Nokia’s Next Camera Flagship; the Details

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DSC02380A source familiar with Nokia’s plans has shared some details about Nokia’s upcoming imaging flagship with us; the device has been rumored for ages now; with only one constant- that it has a killer camera.

According to our source Nokia are currently working/testing on two different models of the EOS, which have the same specs but a different processor a: Dual Core version , and a Quad core running the latest Snapdragon 800; the main issue appears to be the poor battery performance of the quad core variant which might ultimately lead to releasing a dual core variant. This does ring true, seeing how the Lumia 720’s product managers themselves have told us that they tested out a 1gb, and 512mb versions of the phone; so it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to hear of a Dual/Quad core version of the same phone being tests, especially with the latest rumor of GDR3 brinign Quad core support.

The EOS is said to have a similar battery to that of the 920 (2000 mAh), alongside a similar screen resolution; with the exception of it being an Amoled screen; which is once again strengthened by the recent leak of the 928’s Amoled screen; and the low power sleeping screen support in future updates. In regards to actual camera performance the EOS should pack a similar camera sensor to its predecessor, with a  41MP sensor, Xenon & LED flash, OIS and possibly a Variable Aperture lens (like the N86) also mentioned is a more detailed camera UI similar to that of on the 808 (something we caught a glimpse of earlier today).

Currently it doesn’t appear that the EOS will support 2K or 4K video recording, but it remains a possibility in the future; ultimately it would depend on the processor/GPU as well as where the market goes with this technology. Also said to be included is an FM receiver, Expandable Micro SD slot (mandatory for a true camera phone) and possibly a Micro HDMI out port.

The EOS is set to be an At&t exclusive upon release, with a global release following 1-3 months after, although multiple rumors support that it was ready at MWC but was delayed for unknown reasons.


  • Dual/Quad Core
  • 41Mp, OIS, LED, Xenon
  • +/- Variable Aperture
  • FM Radio/Reciever,
  • Amoled 1280 x 768 screen
  • 2000 Mah battery
  • detailed camera interface
  • initial launch on At&t




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