PC Advisor crowns Nokia Lumia 920 as most desirable smartphone

| March 26, 2013 | 21 Replies

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Over at PC Advisor, they’ve stacked up all the latest smartphone competitors. Astonishingly (or not) the winner is the Nokia Lumia 920. 

This was based on a poll to which the 920 gained 32% of the votes.

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  • Zizou

    As expected.. 🙂

  • spacemodel

    Lumia 920: all time winner of every poll you can imagine, all time loser of every sales list you can imagine.

    • Weirdfisher

      I still have only seen a lumia once in Hong Kong(my country), even they have been released for more than a year


        yeah nokia has had a hard time making enough phones available to meet worldwide demand,
        it’s good to see the 2012 920 beating the 2013 htc1 and sg4.

        • ha ha, heard of an ostrich that hides its face from the facts?

          I see here in India, the malls have all stores but yet no one walks into a Nokia store. However, I see Samsung and Apple stores attracting the crowds…


            i see here in philippines, the nokia stores at ayala and sm malls have more and more traffic, its often difficult to find a display lumia that isn’t being handled.

            the apple stores have people looking at ipads, i don’t know or care what the samesung stores are doing because the biggest threat to nokia here is the locale starmobile brand.


            • DesR85

              “i see here in philippines, the nokia stores at ayala and sm malls have more and more traffic, its often difficult to find a display lumia that isn’t being handled.”

              In Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), I’ve seen a number of people visiting Nokia stores and playing with the 920 and other demo units in a few of the malls I’ve visited like Paradigm Mall, Pavilion, MidValley, etc.

              Back in my hometown, on the other hand, none of the Nokia affiliated stores put up a single 920 demo unit. The only store that have one was SenQ, a store chain selling electronics, and it’s propped on a stand advertising Sony Xperia phones. Funny thing is, that stand is also filled with various HTC and Sony devices. Maybe their view is any stand is better than no stand? :p

    • Ha ha.. almost got it right…

      I know a few polls where the Lumia 920 lost.. Remember My Nokia Blog’s Facebook Poll on the best Nokia Smartphone, even today the winner is the N9…

    • mirco

      It simply needs time until people become aware of Nokia as an option again. Here in Germany a generation of smartphone user “grew up” who are surprised when you tell them that Nokia builds good smartphones (or smartphones at all)! However, I also see other people who remember Nokia again and consider it as their next phone.

      The Samsung Galaxy series also was no instantaneous hit… it needs time to build up reputation (especially if you had lost it before) but the trend points into the right direction.

  • Viipottaja


  • *****

    Nokia is actually doing pretty good I would say. Because of their Lumia lineup, they have become the 3rd best selling OEM in the us, outselling HTC and Motorola

    • Viipottaja

      +1 on the carriers that have Lumia, of course. not sure overall.

  • Enolla Abby

    So here we have the most wanted smartphone of 1% market – worldwide, what a victory, what a surprise, what a success for such a company. Shareholders start celebrating. Lets get drunk boys and girls, 5 gallons of pure water for everybody 😉 – victory is victory – as expected.

  • swain

    Lumia 920 is most desirable…!!!
    Yes, why not ? The desire must be to throw it at someone and give a deep injury..
    Instead I would believe if someone says 720 is desirable given the specs for the price.
    After the horror show of 800 and 900, now 920 has proved that Nokia can’t make a high-end product to compete with other top dogs.
    I agree with Ajit here. I too find rarely anyone is interested in a Lumia. May be our friend will give us some good news regarding record breaking sales in Philippines.


      Maybe elop will give us all the good news on the 18th

      “Record breaking sales” ??

      I’ll settle for plain old “growth” in sales.


      some good news for now until the 18th april,


      “”While we’re still in early days, the numbers are encouraging……….Windows Phone has reached 10 percent market share in a number of countries, and according to IDC’s latest report, has shipped more than Blackberry in 26 markets and more than iPhone in seven. Windows Azure has doubled its customer base with revenue growing 3X and Windows Server 2012 Datacenter edition licenses have grown more than 80 percent. And last quarter, we tripled the number of Office 365 paid seats year over year.””

      not bad huh?

      how well is motorola doing since they where bought out by google/android ?
      how well is htc/sony/BB doing?

      nokia could have been in the same android boat with them, but its now the major smartphone player in the growing windows ecosystem,

      • Francis

        What so special if surpass Blackberry which only hold few % market share ?? Furthermore, they not even able to list what are those country WP surpass iphone. How about if iphone is NOT available in those seven country ? Furthermore, this is Microsoft not Nokia.

        We are talking about real figure but not marketing gimmick. Nokia one time holding above 30% smartphone market share, and now less than 3%, do you think this will make us happy as Nokia’s long time user ??

        IMO, we should accept reality that Nokia is on bad situation in smartphone market now. WP seem can not give miracle for Nokia, and Nokia needs to works extra hard to win back loyal customer. If WP can not give desirable performance as wanted, Nokia should looking for alternative or more routes to recover.

        I see they putting up some extra effort on S40 series Asha recently, such as Meego style interface which is very interesting and win a lot of customer in developing country.


          Asha is as important as Lumia.
          Sales of both are growing.

  • Leroy Stolnholz

    Well I have looked into statcounter but certainly I have missed proper view or proper country or just it is invisible. What a pity.

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