Photoplay (Instagram alternative) launches for WP (and iOS & Android)

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Earlier this week, Photoplay launched, with apps for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. This seems like a very viable alternative to Instagram. I’ve been using it for the last few days and absolutely love it! (Go follow me – MFaroTusino).

Photoplay is about taking great images, and sharing them, with the choice to filter a bit. This sharing of filter-processed images is just like Instagram, however I feel its a better implementation. It only has around 8 filters, and seems to focus more on the sharing aspect, then the editing one. By all means, you can edit, and there is nothing wrong with that! (I’ve applied filters before – but only if it enhances the image).

In the last few days, I noticed several “top” images were Windows/Windows Phone 8 related. Now, it seems to be a combination of those, cute girls, cats and island paradises. Obviously as more users join, the trend of the “top” images will change, but its nice to see the WP ecosystem be up there, even if its triumph is short lived.

Here’s the app info as written by the dev:


Photoplay looks like Instagram.

But it works with every modern smartphone, is simple, allows doing rectangular photos, has extended privacy settings, and much more!

Exclusive features:

  •  customizable effects, vignetting;
  • easy square or rectangular crop;
  • discover photos on map;
  • privacy setting for every photo;
  • ability to repost photos;
  • extended search.

Other features:

  • blur, tilt-shift, brightness and contrast;
  •  8 free quality filters;
  •  easy Facebook, Twitter and VK photo sharing;
  •  easily find friends from phonebook and social networks;
  •  likes, comments, etc.

Much more to come with next updates. New filters, new features, better experience.

Still waiting for Instagram client? Forget it!

Get it now!


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