Leakyleak: Sleek New Nokia Ashas (N9 Minis?)

| April 1, 2013 | 66 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 14.27.27Narrowing the gap further between the colourful Lumia and foundation Asha handsets come these colourful new Ashas that were said to be like ‘mini N9s’

Evleaks says:

Remember that Nokia Asha design language preview? pic.twitter.com/0B02vIHOct

Check out the home button which seems to be a back button too. All these rectangular rounded corners looks a tad iThingy though that comparison has been done to death with every rectangle/round corner device now.

Update: We are told there are two devices, one with a physical button the other with capacitive. 

If the back is like we saw before, it’ll be very N9/Lumia/Fabula filled.


Interaction wise, it’ll be full of Swipe and other things from the N9.


Source: evleaks

Cheers Matiz and Muerte for the tip!


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  1. jr says:

    Its April fool right?

  2. et3rnal says:

    Great, anything announcement soon?

  3. Banderpop says:

    The Asha 308/309/310 look a lot better!

    A mini N9 would be the current iPod Nano.

  4. krishna6233 says:

    thick bezel :/

    • Viipottaja says:

      The cheaper the thicker… some truth works for other.. err.. things as well, the big boys have told me.

  5. Edgar Mkrtchyan says:

    looks very good !!!!!!!

  6. Qromodynmc says:

    More like mini iphone? whatever,They look good,great for asha series.
    And I can trust evleaks,but today? I dont know.

  7. SLAYER says:

    They look great, wonder what OS these phones are running? an updated S40?

  8. allawi says:

    Today is my birthday

  9. Weirdfisher says:

    seems the screen aspect ratio is not 16:9

    • AIKON says:

      QVGA, previous article says.

    • Ron says:

      And the resolution is 320×240. Screen resolution/aspect ratio might turn out as a big drawback for the consumers who care for it.

      • Marc Aurel says:

        Well, it depends on the price. These may be targeted at even lower price points than the current Asha Touch phones. Using a cheaper screen is necessary for hitting those price points. I don’t believe Nokia would go backwards in screen resolution for the replacements of the Asha 308/309/310/311, which have a WQVGA (400×240) display.

  10. burningBit says:

    Looking good there, though it’ll be even better if they could just make use of the extra screen estate at the bottom.

  11. 10Finger says:

    The date on the screen says Thursday 17th August 2012. Had to confirm and check that up on the calendar. Last year’s 17th August was a Friday day. Could this just be some kind of a mistake? I also noticed that there is an arrow on the device in the middle but the other ones next to it don’t have that… This is mystical. Looks pretty neat, though.

  12. ms.nokia says:

    very nice
    much better colours than the old asha range, and they have the beautiful fabula style,
    now they look like the high priced lumia range and should be more desirable,

    nokia copying it’s own award winning design and using it in low cost Asha phones,
    its better than some random oem stealing nokia’s design style for low cost android devices.

    Lumia styled Asha phones should hurt low cost androids :)

  13. @evleaks says:

    “Its April fool right?”

    I don’t celebrate that holiday :)

    • sunnyvale says:

      Nokia’s most wanted lurking around here. I wonder how many cease and desist messages Nokia have sent you already. :)

      Well, the april fools thing happens because you decided to drop that leak bomb almost the same april 1.

      Keep ‘em coming fellow Nokian !!

  14. Aliqudsi says:

    Love it! looks like an iPod device to be honest (as in an entertainment phone more than a smartphone)

  15. Siliconsub says:

    3 things:

    If you look at the time, it is 10:49. With the N9, there are only ever 2 times they use in press photos, 13:10 and 10:49, which could prove that the two devices have some connection. I’m trying to look with other Nokias’ with the same time, but I simply cannot.

    Secondly, it seems that the little icon on the bottom of the screen is a contextual icon giving the user extra functions depending on what is on the screen or giving them information: the first one is loading, the second is to go back, but I cannot work out the last.

    Finally, there is one remaining name catergory with Nokia that hasn’t been used: 4xx. This is completely a guess, based on no true fact, so don’t sue me if I am wrong, but simply using the time, it could be called the 409, which I think is a great name :)

    (Little note, doesn’t evleaks release leaks a few days before the devices are going to be unveiled, maybe we don’t have long to wait :D)

  16. javid says:

    Could this be the RM-900 that was going through the FCC at the end of January?
    The RM-900 has physical dimensions of 99.2mm tall by 58mm wide if you look at the information in the FCC filing.
    What is not available is the thickness but could be approx. 11mm.

  17. chandan says:

    Hope u will worked on widget . Screen wallpapers for app screen .Wireless charging . Best camera …

  18. chandan says:

    Also multitasking .Different type of Multitasking

  19. AdriiLeanz says:

    i hope nokia start creating slide format phone with touch screens and physical keyboard

  20. B Jay says:

    Looks like iPhone 3GS with color. :/

  21. Sue says:

    The devices on the right and the left are same with a touch sensitive home button. . . But the device in the middle has a physical hardware button. . . Two different models.

  22. Merito says:

    looking like 620 with icrap botton…!

  23. Andrey says:

    If they are as small as they look and are all screen.
    This will be a great second phone to my Lumia 920.

  24. Luisito says:

    Hurry up and tale my money

  25. Alanti says:

    If it IMHO.will be dual sim – I will take it. And I will not take it if that would appear to be Windows-something. With MeeGo or Meltemi this can be a perfect mobile. IMHO.

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