Concept enhanced: Closer look at folders for WP8.

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Whilst we’re on the discussion of concepts on the last post, I just wanted to highlight another based from Friday’s post. In particular looking at folders on the homescreen, the most discussed portion of the post.


In this post, we’ll see the other instances of the folders, such as when there are more than four items, or containing even larger sized live tiles.



A gif file attempts to show these ideas. This isn’t visible in the main body of the original post.




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  • weeeeee

    Rather confusing. I can already imagine people complaining ” i SWEAR my facebook tile was there JUST a SECOND AGO! wtf? “

  • sinple

    Everything seemed to be moving closer to android with a WP8/WP7 launcher.

  • Peter L

    Implementing folders is a silly idea for Windows Phone.

    Folders are designed to enable users to put more app icons in their home screen. It makes sense to have them in iOS and Android, because they have restricted space available for each home screen. For WP8, where the Start screen can be scrolled indefinitely, this same restriction does not exist.

    For WP8, organizing Start screen is not something that should be tried to achieve through folders. Some sort of dividers and/or category titles like the ones in W8 makes much much more sense.

    • weeeeee

      While scrolling indefinitely is possible, it is certainly NOT user friendly. there is no way to quickly scroll to the end of the home screen. MS need to come up with an alternative for that.

      • Peter L

        Compared to folders scrolling is 10x more user friendly. Flat structure without any hidden elements. Can’t beat that.

        And there absolutely is a way to quickly scroll to the end of the Start screen. Just flick your screen. Single flick will get through my 40+ Live Tile Start screen just fine.

        • GeceBekcisi

          “Compared to folders scrolling is 10x more user friendly.”

          This is purely your own opinion; not a fact like you assume.

          • Peter L

            What I said does not apply universally but only for this context (WP8 Start screen). General consensus among UX designers is that information structure should be as flat as possible.

            • Even though I was once a user of old Symbian’s infinite folder system, in iOS ‘ one layer folder for apps, I still end up getting lost and forgetting what is where. Getting old I guess, haha.

              • Peter L

                I tried putting apps in folders in my N9. I removed almost all the folders very quickly when I could not remember where certain apps were, particularly the apps that you don’t use that often, those were always lost.

                In the end I kept only Games and Bookmarks in folders, folders positioned to the very bottom of the App screen.

                • Grazy

                  Do you not label your folders? i have about 4 on my N9 clearly labelled so that its relatively easy to find those less used apps or web links etc

      • You’re right on the zooming. Doesn’t windows 8 have semantic zooming…shows you a minimised view whilst making it easier to pan from one side to the other showing where you’re going. WP needs this. It would make it simpler and less cumbersome to have zones of apps.

        • Peter L

          Jay, how many Live Tiles you have on your Start screen?

          • Good question. I thought i’d have much less as I removed a few. Apparently I have 80 live tiles.

            • Peter L

              I think that number of might be on the very border of where semantic zoom would start to be worth implementing.

              Anything less than that and I don’t think it would not be something that is worth it (just scrolling around the Start screen remains faster than doing the zoom gesture + selecting the appropriate app zone.).

  • Andrew_b

    A simple implementation of folders/categories make sense in the application list, but not on the Start screen.

    Then again, being able to close/tidy away an application from the open apps screen seems obvious enough too, but Microsoft don’t seem to be in any hurry to execute it.

  • Juan

    This will ruin the concept of Live Tiles, Live tiles is not built for shortcuts but for information.