Weekend Read: New set of WP8.1 UI concepts

| April 7, 2013 | 27 Replies



Above you’ll see a long stitched image of some WP8.1 UI concepts. Explanations are all in the image. http://i.imgur.com/0WdDvqz.jpg or as separate images here.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 00.48.03 Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 00.47.56

It even contains similar notification arrangements as demoed by our very own Peter L, with some added task switching functionality too for the multitask view.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 00.47.50

We can but only hope MS is working on continually improving the WP UI so that our Nokia Lumias are as strong on software as Nokia makes them in hardware.

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  1. Henry says:

    ***! man, ugly and messy as hell.

    LMAO. Microsoft won’t call it modern UI if implement anything like this.

  2. Lumia920Dude says:

    Damn !!! this is pretty much a perfect evolution of windows phone 8.

    Microsoft.. Your move.

    • Grazy says:

      I agree! i’m still not convinced by Windows phone (i still have my N9). but if some of these ideas were to be further developed and implemanted I may well think about switching!

      i.e. the current multitasking is dreadful! you can’t even close apps unless you open it and keep pushing back! why!

  3. mensur says:

    What is that at the end of the image *this one will never happen? :/

    • xAle33x says:

      I think it’s about the web search, cant’t customize the search engines, only Bing, Like the search button.

      • Harangue says:

        Guess my phone is special, in the IE settings I can choose Bing or Google. It is correct that you can’t customize the search engine that resides under the search button, but for searching from the URL bar in IE I can set Google as default.

    • Reese says:

      Laughed out loud when I saw that little asterick on the bottom.

  4. belle and jolla beat lumia 920 says:

    ugly and confusing as always

  5. john says:

    it looks great but missing a little touch but this would be good start

  6. Douglas says:

    Eh. To each their own. Swipe down notifications is still the way to go whether you all want to admit it or not. You were all happy when it finally came to Symbian, and now you all don’t want that same thing in WP? What happened? It seems like you’re trying so hard to make something so much more complex than it should be.

    Go to multitasking screen and notifications will be on the right side all the time, one tap away? Count how many taps it takes to swipe down from the top of the screen no matter where you are in the OS. It’s nice to see these ideas, but I hope some of them never become reality, namely the notifications thing.

    • James says:

      But with the app switching gestures, it’s just a swipe in from the right, which on a big 4.7 inch screen is easier to reach than the tip top of the phone screen.

  7. stylinred says:

    It needs to look and function more like Windows 8 RT if they can do that than they’ll have won me over

    • dss says:

      phone screens are too small for that, otherwise.. I agree, the modern part of Win 8 is very good.

      • Imarius says:

        you might be right maybe 3-3.5 screens are small too, but when you get to about 4.3-4.5 like the 820 and 920 there is a fair amount of screen real estate.

        either way i do agree windows 8, WP8 and RT have really grown on me.i mean dam who Microsoft had it in them.

      • stylinred says:

        No way screens are more than big enough imo just increase the resolution and we’re good to go

  8. dionisio says:

    Looks very promising..

  9. Pathetic says:

    more MeeGo stuff? we’re not talking about Windows Phone?I had already predicted this, whats next? it shows that Nokia are stupid

    • Bassman says:

      What? Seriously, why do you post here? If you hate WP so much, why do you bother reading the articles? You are an utter bellend.

    • Keith too says:

      I recognize your bizarre, dysfunctional ramblings This must be another alias for DeepSpace and MOOKING.

  10. Boon says:

    Whao, totally amazing. Should be suggested to Microsoft. This will definitely differentiate WP from other platforms.

  11. Viipottaja says:

    1) Too many options/buttons in the multitasking view; could have some of those in a … menu though; swiping from left edge to switch apps would be cool, but may be finicky on a small screen when you already need to be able to pan within apps; still, could work. This could remove the possibility of a “Swipe from left” notification center other than in the lock screen which would be perfectly fine with me; the time you really might need a notification center is when you are opening the phone from sleep state; otherwise you can most of time see toasts or live tile notifications; still think Peter L’s notification center idea is a bit too “indirect” – sorry Peter. :)

    2) never understood what the big fuzz about the volume setting is; I actually like it the way it is now; volume control controls whatever you are in; the ringer could perhaps default back to where it was before you adjusted music/game tones? anyway, I guess this too could work

    3)defaults could work well

    In general, I would expect more and more unification of approach between W8 and WP8.

  12. john says:

    widnows is joking the amount of concepts i see that could take them to a next level.

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