Rumour: Nokia Max, 4.7″, Aluminium Nokia Catwalk with enhanced OIS and revised camera UI, Nokia Lumia 625.

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We’ve received some information from ‘anonymous’ about some upcoming new Nokia Lumias. The Catwalk you’ve heard before but this other one is the ‘Nokia Max’ a 4.7″ device from Nokia. But that’s not their high end piece. Nope. That’s part of the new Nokia “bring high end experiences” to either low or mid-range (e.g. 720 and 520).

P.S. for those who don’t quite understand, the show “The Biggest Loser” is about obese/morbidly obese people losing weight, and the ones losing the most are ‘the biggest losers’ so in this context, that’s a slimmer 920 in the ‘catwalk’ (we’re not talking hadtocopypasta style loser)


Nokia Catwalk: 4.5″ IPS 720p display with PureMotionHD+, LTE, Aluminium, 16GB, 1.5Ghz S4, 1GB RAM, 2000mAh battery capacity , Optional wireless charging. Basically the Catwalk is the Lumia 920 after winning The Biggest Loser show.
Catwalk camera: Enhanced OIS performance, revised camera UI with Smart and Pro mode. Pro mode would have the manual adjustment ala Samsung Galaxy Camera.
Nokia Max: 4.7″ SuperSensitive 800×480 LCD, Unibody, LTE, 1.2Ghz S4, 512MB RAM, 2000mAh battery capacity. Max is going to be the cheapest LTE device with the largest display in the Lumia range.

In addition to this info from ‘anonymous’ we also have another tip that corroborates the existence of this low-high Lumia.

It turns out the 4.7″ handset is actually not in the 8xx range, not even in the 7xx range but amazingly in the 6xx region.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 19.32.20

Image just as a thumbnail…

Source for image: DoSpy (Cheers arts for the tip!)


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  1. Viipottaja says:

    Interesting and potentially smart to try to bring something other manufacturers may not (frankly, don’t know if they do : P ) be offering at this (presumably low) price point.

  2. Waqas Ahmad Khan says:

    WTF 6xx? Do you consider USD 600+ a cheap device?

    • arts says:

      As in lumia 6xx dude.

    • Viipottaja says:

      :) It’s the model number, not the price.

    • sunnyvale says:

      of course dude, I mean, 600 USD is pocket cash man, you need to buckle up!

      I’m joking, the 600 term refers to the product series, as stated below by Viipo and arts.

      To be precise, this 4.7 inch screen phone will have a product number in the 600 range. It could Lumia 625, or Lumia 628, or whatever other number Nokia might want to throw in the mix.

  3. arts says:

    I translated, not tipped. >.< and a pretty bad translation too!

  4. arts says:

    800 x 480 and 4.7 DONT SOUND FUN AT ALL.

    • Viipottaja says:

      YES IT DOES. :P Assuming the price is low, that is.

      • arts says:

        low end pixelated fun then.

        Still, will deserve judgement till the device is released.

        • noki says:

          That the one thing I don’t get its not like the os does not support more decent screen defs and Nokia keeps on pushing this 3 years ago screens, I mean 720p to 1080p one cant hardly tell the difference but this is no ware near that and ruins what could be a very decent experience, it has huge impact on text readability and as a result on overall user experience…

          • Siliconsub says:

            When we are considering that this is a 6xx, any higher than 800×480 would make it instantly better than the 720 and 820. The Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 is 190(191) ppi. That cost in excess of £350-£400. This device will have 200(198.5) ppi. That will cost slightly under £300. Don’t worry anyway, you, nor I will buy it, but someone will, and if that is a customer, Nokia needs them.

          • Janne says:

            noki: You DO realize Samsung is actually still selling Android smartphones with 320×480 resolution.

            800×480 is actually great for certain price points, not bad like some seem to suggest.

            808 PureView is 640×360…

            • Marc Aurel says:

              In fact everybody and their mom is still selling Android phones with QVGA (320×240) screens… Some of them have as low as 130 ppi.

