Windows Phone grows in all markets, big gains at expense of BlackBerry and Symbian (and iOS in US)

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We heard about this story yesterday but there’s a bit more to it with these tables indicating just how much Windows Phone has improved over this time last year.

  • Italy: 5.4% to 13.1%
  • UK: 3% to 6.7%
  • US: 2.7% to 4.1%
  • Germany 6.2% to 6.8%
  • Mexico: 5.2 % to 5.9%
  • Urban China: na to 1.4%
  • Australia: 1.4% to 3.4% 




It’s great to see WP, and thus Nokia (being the largest of the WP crew) grow. It’s not where we want it to be, but it’s slowly getting there. Is it time to celebrate? No, not yet.  But there’s hope, much more so than naysayers would like to portray (especially the ones that love to shout that it’s in decline or not growing at all).

When Nokia jumped on the WP bus, they said it was a moving vehicle and not much they could do regarding the WP7.5 products. It wasn’t until WP8 Lumias in November where consumers could see the true Nokia influence, the Nokia stamp with Nokia getting more freedom to apply their innovations within the confines of a speedy, fluid, easy to use reliable OS.

There’s a long fight ahead of us but it’s one at least where we’ve got a good chance of winning some battles. The foundation of Asha gets stronger by the day, and Nokia’s fortifying the walls with a strong portfolio of well placed Lumias in various tiers with more still to come.

The world right now appears to be only two options for most people; Android or iOS. Nokia and Microsoft has to bring the fight to their competitors with faster, more frequent updates, more requested features, more high profile applications, better hardware, more unique innovation, improved marketing (not simply in amount but in effectiveness). Nokia and MS need to be super agile to catchup, let alone be ahead of this quickly evolving market. What will consumers want next? How can we make consumers want our products more? What can we bring that uniquely makes us more attractive to potential customers? What is relevant to the market now and how can we bring it to consumers now in the time frame where they’ll still care about that?

Source: Kantar

Via: WMPU Via: Engadget

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