Accessories: MugenPower’s 3600mAh Nokia Lumia 820 Battery



Just in time for the start of the weekend, the insane 3600mAh Nokia Lumia 820 battery from MugenPower arrived at my door. Yes, you read that right, 3600mAh! Normally, the Nokia Lumia 820 is powered by only 1650mAh, but Mugen have created a battery that more than doubles it!


Having a bigger battery, obviously takes up more space, hence Mugen provide you with their custom designed shell, in order to house the power-filled monster. It has the connections for NFC, as well as a camera plate hole, only hiding the Carl Zeiss branding. At it’s thickest part, it adds about 1cm extra of height to the back of the device, compared to the standard shell.


It’s only been 2 days, but so far, the battery life of my Lumia 820 seems insanely good. I’ll bring you guys a review of it next week, as I’ll be putting it to the ultimate test in Delhi.

The battery “door” comes in Black, Red, White or Yellow. (As you can see, we’ve got the glossy White version.)


If the extra size isn’t something you could put up with for more juice, Mugen also has a 1800mAh battery that fits with the existing shell.

Here’s a gallery I quickly put together.

Huge thanks to MugenPower for sending us the battery!


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