              I agree that 4.7″ WVGA is still quite usable. I have a cheap Chinese 7″ tablet with a WVGA screen and the main problem with it is not the low resolution but the poor 16 bit TN TFT panel it has…

              Perhaps they should call the new phone Lumia 630 Titan… ;-) ( The HTC Titan had a similar display)

              • Janne says:

                Yep, Samsung lists 320×240 Galaxy on their Finnish website. The brand new Galaxy in the Lumia 520 price range is 320×480.

                Some of the criticism levelled against Lumia is absurd and stems from high-end perspectives compared misinformedly to low-mid devices, where Lumia (and WP) actually shine.

        • sunnyvale says:

          You must have some good bionic eyes to detect that pixelation, my dear arts. :)

          And if that’s the case, I’m sure Nokia will address it by applying a nifty cool trick to the screen (you know like ClearBlack, SuperSensitive, PureMotion)

      • manu says:

        if priced a bit lower than galaxy grand it will good.

    • MNhut says:

      The Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 has a 960×540 display so I don’t think 4.7 with a 800×480 is that bad.

    • Jay Montano says:

      I’m sure there’s a 5″ galaxy at 480×800

      • noki says:

        so now nokia new moto is “comparable to the worse galaxy’s”?

        • Janne says:

          Nokia’s mid-range is superior to Galaxy’s mid-range, resolution-wise.

          • noki says:

            Is there any galaxy with less that that?

            Seams like nokia is giving up on the uper segments of smartphones and beating it all on low end and mind low…

            Elop solved nothing he is repeating all of the Nokia’s past mistakes. I’m not really sure what is the plan now, just get some market share in hope of being relevant in some way to Microsoft plans????

            I don’t get it, and honestly disagreeing with the plan so far I did understood the point, but as of late its seams like there is no more plan any more just throwing out cheep models after another that are pretty much the same as the last one diluting the value of the previous one and it self in a way….

            • Viipottaja says:

              No, they are not giving up on the upper segments. There is life after tomorrow or even next or EVEN next month (yes, literally), even for Nokia. :)

            • Janne says:

              Is there any Galaxy with less than that? Is that a serious question?

              The first Galaxy listed on has a 320×240 screen. Their brand new entrant in the Lumia 520 price point has a 320×480 screen.

              Let me repeat: 320×240. 320×480.

              Seriously, low resolution has not been the issue with WP, quite contrary. Just because they take measured steps like Apple to introduce new resolutions doesn’t alter the fact that their lowest resolution is in fact high compared to the competition.

              Rest is just another Lumia/WP myth propagated by the malicious and misinformed. Don’t buy into it.

              P.S. You are right that Nokia certainly seems to be pushing the lower end now and Microsoft’s rhetoric seems to have become the same. Why? Because that is where they clearly have traction.

              That doesn’t mean they’ll abandon the high-end. But it may mean we won’t see EOS until fall if they think other products deserve their focus now more urgently.

      • Weirdfisher says:

        There’s no such thing except the HTC sensation XL with 4,7′ 800×480 res
        But that was at least a year ago
        I think most of them are at least 720p already

    • Ron says:

      If the price is lower than L720 then the resolution is perfectly fine.

  5. joemx13 says:

    Windows Phone 7.8 logo!

  6. manu says:

    the display looks tiny compared to the frame of the device.

  7. arts says:

    sigh. So we have to wait till September for a lumia Eos? :/

  8. manu says:

    outdated specs as usual so where is the rumored snapdragon 800 ?

  9. manu says:

    so what are the devices gonna be unveiled on 14th
    lumia928 lumia925 then?

  10. noki says:

    yeap seams like nokia is giving up on the upper segments and betting it all on the lower ones… Think its silly as it has pretty good competitive devices there, but ok at least it should be a bit more profitable than the L520….

    But its going in the same path that ruined Simbian profitability and market desirability.

