marketing does it job

      • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

        Camera was everything Nokia had in 2010. When people still praised Symbian.

        • Maybe

          It got tonnes of features and functionality just that it was unstable and laggy back then similar with what Android was until project butter. That’s all what Symbian need in first place something to make it smooth, stable and fast especially the browser.

          • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

            All those features are not so important if people don’t really use them that much. Symbian was unstable and laggy, but in addition to that it lacked applications.

            It doesn’t matter if Qt was going to make possible creating the applications. At the end of the day it still lacked applications in 2010.

            That really hurt Nokia.

            In 2010 Android was already far superior compared to Symbian. People were spending more and more money on Android devices and less and less on phones with Symbian.

      • Odd. It seems fine when it’s camera comparisons with the 808.

        • Maybe

          It’s a cameraphone in the first place and the real PureView not like 920 Pureview wannabe….

    • incognito

      The camera tech is, sadly, the only thing Nokia has left that can trump the competition. And the competition is catching up slowly but steadily to that as well. It doesn’t help that Nokia constantly regresses in the camera tech, either – if they want to be praised for camera prowess they won’t put a good camera on one model, and mediocre-to-shitty cameras on ten other models.

      • imcoolerthanjay

        You missed out the best (and only) offline GPS navigation on mobile phones.
        High quality materials resulting in premium looks, feel and sturdiness
        Known expertise in antennas giving you the best signal qualities you’ll ever find on market.
        Premium customer services and support (Nokia Care, Nokia Music etc.)
        Hardware/Software innovations that affect the whole market leading to competitors copying (stealing) those innovations.

        The issue with Nokia that they don’t advertise these things enough… So general market don’t know how awesome this company is… Only diehard fans who know what’s best for them acknowledge this.

        I’m not sad about it. It actually makes me more special and hipster-like having awesome features others don’t know about, and that like-a-boss feel when you surprise others with how much innovation is hidden in my phone.

        • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

          I have offline navigation on my iPhone. No problems with that.

          There are lots of features Nokia fans this are unique to devices manufactured by Nokia but they are really not.

          However it’s great to see that Nokia seems to be shipping some quality features in Lumia phones. It doesn’t matter if someone else has same features if Nokia manages to create a truly great phone with a Nokia logo.

          • imcoolerthanjay

            You could pay ~60$ to get a crappy workaround for offline navigation via third-party app like Sygic. 60$!! For the already overpriced iPhone… And it fails miserably compared to Nokia’s navigation services which are totally FREE and OUT-OF-THE-BOX (I remember how iPhone users used to brag about this word).

            Your statement in the second paragraph doesn’t make any sense whatsoever o_O

            BTW everything I mentioned in the post above (including camera features and many more) are DISTINCTIVE features which make Nokia so special because they are unique, innovative and useful. (sorry Sammy, zillions of CPU cores and front/back cam shots at the same time aren’t innovative nor useful.)

            • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

              I don’t even remember what I paid for offline navigation in 2009 when I got it for iPhone 3GS. When I purchased a new phone, it was moved to that with no extra cost.

              Something like $60 is nothing compared to not having a crappy OS like Symbian freezing randomly. I like to have a reliable phone. That’s why $60 is nothing if I can avoid Symbian.

              About the second paragraph. This = think.

              You pretty much mentioned only the camera and the only Nokia phone having a really different kind of camera is 808. And that phone has Symbian. I have 808, I know it’s not something I would use as a phone. I bought it to be used as a camera. Nothing more.

              About that claim about “OUT-OF-THE-BOX”. I don’t think 808 can really navigate anywhere “OUT-OF-THE-BOX”. You have to download the maps first. And after that the only difference is the price.

              • imcoolerthanjay

                No you didn’t buy get offline nav on the 3gs. For the simple reason that you can’t even come up with the name or the price of the app you supposedly got, also I doubt there was something like that for the iPhone back in 2009.
                Oh and the Nokia n73 had offline maps since 2006 before the iPhone even existed.

