FourSquare for Windows Phone 8 Also Refreshed

| May 7, 2013 | 12 Replies

Foursquare New


It seems like someone over at Redmond has been very busy, besides the completely overhauled Youtube app the official Foursquare app for WP8 has also just received a complete refresh. The app co-developed by Nokia and Microsoft is NOT a lumia exclusive, but apparently Lumia users get some extra love in the form of “feature optimizations”

Check out a quick video demo of the app below:

And grab it from the store here:

QR Foursquare NEW.png



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  • Rapunxel

    Lol this does not even have nfc when old ass symbian has it
    windows flop stays behind

    • Muerte

      Does the Symbian version have the Augmented Reality – features?

    • Just Visiting

      Lol! And which Symbian phone even has NFC? Oh yeah, there are more WP NFC enabled devices, than Symbian.

      And as I recall, the Symbian version has less features that Android and WP 🙂

  • monkster

    Go back under your bridge troll.In the perfect troll world Microsoft can’t do anything right we get the picture now shooo!

  • Rapunxel

    Nokia c7 , 700 ,701 , 600 , 808
    and how many flopia has nfc ?

    • 610, 920, 820, 822, 810, 720, 620

  • Rapunxel

    oh and Stephen Eflop time is almost up
    keep prayin for plan B

    • JameSB

      Symbian is dead where it belongs

      • Rapunxel

        Just like Windows Flop Tic toc tic toc

  • Cod3rror

    Viber for Symbian is out, thought you morlocks would want to know, finally your precious outdated Symbian gets Viber.

    • Rapunxel

      @ Cod3rror it has been out for almost a year for Symbian still no call

  • arts

    What are the feature optimization involved?