Windows Phone 8 GDR3 to bring support for more tiles?

| April 12, 2013 | 55 Replies

GDR3 mockup more tiles



According to Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft is going to solve the issue of wasted space on bigger displays, but essentially, filling them up – with more tiles that is. The rumour is that there will be support for a third column of medium sized tiles. Windows Phone Daily made the mockup you see above, and I actually quite like it. At first, I thought maybe it was too cluttered, but now, I think it works, especially since we have heard that WP8 will have bigger and better displays.

I recently had the discussion on twitter that MS may soon run out of UI/UX innovation, but hopefully this is the least exciting change they make. I’d love to have those 3/4 tiles – both landscape and portrait and the folder implementation. Oh, and of course, our very own Peter Lackman’s concept of “Hyperspace” notifications.

So my last addition is, is more better?

Source: All things Microsoft; Via: Windows Phone Daily

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  1. Edgar Mkrtchyan says:

    looks good !!!

    • Rio says:

      Looks like the forthcoming Nokia 928.

    • jiipee says:

      Looks like a grid of icons. We’ll at least Belfiore would have something to show on his presenations since resizing is already shown.

      Would be needed, if there will be devices with larger screens. These are clearly improvements to the original tiles layouts where a lot of space was wasted.

      • burningBit says:

        This is good and all, but I just hope he won’t be spending another 10+ mins on explaining something like this as he did with resizable tiles.

      • Viipottaja says:

        So if they look like a grid of icons, perhaps a few people will stop constantly telling how they hate live tiles and would prefer icons? :P ;)

  2. indian says:

    doesnt metter

  3. stylinred says:

    They should allow wallpaper, minimalistic wallpaper even like the start menu in windows8 would be welcome

    • Peter L says:

      For what? You don’t see it at all when it behind the tiles, so why bother?

      • Ryan says:

        It would be a great idea to do just solid colors on the wallpaper, and yes youd be able to see a minimalistic w8 wallpaper if you were to turn the phone into a landscape mode.

        • Peter L says:

          There is no landscape mode in the Start screen so… yeah.

          Colors as background could work in theory, but it would be too hard for developers to design their Live Tiles then. Black and white backgrounds work with everything.

          This is not a problem for Windows 8 since there’s enough whitespace to let our eyes and brain understand the background/tile relation, something that is not so apparent in the Tile-cramped Start screen of WP8.

          Given that this development mentioned in the article gives even more options to fill the Start screen with Tiles, I really doubt background options ever coming to WP.

          • rockmanneo says:

            Or make the background W8-style and panoramic across main screen, app list and whatever screen MS decides to add.

      • Bloob says:

        Why not use a background picture as a theme color?

      • Viipottaja says:

        You can leave empty spaces in rows already, and to add a full empty row you can use an app, so you could see it. But, agree, unlikely to come from MS.

    • no-key-ah says:

      I like this idea. :D It will make WP look better. For me, white and black background colors are just not enough. We must have the freedom to customize our phones through wallpapers. :)

      I suggest that those wallpapers will not just be shown on the start screen but also in the other places of the UI wherein the background is just black or white.

      • Peter L says:

        Not going to happen. Especially the last notion. No way.

        • arts says:

          But instead of colours, why not say patterns, like how it is done in windows 8? Would be interesting.

          Or maybe LIVE patterns. Lol. Or the occasional animation (I.e live wallpapers of android)

      • peter says:

        Jollas meego based Sailfish os has this. It’s called ambiance. Look into it, the os itself looks like nothing else. Can’t wait for their smartphone release!

        • no-key-ah says:

          I personally like that ambiance feature. It’s like an automatic theme creator. Just choose a picture, and then the OS will do its thing.

  4. allan says:

    I think it is too cluttered, sorry.

    In fact, I actually would like to see more empty space, not less. The ability to group icons by adding space between them, like on Windows 8, would be nice. Or how about being able to zoom in or out on the main screen?
    We’ll probably get these things when the two OS’es are completely merged

    • allan says:

      Transparent tiles or tiles that are the same color as the background could also give the same feel of more room and less clutter, perhaps. Transparent tiles would have the added benefit that you would be able to see a background picture.

  5. zlutor says:

    Is it serious? M$ have to make something that phones could utilize bigger screens for displaying one more column of tiles?!

    I’ve thought all this thing is done automatically and scales according to available space…

  6. radu says:

    if they can only change the shape of the tile. rounded corners, a little bit, aka N9 style. still full colored, solid color, tile but with a black mask applied on each corner. it looks more fingerprint like.
    I would like that tile shape to accommodate the general aspect of modern phone, would look much better with rounded corners, than square edges.

  7. indian says:

    why not nokia customizing there lumia ui ?
    When they have killed there all os for wp
    ( symbian, meego, meltami are dead )
    so, now why are they not making there ui for wp or giving any ui goodies uniqely patented as nokian geekiness for wp ?

    Now what mr. Flop doing for there microsoft love ?

    • Viipottaja says:

      Because they, at least at this point, want to have the resemblance and conscious or unconscious (in the viewers mind) association to the much larger Windows, Xbox, outlook, office etc. ecosystem through visual resemblance.

  8. Harangue says:

    Not really a fan of this look, but then again it is not a mandatory look and it might satisfy others.

    I’d like to see more influences from W8, the grouping of tiles for example. The zoom functionality on the startscreen, multitasking implementation and some kind of Charms bar idea.

  9. Viipottaja says:

    I like the option of it comes as many apps don’t use, cannot use or don’t need to use all the space the full sized tile takes. Plus of course the layout flex,it gives to tweakers.

  10. giorgio says:

    So.. more tiles?
    Seriously now, don’t you think that Windows Phone started off OK but then the OS kind of took the wrong turn?

  11. Goc says:

    So… they’ve invented a grid of icons. Such a futuristic idea.

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