WP8 UI concepts: folders, 3/4 length tiles, menu notifications…

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Some interesting concepts suggested by jonathonpm on TheVerge forums.

  • 3X2 or 3/4 length tile. Big enough to have extra information but still having space for a couple of tiles


  • Folders. One tile that expands other tiles outwards. A little bit like the Grid10 phone (oh dear – saying Oh Dear more because of Grid10 and the confusion that it might have been Nokia)




  • Notifications in the app menu – so they’re kinda like live tiles in a way too, not just at the homescreen.



  • Something else I hadn’t considered before – pinning letters. I’d like to have the option to pin ANYTHING. E.G. A photo or a video. I remember my 7610 had that option (though it was in the ‘go to’ folder – nice quick access)



Via: Reddit


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  • Why you show me this?

    • Viipottaja

      Because you are the Iron Man. Duh.

      • Ayush

        lol, I was trying to say that I loved this consept, and now they showed it, I want it….
        BTW, that’s my old gravtar. don’t know how it appeared here!!!

  • Patata

    3/4 length tiles will be the major feature of WP 8.5 and folders might come with WP 9 (or 9.5) both with a one hour resizing tiles / create folders presentation from Joe 😀

    • You joke, but you know this is an actual premonition. :p

      • Patata

        but jokes aside, folders would be nice, the above integration looks much better than the way Launcher 7 on Android has solved that

      • torcida

        Why I don’t see my tips in the tips sector? And why you guys aren’t answering? Everytime the same… :/

  • nabkawe

    Amazing folders concept.

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

      yes, this is what I want most from next major wp update. Folders

  • Yari90

    I like it! =D

  • mariachi

    Very nice ideas 🙂


    the re-sizing capabilities of the tiles is an advantage over the static 1 size icons of iOS and android.

    • Tom

      Have you heard something called ‘widgets’ ? They exist.


        and ?

  • Andre Ch

    3×2 is ok, but I think 1×2 and 1×4 tiles would be more useful.

  • leoniDAM

    The problem with the folder is the notifications.
    Is difficoult to show the notifications (not consider only the counter but also text and image can be showed in the live tile and updated by push notification) when a series of tile are in a folder

    • Good point.

      A quick solution would perhaps be just to indicate if something has received something. A little notification number.

      Depending on the size of that folder, it could push specific information upfront about that specific app.

      e.g. If I had whatsapp, skype, spotify, nokia trailers, viber, emails all in one folder:

      1) If it was 1×1 tile, it would perhaps just show a number indicating I should look at something inside.

      2) 2×2 tile could push imagery/icon of whatever has an update. It could even list the name of the app or even a short segment of the message. There should be some animation (perhaps a flash that circles the border) that keeps going until all notifications have been viewed.

      3) 3×2 wide tile would do the same as 2) but more information in one go. It would still be better than having 6 individual small tiles as notification information (text) can be seen at a glance from the wide tile which could not from 1×1 tiles. This folder could potentially house a lot more than 6 items.

      • leoniDAM

        Yes I also imagine a solution like this, and i like this concept, but my fear is that this is against the Modern UI philosophy.

    • Vineet

      I doubt that will be a problem.

      Currently, 1×1 tiles are already “Dead” tiles (i.e not “live” in the flipping/imagery sense) They are just icons that just show a number for notifications without any rich notifications. So a simple number on a folder is a distinct possibility.

      The other issue is how to deal with multiple notifications inside. This also a precedent in the WP groups feature, if you pin a group, it just randomly allows the notifications of one person to show at a time.

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  • I liked the idea.

  • Thomas

    I wish we could have these large tiles in both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.