    • Viipottaja says:

      while they may not have a $750 phone yet, doesn’t mean they won’t (e.g. the EOS devices if they come out with the next gen internals that are expected) or that $500 phones are particularly low end. :)

      • noki says:

        the thing is this sort of phone goes up against a sea of androids and past generation discounted real high ends… Nokia needs real desirable high ends that set a mood this sort of phones sell to people that cant afford the Huber desirable high end, and lets face it its not the most advanced consumer because its still expensive so he wont be able to get exited about the marginal difference between this and the last midrange low end device, its just cheep enough so what is the point??? waste money on more marketing more boxing more adaptation of production lines???

        I don’t get it

        • viipottaja says:

          I agree. In the last point that is. ;) :P

        • Janne says:

          We all agree that Nokia needs great high-end devices that set the mood. And many of us personally always want something new and the latest and greatest, so there is that desire as well.

          That said, clearly what WP and Lumia needs now is numbers. Even if it is just low-end numbers. The believability and sustainability of the ecosystem demands it. If they can get, through low- and mid-end, to that goal better than by focusing on the high-end, maybe that’s what they need to focus on.

          Sucks for me, because I want the next greatest and latest… but I can wait for greater good, it isn’t like my Lumia 920 is yet creaking with old age. ;) Lumia 920 is still perfectly fine as a halo device. And if they update or complement it with a nice Catwalk, all the better. Let’s not make this like Nokia is abandoning the high-end.

          For some reason everything related to Lumia is always blown out of proportion and unreasonable deductions made even from the most innocent of moves or events. It’s like WP and Lumia only live in the extremes for some people.

          Come on. Be reasonable.

          • Janne says:

            Lumia 920 has been on the market for around six months. At the time of its release, it was perfectly current. On par or partly better specced with iPhone 5 that came out roughly the same time. Just because some other competition is in a different product-launch cycle and has since then come out with SGS4 and HTC1, doesn’t mean Lumia 920 isn’t a current high-end product. I claim it is.

            Now, obviously, in an ideal world Nokia would have an even more superior high-end device on the market because their position would greatly benefit from that. But in all likelyhood their position will most urgently benefit from recapturing the mid-range (not just low-mid-range, but the actual mid-range) from cheap Android, because the markets where Nokia brand still is popular, after the dark years where the west was lost by Nokia, are the markets where cheaper models sell a lot.

        • Bloob says:

          They very much need numbers, for developer interest if nothing more.

    • Siliconsub says:

      Until Nokia can make phones that can easily go against the quad-/octacore, 5″ Full HD, 13MP phones, I don’t think Nokia can compete on the upper segments. It is far easier for Nokia to just keep its customers on the lower segment

      • Janne says:

        I don’t think its all a specs-game though. If they updated Lumia 920 with specs superior to SGS4, would it solve the Lumia problem? Probably not, because the ecosystem lock-in still plays such a big part in established markets (read: the rich markets). Nokia may be better served by trying to slice piece of the more emerging pie first where WP can offer a superior experience compared to cheap Android.

        That said, I obviously expect Nokia to release current-spec high-end Lumias this year, I just don’t know how much the specs are the issue with how well or badly it will do.

  11. Omar-BHR says:

    What about the six inch phablet with a quad core processor and a 1080p screen

  12. D Harries says:

    The HTC One seems to be getting “best ever” reviews from American people. There is a hidden subtext going on, that they are telling us to give support to HTC, because they are some how worthy as a manufacturer, that they do not have the big budgets of Samsung and Apple, and without our support it’s just not fair, and HTC won’t get the customers they deserve and they may plummet in some disastrous way.

  13. sbw44 says:

    So basically catwalk will be a slimmer 920 with a slightly better camera? What a disappointment!

    • Deaconclgi says:

      “What a disappointment” That is what the Dreamcast and the VMU said to the PS2 after shooting it with a gun….

    • Marc Aurel says:

      Ahem, wasn’t that basically what it was supposed to be all along? A repackaged L920 for people who think that it’s too heavy. The L920 still has the best specs WP8 currently supports. Any really big improvement will have to wait until Microsoft releases support for quad core and 1080p (not that I think 1080p is really necessary, but going there might be a necessity for marketing)

      • sbw44 says:

        That’s what fears me the most! stupid tech geeks and tech blogs will say this is last years specs! Example look at GsmArena, when they review high end droids like the GS4, at the end of the review they give you other phone suggestions and they never mention the 920 compared to these droids!

