Video: Display comparison of the WP8 Nokia Lumia family

| April 17, 2013 | 9 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 13.35.23



Rafe Blandford is back to compare the Nokia Lumia WP8 screens.


Rafe looks at:

  • Resolution
  • Size
  • Display type (LCD/AMOLED)
  • Clear Black Display
  • PureMotion HD
  • Viewing angles
  • Super Sensitive Touch



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  • vivek

    820 has a more vibrant display but due to 720’s population its being ignored…

  • Infinidim

    I like the screens on the Nokia Lumia phones but have had an issue with both the 620 and the 820 phones that we have. After a while we have seen what I would call “fogging” on various parts of he screen. You can clean the screen and it goes away completely but after a time, because of the natural grease on your fingers it comes back. It is not under the glass but on the surface of the glass. With the 620 we sent it back to Nokia and they replaced the phone. I think we will also have to do this with the 820 as well.

    Have other people had this issue and does it look like Nokia have some “glass issues” with some of the Lumia phones that they have produced?

    • Peter L

      I’ve found my 820 much much more resilient for fingerprints compared to N9 I used before. I had to constantly rub the screen of N9 to my pants or shirtsleeve to get it clean, but haven’t had that problem at all with 820.

      • Trexus

        Is that just anecdotal or there a (truly) scientific methodology behind it? I’ve not heard about the 820 having some kind of oleophobic coating that the N9 didn’t have.

        • Trexus

          Given that the N9 is far older I wouldn’t “expect” it to compare too well at this point, if there’d been successors it’d be a different story of course.

        • Infinidim

          Can someone confirm whether he 820 has a oleophobic coating or not please because I think that it is the surface of the glass or the oleophobic coating that is breaking down in our case.

    • Grazy

      I used to have a funny scratch on my N9 screen that you could only see if you finger print the phone or condensate the screen with hot air. I assumed it was a scratch in the filter? but its not there any more!

      well i dont really notice it at least!

    • Otto

      I have protective film on My 820. Haven’t noticed any special stains getting to it. 😉
      Lumia 800 got barely detectable scratch which I was told could be actually in dirt repelling coating, not glass. Non-professional opinion.