Interesting WP keyboard predictive text suggestions.

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One of the things I really enjoyed when from from S^3 to WP was the virtual keyboard. Despite the weird layout in landscape (not taking up the whole width) it’s amazing to use. I love the letter accuracy, the keyboard sounds that are separate for different types of keys, and the way the keyboard is often contextual, intuitively changing if you’re writing in an email address box (including @) and knowing to switch back from numbers/symbols to letters when appropriate. The best thing however is the predictive text, erasing the rare mistakes. I remember getting so frustrated typing on that darned keyboard on my N8. The larger  4″ screen in my Omnia 7 helped but even the 800’s 3.7″ was super speedy .

Something I wasn’t aware of was how WP can sometimes suggest words based off other words. As shown by some redditors, typing ‘blah’ would suggest you type ‘blah’ to complete blah blah blah etc.

Typing Arnold would suggest Schwarzenegger (Chome btw is trying to correct this as Slazenger), type Scarlett, and it would suggest Johansen. Neat.

MNBwp_ss_20130405_0009 MNBwp_ss_20130405_0010 MNBwp_ss_20130405_0011You could try and compose a whole sentence this way. A bit like how BB10 promotes it (kudos on them and their implementation of their keyboard too. ).

MNBwp_ss_20130405_0012 MNBwp_ss_20130405_0013 MNBwp_ss_20130405_0014 MNBwp_ss_20130405_0015 MNBwp_ss_20130405_0016 MNBwp_ss_20130405_0018 MNBwp_ss_20130405_0019

What other famous names or interesting autocorrect suggestions have you seen from the WP keyboard?



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