MyDreamNokia #87: Super Slim Nokia Lumia 750 WP8 Concept

| April 26, 2013 | 14 Replies



Here’s possibly what folks might have been expecting from the 720. In addition to looking to be much slimmer, it’s pretty much the Nokia Lumia 920 in a more compact package – OIS, PureMotionHD and 1GB RAM.

  • – Windows Phone 8.0
  • – Dual Core 1.5 GHz
  • – Puremotion HD+ , ClearBlack Display, Super-Sensitive Display
  • – RAM 1GB
  • – Pureview Camera 8 MP (OIS)
  • – 1080p Video Record
  • – Wireless Charging
  • – 2300 MAh Battery
  • – Bluetooth 4.0
  • – LTE 4G
  • – NFC
  • – (8 – 32) GB Internal Memory

Cheers Duta for the tip!


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  • Aleksi

    We wants BT 4.0 already !!!

    • Sefriol

      Why? Actual advantages over BT3 aren’t that huge. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) might be the only one, but I think only a few would use it.

      • Diazene

        AFAIK, it’s reall important for medical stuff, like some types of pacemakers (I think)

  • I still think that the 720 should’ve came with some sort of LTE to get it into the US markets… real shame that it’s not being released there.

    • Sefriol

      LTE chip is quite expensive for that kind of phone. It needs more global popularity to take the prices down.

    • Vineet

      Nokia is in the middle of product portfolio transition. With the Catwalk, EOS and Phablet coming by end of the year, its pretty certain the Catwalk in the new 8 series device. Since it will come to market only a couple of months later than the 720 with small difference in cost (Compared to huge difference in specs and abilities), I’m guessing that is how they intend to span the portfolio.

      Remember, Qualcomm’s LTE chips are usually integrated into their high end 600/800 parts. Part of the reason lower end Lumias have higher end GPUs than higher end Lumias (620 vs 920) is because of chip selection (where a lower end but newer part gives you a better GPU then the 920). 720 was intended for developing markets and shipped with a non-LTE chip.

      Fairly sure the Catwalk/8XX device will ship with LTE and not have that much of a price delta with the 720 (again in perspective of the whole portfolio from 180 USD to 650 USD)

      • Bloob

        Lower end Lumias do NOT have higher end GPUs. 620 has the lowest end GPU of a new series (3xx rather than 2xx) while the 920 has the highest end of the previous gen.

        • Vineet

          That is pretty much exactly what I said.

          Quoting myself: “is because of chip selection (where a lower end but newer part gives you a better GPU then the 920)”

          Further quoting a more specific part: “where a lower end but newer part”

          TL;DR: “lower end but newer part”


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  • Jeric

    I know this comment is OP but can I just say that I am so excited to have a Nokia Asha 210! Deym! Such a cute little phone! Perfect sidekick for my 808 PureView! The Whatsapp is such a hit here in SE Asia and it would be awesome to stay connected all the time!

    And no, the 808 PureView pretty much offers everything but the Amoled is such a pig especially when browsing through Opera Mini, and the weight is a necessary evil so having the cute Asha 210 would be juuust right.

    that means I would only take the 808 outta my pocket when I need to take a photo of my lunch for some macro-lovin’ action lol 😀

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  • anonymous

    Whats costs this phone in euro

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