        Also EOS, what will that be? another 920 spec wise with a way better camera?

        FFS MS needs to get their acts together! they are holding Nokia back.

        • viipottaja says:

          Well, there are reports of a quad for 1080p variant of an EOS model already being tested, and of wp8.1 going to carrier testing in May/June.

        • Peter L says:

          I had a condescending comment in mind but then I saw Dan Carter. Dan told me to behave so I will.

          What does it matter what the specs are? Lumia 920 already works butter smooth without lag or stutters of any kind, so why should there be any better specs (CPU & RAM) in there?

          The current WP8 seems to work flawlessly with the current hardware, so there’s no point at having better CPU in there until there are some OS features that will actually require that increase of raw processing power.

          Usually at this point someone says the “I want my device to be future-proof” argument, but those people are the same people that will get a new device almost annually anyway so it does not make sense.

      • manu says:

        so what is the point of an unpacking event ? just for xenon flash?.tech blogs and specs enthusiast is gonna have a good time bashing nokia.i think they should just stick with 920 make the maximum possible sales with it.and when wp is ready for 1080p and snapdragon 800 launch the next gen device

  14. Kyle says:

    HTC Titan. Announced August 2011. 4.7″ LCD 800×480 resolution. 512MB RAM, 1600 mAh battery, 1.5GHz.

    Nokia “Max”. Announced May 2013. 4.7″ LCD 800×480 resolution. 512MB RAM, 2000 mAh battery, 1.2GHz.

    Congrats on the bigger battery Nokia, should be a hit.

    Seriously though, apart from Samsung I don’t see anyone else trying to push large screen phones downmarket so perhaps there it will get some traction in some markets. Otherwise, slapping LTE and a big screen on a low-end device feels a bit like those guys who try to convert a Chrysler 300 to look like a Bentley. It just comes off corny.

    • Janne says:

      …you forgot to congratulate Nokia for adding dual-core and superior GPU. And moving the product a few steps down the price ladder. ;) Since when hasn’t yesterday’s high-end been today’s mid- or low-end?

      There are cheap large cars too. Maybe not Bentley-large, but still very large. Some people need the room, even some that don’t have millions in the bank. Go figure.

      I think one of the absolutely most appalling sides of Lumia criticism has to be the way its low-end and mid-range is constantly compared to the high-end of others. This is most prominent on American blogs. Or is it maybe to be taken as a compliment that Lumia’s low- and mid-ranges have features that can compete with the best of the rest? :)

      Aren’t these guys aware of what Samsung and the like passes off as low- and mid-range these days? The 320×240, 320×480 resolutions and whatnot? That is where Nokia’s true comparisons are. And indeed, that seems to be one reason Lumia is gaining traction in lower end.

    • Peter L says:

      Samsung Galaxy Mega. Announced April 2013. 5.8″ LCD 960×540 resolution. 1.5GB RAM (Android), 2600mAh battery, 1.4GHz.

      So what exactly is your point? Try to get the following points:

      1) This device will be cheap.

      2) It is not for you or me.

      3) It is for people that don’t give a damn about the specs.

  15. coolraffy says:

    That’s actually my Picture. That prototype is Juggernaut Semaphore. ^_^

  16. kkr says:

    Check the windows logo on the phone….
    Is it 7 or 8…
    I think this is a false or fake news or rumour…(My opinion-Others have their own opinion)

    • Janne says:

      I don’t think that proves it is fake.

      The screen clearly shows Windows Phone 8 judging by the content of the icons, which would now seem the most plausible OS for new Lumia phones due to 520.

      And there is plenty of precedent of Nokia WP8 prototypes still showing the old Windows Phone logo because they were prototyped/built before that logo was yet decided on or public.

      So my view: This image certainly can be real. Is it? I don’t know. If I had to guess, I’d wager it is. But will it reach the market? That is always a good question. Some prototypes never do.

  17. AJ says:

    It looks more like Samsung’s design than Nokia. Nokia do not make ugly handsets. or probably its some Chinese variant of WP.

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