Video: Asphalt 7 Playing on Lumia 720

| April 7, 2013 | 55 Replies

Here’s a demo of Asphalt 7 running on the 512mb powered Lumia 720; the app was recently updated to allow it to run on devices with less Ram as well as taking up less size on the device (close to 300 mbs now rather than the original 700-800).


I really can’t get over how awesome the 720’s screen is; the great viewing angles are clearly visible in the video above; I keep wondering what the 720 would be like in terms of sales if it had 1Gb of ram. It has a potential to be a 920 rival, or at least a 920 lite. Something that brings the same great camera, design with a slimmer body and refined look *drools*


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  • Viipottaja

    Wasn’t WP8 supposed to have insane RAM requirements, for which MS of course and probably Elop too sucked?

    • But it does, don’t you see it in the video? The USB port is conveniently hidden, there is cable from that going to an i7 equipped work station that does the actual rendering of the game. You wouldn’t need that on any Belle or MeeGo device. Elop sucks with his ugly M$ Winfail Phone.

      • Viipottaja

        Damn, they fooled me, thanks!


        +1 🙂

      • That must be the stupidest comment I’ve read so far… But I should say good job to the game devs for optimizing the game to run smoothly on different devices. Which could run just as smooth on Symbian and MeeGo if it was ported and optimized properly.

        • JGrove303

          Oh course ot was. It was a joke.

          • JGrove303

            Also, since we’re stabbing at others comments, what’s with the Belle/MeeGo injection at the end of yours?

  • weeeeeeeeeee

    looks pretty good!

  • aboodesta

    I bought the Lumia 720 for a relative, and I can tell you guys, its an AMAZING phone. Build quality, design, camera, and screen are all amazing.

  • blaize

    It would be better for nokia to reduce the extra bezel below their lumia brands it would make them more appealing…

  • blaize

    It would be better for nokia to reduce the extra bezel below their lumia brands it would make them more appealing…and probabably if they can squeeze out some resources and start up a flagship pRoduct line up,based and andriod os,with swipe cuStomized interface,even if they release one high powered flagship a year,on each front, 8.
    2.Andriod(swipe customized launcher)
    3.Asha series.
    They would probably recover their market share more effeciently…bcos all nokias royal customers needed andriod and so no beta company other than to follow the samsung gang……nokia the ball is always in ure court,jst play your cards well.

    • Rafaelinux

      Uhm… what?

      Also, get a keyb.

      And 808 rocks.

      (And its browser sucks. hard. really. as does opera mini.)

  • hytheam

    it is very smooth and fast it doesnt need 1gb ram

  • JGrove303

    I bought Asphalt 7 Heat for my 920, and I’ll tell you how they dropped game size and RAM Requirements: the whole game is re-rendered at 800×480 as opposed to 1280×768.

    This is a good example of how devs should be rolling out apps & games and by showing what you’re getting with your extra money, 920 vs. 720.

    • weeeeeeeeeee

      is it really? so many people say so many different things.

      • weeeeeeeeeee

        as in some people say they notice a bit drop; some say it is more detailed; some say it plays much smoother.

        • sinple

          they dropped details in order for it to run more smoothly on 512mb ram device. 920 users shoudl not update. Better graphic vs smooth game play

  • Muerte

    Why 1GB RAM really needed? Remember the MNB interview with Nokia’s product managers?

    One important factor we had too look into with both the Lumia 720 and 520 was avoiding the low memory and app restrictions (basically avoiding another Lumia 610 scenario). We actually had early prototypes running on 1Gb of ram and other running on 512Mb; the users testing them out couldn’t tell which was which.

    • JGrove303

      It is senseless to have 1GB of RAM on a device that does not have the hardware to utilize it. All aspects of the Lumia 720’s MSM8228 are a sizable downgrade versus the 920’s MSM8960.

