Rumours: Nokia Lumia EOS and Catwalk appearing by May-August?

| May 2, 2013 | 30 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 19.32.39I didn’t get to post their “928 teaser” at the time but the same user (follow the link here) on Reddit reckons that May to August will be quite a fun time as the Nokia EOS and Catwalk would be revealed (well, there were other devices from HTC and Sammy that are also mentioned to fit in that time span, nothing specific about what device when is mentioned)


Cheers arts for the tip!



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  • Mariano

    there are a lots of lumia, i’m very confused because they are all the same phone but with different colors 😛

    • milojko

      lol true

    • Mark

      And screens. And RAM. And CPUs. And charging options. And Sizes.

      Or were you just being a silly wee boy? 🙂

      • noki

        yeah Nokia has a ton of Lumias (how many now?) 12?13? I’m starting to lose count 😉

        • Ron

          Suddenly 12/13 Lumias has become “tons” for you? So how you classify the amount of Galaxys available in the market?

          • noki

            the amount of galaxies is a joke, but on the other end they sell like crazy…so the joke is on….oo well.. us.. 🙁

          • vichu

            not more than galaxy…………

        • Mee-gone

          Thats good you troll, more Lumias mean more options for everyone.

          • manu

            but software side all lumias are same they should have added some kinda diffrentation for flagship devices to have a premium feel.

      • sbw44

        the truth is that if NOkia released a new high end phone tomorrow it will have the same resolution, probably the same amount of ram as well as the same dual core s4 soc’s

        So basically a 920 with maybe a bigger screen and a better camera!

        • dss

          Nokia are maxing out the platform.. you can’t to any better than what they are doing because Microsoft’s OS doesn’t allow for that at this time.

          Its not Nokia’s fault 🙂

          • GordonH

            I don’t think we will see the 808 pureview mechanisms on a WP device in 2013. Maybe 2014 if MS fans get lucky.

            ps.I also don’t think we will see any true MS fans this decade.

            • Voughn

              2014 might be that glorifying year! The year when EOS comes out and takes over other phone cameras by storm!!
              (ps. I just exaggerated the same assumption you downplayed :D)

          • Shreenit

            Nope..I think the deal allows Nokia to customize and modify certain elements to their preference, but Trojan Elop wants to stick to the so called uniform feel of the Windows Phone experience, so they are maxing out with apps only. If they could say add transparent tiles, or something that might add functionality for customization like RT, it would be a major game changer..So also they can maybe change the UI of the camera interface too. That would be awesome..!

    • twig

      And none of them the ACLU says are dangerous to use like androids….lol. 😉😄😊

      • Mee-gone

        good one!!

  • arts

    btw i shit karma is not the most reliable of sources.

    • Tim.L

      Neither is this info.
      I mean I could have said that from this day to Nokia World we will see EOS and catwalk. Doesn’t need too much of a brain power to figure that out,

      • arts

        reddit people dont seem to like him. so i guess he has been lying all the time or whatnot.

  • milojko

    rumor nr. 824 and counting

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  • swain

    More number of phones will give more options to the buyer and can fulfill the need of various segment of users.

  • Pathetic

    in what year will launch this phone? since 2002 are announcing this, definitively another fail phone same specs same crappy OS, and huge lack of features

    • swain

      Lumia 920 specs are still pretty good for a mid-range device. They may announce more mid and low end devices with such specs and wait for the gdr3 update to launch a high-end device.


        is the 920 a mid-range device?? have you ever used it?
        the fact that it has a dual core and 1 gig of ram doesn’t mean that it’s a mid-range, but it’s powered by Windows phone, this phenomenal OS doesn’t need a huge bowels to run, unlike the laggy other side!!!it’s fucking solid, no lag, best camera ever (of course after 808) amazing screen, lovely and very sexy design. come on man, it’s Nokia!

  • sailfishos rocks

    it seems that nokia can only brag about pureview pro on lumia if available.
    Jolla leaked phone please

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  • RVM

    I’m really anxious to see camera on EOS. Too bad there will be dead OS 🙁

    • Viipottaja

      “Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated.”

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