Snapchat Working on a WP App; Talks in progress

| April 1, 2013 | 6 Replies

I’m not gonna say we told you so, but we kinda did; on twitter Snapchat have replied that they want to make a version of the popular app for WP. And are actually planning on meeting some WP team guys to see if their “vision” is supported.

For those who haven’t heard of it Snapchat is an app that is used to send pictures that delete themselves within a specified time limit (Ex 1 minute). This is of course a great app for planning a surprise party for your significant other; or for flash card style studying :P (here at MNB we have innocent minds).


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  1. nabkawe says:

    Loved the innocent minds comment.

  2. Viipottaja says:

    This is excellent news and would put further pressure on Instagram to get on board too. Snapchat is to Instagram a bit like Twitter is to Facebook. :P

    • Michael Faro-Tusino says:

      HAHAH! Not even close in my opinion.

      Snapchat is to MMS like Whatsapp is to SMS :p Except people use Whatsapp, SMS and MMS ;)

  3. Michael Faro-Tusino says:

    This is from way back in Feb. Maybe “they” couldn’t support their “vision”

  4. John says:

    There are even applications like “Snapgrab” on the Android store which can save these photos and bypass the whole idea, people’s photos are not safe!

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