Nokia reportedly investing in Lytro-style camera startup

| April 30, 2013 | 35 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 08.11.08More in the way of Lytro news, BloomBerg reports that Nokia is said to be investing in lytro-style camera start-up pelican imaging.

You saw how one developer in WP had overcome this already with the ‘Refocus‘ app we had previously talked about.

Pelican is apparently one of the companies that have mastered this very complicated algorithm. This might mean pictures greater than 1280×720 resolution?

It’s funny that whilst Nokia understands the importance of Camera to the Nokia brand (to the point that even Microsoft advertises PureView against SGSIII) no one is addressing the WP8 camera UI at all. Please stop burying photo/video options in menus! Gah!

Source: Bloomberg

Via: TheVerge

Cheers Derrek and Muerte for the tip


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  1. Akki says:

    Best idea

  2. arts says:

    Are you sure Nokia is not addressing the camera UI issue? Why not wait till may 15 to decide?

  3. Janne says:

    Microsoft will never allow this!

    Windows Phone doesn’t support Lytro!

    • muhsal says:

      lol, nice one!

    • torcida says:


      • arts says:

        its the same reason why lumia dont support xenon flashes, stereo recording and the 41mp sensor and the dsp that goes along with it.

        If you dont see it (or too stupid to find it), it doesnt exist. ;)

      • flava says:

        You must be new here, welcome to the internet my fellow mortal..

        • torcida says:

          lol, not at all…

          …I don’t know and you don’t know neither I think what the future (MS & Nokia) will bring.
          Btw = Xenon works on WP. And even the support for further support (41MP, stereo…) shouldn’t be a big deal.

    • alsocan says:

      Exactly my first thought!!

      History shows that Microsoft and windows are not really able of delivering any innovation, they barely manage to follow other company and products innovation. They are however good at marketing and commercial strategy, which are things that do not get me excited as a mobile phone enthusiast.
      We will probably see lytro in windows phone only after it’s mainstream everywhere else.

    • Tom says:

      location, location, location.. isn’t the the only future for Nokia. I remember quite a few shouting that after Q4 2012 earnings report, went totally silent after Q1 2013 report and Nokia losing a big chunk in location division.

      • Janne says:

        I’m bored with this conversation.

        Location, location, location still stands. Q1 location losses have to do with internal money flows, nothing more. The big promise of location is over time, not some near past/future quarterly report. Never claimed it was.

        Also: photography, photography, photography.

        These are major pieces of Nokia’s strategy. Believe it or not.

        • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro? says:

          Everyone already has location and people want to have good enough camera phones. Phones like iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

  4. D Harries says:

    I wish someone would design an HDR app that did not overlap the photographs, but chose well exposed objects from each picture to make a new one

  5. v.s.i says:

    The start-up’s idea is to use an array of smaller camera sensors instead of a big, single one. As I understand it, every sensor would record a different part of the scene and you’d be able to choose what information to display (i.e. where to focus) in the post-processing stage.

  6. tiyo xi says:

    dose this tech can beat nokia 808 ?

  7. KiranMNBUSER says:

    Hey nokia come up fast with nokia pureview/EOS wp or sony is preparing to kill us with its upcoming cybershot camera(20 mp) combined with walkman audio in the form of Honami.

  8. reptile says:

    Lytro is different, isn’t it? I thought they had their own image format that stores a light field instead of just pixels? But you can extract jpegs from software afterward?

  9. B Jay says:

    Does anybody here knows that Light Field Camera is not something which can be achieved with the help of just a software like Refocus?

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