MyDreamNokia #86: Lumia N-Watch

| March 31, 2013 | 8 Replies

Here’s another cool Dream Nokia; the Lumia watch is Nokia’s answer to the unannounced and non-existent iWatch; which everyone seems convinced is coming soon. The Lumia watch caries a smaller display that shows you a bunch of live tiles on the go (plus the time of course); along with quick access to some important features on your phone such as weather, maps, phone, music etc. The watch syncs with the Lumia series via NFC and has an on board calorie meter, compass, pressure indicator and 4G LTE.


I don’t know about you guys, but I think smart-watches are a bit “too” much; I have to glance at my watch 3 times before I see the time, let alone adding extra distractions.


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  • Simo

    Finally, a unique concept and render! I like! I’d probably buy this, but I don’t think they’d even consider making a watch until they have a tablet on the market first.

  • Maybe

    The design of the smartphone look nice and fresh

  • Chew

    Nice looking concept. My only criticism is that the buttons for home, back, and search look too small to be able to comfortably push.

    The Lumia phone pictured is pretty much exactly as I imagine (based on the available info) Verizon’s 928 to look from the back. Was this the intent I wonder?

    • Maybe

      When I look again the phone look kinda stretch vertically…

  • torcida

    …old win-logo.

  • Imarius

    great concept , and to be fair i really really hope nokia are working on something like this , we only have to look at kickstarter to know people want watches with these features.

    its pretty much known apple are working on these, i say nokia should go for it they would make a kick ass watch.

  • Hi Dear
    this is my Concept. You also can see my other concept on:


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