      Qualcomm MSM 8960
      • Dual 1.5-1.7 GHz Krait/ L2 1MB
      • 2x500MHz LPDDR2
      • LTE FDD/TDD cat3(8960); DC-HSPA(8270)
      TD-SCDMA (8960, 8260A)
      • 1080p HD Video@30fps; 3D 20Mpix
      • Adreno 225 3D/2D 125M tri./sec (DX9.3)

      Qualcomm 8228 (reference design of the 720’s MSM8227)

      • Dual 1GHz Krait / L2 512KB
      • 1x 400MHz LPDDR2
      • 14.4HSPA+
      • 720p HD Video@30fps; 12Mpix
      • Adreno 305 3D 80M tri./sec (DX9.3)

      The CPU is not nearly as fast and the Adreno 305, dispite using a higher number designation, is not nearly as capable as the 920’s Andreno 225. *(So ya, the 920T for China isn’t better. We didn’t miss out on anything there *collected sigh of relief*)

      So, I hope most member get to read this. We need to stop griping about one aspect of a package deal. These SoCs are not cobbled together, they are optimized onto brackets.

      • Diazene

        no, they are close, and the same CPU is in the Xperia L which has 1 GB of RAM

        RAM affects things different than the CPU, such as multitasking, or tabbed web browsing, also some games are affected by the RAM defect, both CPUs are more than capable of doing everything

        and the 305 is close to the 225

        • JGrove303

          Soooooo, despite having half the Level 2 cache on a 500MHz slower CPU with 100MHz slower memory and a GPU incapable of 2D graphics acceleration that is 45million polygons per second short of par in computing ability….the 720’s SoC is CLOSE to the performance of the 920’s SoC?

          Sure, like the Moon is close the the Earth compared to how close the Sun is to the Earth.

          These figures are significantly different. RAM is hugely important, I agree, but in this case, on WP8, with the CMOS and auxillary hardware on board, all that extra DIMM of DDR2 will do is burn more energy when installed on the Nokia Lumia 720. Yes, it is smooth and scrolls great and blah blah blah, BUT….it only has to draw an 800×480 picture. Push it to draw 1280×768, you will see lag, stuttering, artifacts and skipped frames. That would be to the detriment of user experience, and that’s why the 720 and the rest of the gang running at 1.2GHz with 512MB of RAM are barred from the same applications as those the big boys can run.

          Rendering those applications at lower resolution alleviates the “we got screwed outta this” and the “not making money because we didn’t cater to lower end hardware” issues.

          • JGrove303

            Thus, it makes me happy to see that Gameloft gives a shit about the WP8 platform.

          • Deaconclgi

            I remember when Sega’s Model 3 arcade board with 1 Million Polygons per second was ridiculously amazing and Virtua Fighter 3’s graphics where a thing of legend. Our mobile devices are immensely more powerful than arcades and home consoles of the Naomi era yet the majority of the games do not tap into a fraction of that power.

            Power VR 2DC FTW!!!! Where is my mobile arcade perfect port of DOA2????

            • Luisito

              The golf old data of videogames…. And that won’t happend 😛

              • Luisito

                jajaja… Damn autocorrect… Golf = good; date = days

      • Muhs

        one moment here,if this numbers r right,then the chipset inside the lumia 920 can’t take photos of more than 20 megapixels.
        so nokia EOS (which is supposedly the 41mpx phone) is presimingly running on higher processor or is it possible that there’s an auxiliary processor or gpu like in case of the 808(which runs on alot worse processor)

  • Deaconclgi

    They reduced the graphical quality dramatically! There isn’t any environmental mapping, real time reflections or real time shadows. Notice when the car drives in the shadows, the lighting on the car does not change. This is a typical method to increase compatibility and performance by reducing the quality of the textures, lighting and object details.

    • JGrove303

      Yes. A7H is gorgeous at full tilt, just a mobile game at this level.

    • Viipottaja

      Were those in the previous version?

      • Deaconclgi

        I haven’t played A7 on WP, only on Android and iOS, but it should have ran at full detail on the high end WPs as they have the same GPU as high end android devices UNLESS Gameloft did what they did last time…

        Last time:

        NOTE: Gameloft “ported” Asphalt 6 to the Symbian^3 OS. It appears that they were not able to harness the power of the Broadcom GPU and decided to leave out a LOT of graphical detail in order to achieve a smooth framerate. This video is NOT about which OS or phone is better but to simply show the quality of the Asphalt 6 port.

