Interesting WP keyboard predictive text suggestions.

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One of the things I really enjoyed when from from S^3 to WP was the virtual keyboard. Despite the weird layout in landscape (not taking up the whole width) it’s amazing to use. I love the letter accuracy, the keyboard sounds that are separate for different types of keys, and the way the keyboard is often contextual, intuitively changing if you’re writing in an email address box (including @) and knowing to switch back from numbers/symbols to letters when appropriate. The best thing however is the predictive text, erasing the rare mistakes. I remember getting so frustrated typing on that darned keyboard on my N8. The larger  4″ screen in my Omnia 7 helped but even the 800’s 3.7″ was super speedy .

Something I wasn’t aware of was how WP can sometimes suggest words based off other words. As shown by some redditors, typing ‘blah’ would suggest you type ‘blah’ to complete blah blah blah etc.

Typing Arnold would suggest Schwarzenegger (Chome btw is trying to correct this as Slazenger), type Scarlett, and it would suggest Johansen. Neat.

MNBwp_ss_20130405_0009 MNBwp_ss_20130405_0010 MNBwp_ss_20130405_0011You could try and compose a whole sentence this way. A bit like how BB10 promotes it (kudos on them and their implementation of their keyboard too. ).


MNBwp_ss_20130405_0012 MNBwp_ss_20130405_0013 MNBwp_ss_20130405_0014 MNBwp_ss_20130405_0015 MNBwp_ss_20130405_0016 MNBwp_ss_20130405_0018 MNBwp_ss_20130405_0019

What other famous names or interesting autocorrect suggestions have you seen from the WP keyboard?



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  • HOW you do screenshots???

    • calintz

      Press both the windows and lock button simultaneously.

      • 🙁 on my wp 7.8 does’t support >(

        • Patata

          WP8 only 😉

      • MArcin

        Press “Home” button and “camera” button at the same time.

  • Chris

    I believe this feature has a name given to it by Microsoft called WordFlow. I don’t know why it hardly ever gets mentioned.

    There’s even a fun twitter handle @WPWordFlow that tweets funny sentences made by only clicking the suggestions of Word Flow. Gave it a few tries in Finnish as well, and found a weird fascination with the word ‘savukkeita’, meaning ‘cigarettes’… 🙂

  • Piatos

    Don’t forget to mention that Nokia 808 and Belle FP2 users enjoy this keyboard too! And it’s awesome how it remembers the words I often use. When texting my baby good night, I only have to tap on the words at the top of the keyboard.

    So smart, it’s scary.

    • Diazene

      you text your baby?

      • Piatos

        Baby love. You know, hot girlfriend.

  • Mariano

    This is a standard now on belle fp2

  • Muhs

    u had an omnia7??! pretty interesting,it seems u were an early windows phone adopter long b4 lumia or what ???!

    • Ilama

      huh. and wp fans are the new ones in town? 😉

      for you information, he bought a wp device a little while after feb 11, to evaluate the wp platform.

    • When Nokia announced their switch in feb 2011, I was confused and rather angry. I thought it was important to see what WP was about if Nokia’s future was to be so heavily involved in it. Since there was no Nokia WP at the time, the only other option available on my network was the Omnia 7. I was really surprised how well it did a lot of the basic smartphone things that I had found frustrating in S^3 (something I already could not reconcile having used Maemo 5 which didn’t fail in browser/speed/stability either).

  • This is one of my favorite features, great for texting one handed or when you’re focusing on something else. Other obvious suggestions
    Sherlock –> holmes
    Happy –> Birthday
    Nokia –> lumia

    (plus it learms from your typing patterns, for me after Lumia the automatic suggestions are “720, 820, Confirmed” and for windows I get “7 8 phone”

    pretty nifty, the WP keyboard is neck and neck with BB10’s as the most usable out there.

    • Pathetic

      hahahahahahahahahaha good joke i had years that not laughed so much you make my day

    • Vineet

      I am very very curious about the merits of it. I think when people say the WP8 KB is excellent they could be referring to any number of things (It probably does have very good typing “accuracy”) but the autocorrect has a more handoff approach than iOS or Swiftkey on Android.

      This is great in that it doesn’t destroy your life by changing entire words and sentences to potentially embarrassing ones however it makes it makes it worse for speed typers who blaze through sentences on on screen keyboard without pausing for accuracy.

      If you are a crazy fast KB ninja currently on iOS or Android (with Swiftkey), then WP8 is a massive adjust and will cause a slowdown

  • Heikki Niininen

    Similar keyboard can be found on Belle FP2 devices also. The keyboard has almost the same layout than the one in WP (smilies-button is in different place). I just tested those words (blah, Albert, Scarlett) in my 808 and it worked similarly. Virtual keyboard in WP is perhaps the best among the competition so thank you Microsoft that the same layout and functionality was allowed to be implemented on Belle FP2 devices also

  • Audrius

    The only thing is missing in WP keyboard is the heptic feedback like in N9

    • Good point. I did love the haptic feedback on the N9. The N9’s keyboard was also excellent, I felt the only thing missing was decent autocorrect.

      • Can’t understand why it’s so difficult to get it; it’s been brought up in every single Q&A, product manager meeting or chat I’ve had; and the response is always that they never realized people wanted it, or they’ll pass it on. I find I make a LOT more mistakes when typing with the phone on mute, then with the audio feedback on, but that’s not always possible; so haptic feedback would be great.

        • Audrius

          At least they could put a variable sound levels for keyboard, as it is way too loud for me

        • Vineet

          Couple of reasons (btw, I love haptics)

          1) Battery consumption: If you are a heavy texter/whastapper, haptics will kill your battery life with those constant vibrations

          2) Lack of usefulness: For the bottom keys (back, home, search), users often press in the general area w/o looking and haptics let them know whether they actually hit it or not. If there is no feedback, they will hit it again. However, the flow on a KB while typing is different as you are sequentially pressing a lot of keys while looking at them. On a multitouch keyboard, haptics have limited application since all strokes will be registered anyway (and the haptics won’t help with placement accuracy since any spot will give the feedback). Symbian had haptics but crucially, Symbian keyboards weren’t multi-touch

          I’m intrigued to know that you make more mistakes without audio feedback since I am in the same boat but cannot for the life of me figure out why. It cannot be a finger placement thing since audio feedback does not help with that, also the audio feedback is same for all the alphabets. It might have to do with touch/tap registration (missed alphabets) but I crunch em fairly hard, its not like I’d slide over one.

          Haven’t been able to figure that out.

  • leoniDAM

    in addition to this, the virtual dimension of the keys are resized dinamically, the graphical and fisical size not change but the touch-sensitive area around each letter is resized dinamically and depending on what word the keyboard thinks you’re trying to type.

    more detail are explained here:

  • Quite a few typos, mate

  • guerrahp

    I still would love to have Swype. Its soo frustrating that its not available after all these years. I have been swyping since 5800musicxpress days.

    Nokia please beg Swype like how you beg Instagram….