Cringe Worthy: Samsung Tries to Get Creative With the Galaxy S4 Design Story

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It’s become sort of tradition for manufacturers nowadays to release a “design story” alongside their phones, Apple have got it pretty good with Mr. Ives and their crisp white backgrounds, but sometimes it just feels forced. Like Samsung’s take on the S4 design story below, this has got to be one of the worst design stories (right behind HTC pretending the 8X wasn’t inspired by Nokia).

Reading the comments alone gives you an idea of how people reacted to this:

  • This year we have decided to copy our own device, Galaxy S3…

  • Take S III. Put in bigger screen. Tell everyone it’s like nothing they saw before. Profit.

  • Was it so hard to admit saying “we dint think much, we thought the s3 design to be enough”?

  • Is this video a April Fools’ Day joke?!

I especially like the fact they keep on repeating that the S4 is “like nothing you’ve seen before”, really Samsung? Nothing? Nothing at all!? Think harder! Perhaps the S3? No wait that can’t be right; we’ve already seen that. But then again this video is coming from the same company whose previous flagship was launched with the phrase “Designed for Humans”.

Well back to how this is relevant to Nokia, is the fact that it reminded me of Marko’s design story of the 920, you don’t need a backdrop of a city with some intense soundtracks to sell a design story, you simply only need a design story (go figure). Check out Marko down below:


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