        From Deaconclgi at

        “…..The textures are all low-res, there is pop-up, there are slowdowns in places, the look around controls in the garage are choppy, the ingame lighting is dramatically reduced.

        The biggest offender is that HALF of the trackside detail is MISSING/LEFT OUT!!! So much so that I initially wanted a refund. Buildings, trees, boats, planes, fish, flags and whole sections of track detail has been REMOVED!

        With half the details, no wonder it runs smoother than Asphalt 5. Even the in-race cars don’t have the same detail as they did at the car selection screen.

        This is a sloppy effort. It seems that Gloft can’t code for Synbian^3 that well or just doesn’t want to invest in a proper port. Even the menus and colors are low res and watered down.

        Ultimately, I am glad to see more HD games on Symbian, but Asphalt 6 for Symbian^3 is more SD than HD.

        And yes, the 32 million polygons per second GPU in Symbian^3 phones could handle A6 as originally made, with full detail. I chalk the reduction in detail to the fault of the developers.”

        I still recommend buying Asphalt 6 for Symbian^3 as it is the best Arcade racer for the platform, has loads of content, a great soundtrack and at the very least, it can be played on the big screen via HDMI/RGB, finally, it is a million miles better that the HORRIBLE, low framerate Asphalt 5 Symbian^3 port from 2010.

        • Viipottaja

          WP8 been out only a few months, hopefully Gameloft and others improve. I certainly prefer them bringing out games without track side flags or whatever it may be rather than having everyone wait another few months or not have them at all (given that GL and others of course have more resources for ios and android)

        • +1!! Finally someone with a common sense! Thank you.

  • arvi

    720 does not have gyroscope and compass, right?

  • Muhs

    this is off topic : these r numbers from a comment of JGrove303 :
    the 920 runs on MSM8960.

    Qualcomm MSM 8960
    • Dual 1.5-1.7 GHz Krait/ L2 1MB
    • 2x500MHz LPDDR2
    • LTE FDD/TDD cat3(8960); DC-HSPA(8270)
    TD-SCDMA (8960, 8260A)
    • 1080p HD Video@30fps; 3D 20Mpix
    • Adreno 225 3D/2D 125M tri./sec (DX9.3)

    if this numbers r right,then the chipset inside the lumia 920 can’t take photos of more than 20 megapixels. does this mean nokia EOS (which is supposedly the 41mpx phone) is assumingly running on higher processor or is it possible that there’s an auxiliary processor or gpu like in case of the 808(which runs on alot worse processor)???

    • JGrove303

      Based on these specs from Qualcomm, I would say the yet-to-be-official Windows Phone 8 Nokia PureView monster will likely have a custom DSP, if not making the switch to an S4 Pro.

      • sbw44

        I really hope Nokia uses the snapdragon 800 CPU because it supports up to 55mp and 4K Ultra High Definition! Imagine a 55mp Nokia PureView camera with 4K video recording and playback! That would be the Ultimate Camera Phone!

      • Viipottaja

        Or, it could be a 20MP one given especially if its some kind of a merger between Pureview 1 and Pureview 2. 🙂

        • sbw44

          What about if there is a PureView 3 😉

          • Viipottaja

            That’s what I meant. 🙂

            • sbw44

              What about a new type of PureView? How bout the catwalk having a new type of PureView while we have EOS that has PV1 PV2

              Just wishfull thinking 😉

  • BlazinEmperor

    Gameloft later released an updated version of Asphalt 6 for 512MB Nokia Belle phones, it has better details than the one I play on my 4th Gen. IPod Touch.

    • Deaconclgi

      Do you have a link to this information or proof because I would like to play an updated version on my 808. I have already purchased A6 and I am wondering would a redownload get that version.

      I honestly can’t imagine Gloft spending resources to update A6 for the few Belle devices.

    • Scottie


  • nabkawe

    I just don’t get how people would buy a white Lumia 720 when its gorgeous in Red and practicably every other color.

    • Different people… Different tastes..

    • JGrove303

      Stormtrooper Lumia is a Stormtrooper Lumia. The Lumia White is in fact confirmed badass. Though I agree, I like Exotic Sports car colors more.

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