Leakyleak: Sleek New Nokia Ashas (N9 Minis?)

| April 1, 2013 | 66 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 14.27.27Narrowing the gap further between the colourful Lumia and foundation Asha handsets come these colourful new Ashas that were said to be like ‘mini N9s’

Evleaks says:

Remember that Nokia Asha design language preview? pic.twitter.com/0B02vIHOct

Check out the home button which seems to be a back button too. All these rectangular rounded corners looks a tad iThingy though that comparison has been done to death with every rectangle/round corner device now.

Update: We are told there are two devices, one with a physical button the other with capacitive. 

If the back is like we saw before, it’ll be very N9/Lumia/Fabula filled.


Interaction wise, it’ll be full of Swipe and other things from the N9.


Source: evleaks

Cheers Matiz and Muerte for the tip!


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  1. chandan says:

    It is firefox os ….

    • Muerte says:

      Most definitely it is not Firefox OS.

      • chandan says:

        it is firefox only one button

        • Shane says:

          No. it’s not. It’s likely to be a sightly overhauled S40…
          Still limited compared to what Meltemi would’ve been capable of, but no worse than FFOS in that respect.

          • Phil says:

            Shane, What do you know about Meltemi besides the name? the thing was never officially discussed, presented or otherwise. We only found out separately that it was cancelled. Nokia S40 has huge potential. It can scale very well, it’s very resource efficient and can pretty much accommodate any type of UI. What it does miss is proper multi-tasking and/or suspend operation.
            Nokia made the right choice keeping it around.

            • Shane says:

              Nice necro…..

              Quite a bit in fact, not a great deal that I care to elaborate on in detail. And it was discussed in lots of detail, just because that’s not been your experience doesn’t make it so. One location where it was discussed in quite a bit of detail was TMO, there were others, including here occasionally.

              S40 is fundamentally flawed compared to Meltemi, that’s precisely why it was going to be superseded by Meltemi. Now longer-term WP will replace S40 instead*, leaving only S30 (maybe).

              *assuming WP does finally start to get some serious traction, that’s still a big “if”.

              • Shane says:

                If you want a more detailed expose` on all of it’s limitations, dig-up some of incognito’s well written technical explanations here, otherwise there’s plenty of others to be found on the net w/some intelligent searching.

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