                Also you can’t call Symbian crappy when even S60v3 which is about 8 years old has more features than the newest iPhone. At least it supported Bluetooth file transfer and pairing with any device. It has support for flash and Java. It has a file manager. It has true multi-tasking.
                Later on Symbian was updated to support widgets, HDMI, USB OTG and so on.
                The lagging and freezing issues were present because it was a heavy feature-rich OS on a relevantly weak hardware. But that issue has almost vanished with the 808 (And all the second-gen S^3 devices) I’m saying almost because nothing can be 100% perfect. Even iPhones aren’t immune to crashes and freezes.

                And no I didn’t mention the camera at all. I mentioned few other things Icognito hasn’t mentioned.

                And again, you’re wrong about the out-of-the-box thing. If you really had a 808 you would know that you’ll have the map of the country/region the device was bought from preinstalled on the device when you bought it. At least that’s what I found when I bought the N8.

                Oh you forgot to mention the N8 and Lumia 920 in the list of really different kind of cameras on the market.

                • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                  You are telling me what did I buy or not? Seriously? Just check when Navigon and Tomtom for iPhone were released. That will take away some of the ignorance you have.

                  So what if N73 had offline maps in 2006? I was probably a nice phone at that time. I used to use Nokia phones but then I got iPhone because it had superior features for me.

                  That 8 year old Symbian phone may have some features iPhone doesn’t have but they are mostly irrelevant. Symbian’s true multitasking from 2006 is crap. Actually it’s still pretty crappy because you have to close applications all the time and all that. Not nice.

                  Flash and Java. Are you serious about those? Really?

                  I have 808 and tried to use that HDMI connection. You know what? It didn’t work. It needs an adapter. It’s not a real HDMI but something else. Standarded maybe, but not HDMI and people don’t seem to have those adapters and Nokia didn’t ship one with the 808.

                  I don’t bother to comment features like USB-OTG and all that. Irrelevant features.

                  I know iPhone can freeze but it’s extremely rare compared to Symbian. Sorry.

                  I don’t know what that phone did but it really didn’t give me access to the maps without registering to Nokia and all that. So, no maps out of the box. Just like it’s with Apple.

                  What’s so different in N8? A slightly larger sensor and a flash? Really? Meh. Lumia 920 is nice and probably the best product Nokia released in 5 years, but not really so different.

                  • imcoolerthanjay

                    Oh so I’m the ignorant one now eh? I’m not the one who calls standard features that everybody else has except iPhones “irrelevant”

                    No the Bluetooth sharing is not irrelevant. FM Radio is not irrelevant. Basic file manager is not irrelevant. I used all of those son a daily basis back when I had the n8, but you can just call all those features useless and irrelevant because you don’t have them on your lovely iPhone. Of course its obvious how much you secretly wish you had those things on your iPhone, you’re one of the most active members of MNB and almost every comment you compare a Nokia phone with iPhone.
                    I’m,the one ignorant you say? You don’t even recognize the superiority of the 3-year-old n8 camera over the best iPhone to date, heck, it is still superior to most devices on the market on the camera side.

                    You posted few days ago some fake close-up photos of your supposed 808PV versus your supposed iPhone trying to show that your iPhone is better… Well, this is not just ignorance from your side, it’s purely a big fat desperate lie.

                    Oh and the HDMI works perfectly fine. Stop lying. At least here on MNB, we’re not 10-years-olds you know?

                    • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                      Sure, you are ignorant. You just proved it by saying “No you didn’t buy get offline nav on the 3gs.” and ” I doubt there was something like that for the iPhone back in 2009.”

                      Just check the facts before announcing that you are ignorant.

                      Those features may be important to you but apparently they are not something that makes all those people buy phones. That’s why they are irrelevant for companies wanting to have huge unit sales.

                      I don’t remember really comparing the overall performance of the camera’s from 4S and N8. Where did I do that? Why should I recognize something that I don’t bother to compare. I don’t compare Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola and I’m not going to “recognize” one of those. No need for that.

                      Speaking about N8 is a curiosity because, like you say, it’s a good camera but hardly a modern smartphone. And it’s discontinued.

                      Fake close-ups? Thanks! That really makes my day if you don’t even believe 4S can do that! Great!

                      HDMI works perfectly fine but it doesn’t work at all if the adapter is not available. I never had one when I needed the HDMI connectivity. Nokia didn’t ship one with 808 and even if they did, I wouldn’t be carrying all kind of adapters around.

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