Verizon’s Lumia 928 WILL NOT be Announced in London on the 14th of May

| May 7, 2013 | 57 Replies

NUSA-CP-Lumia-928-Hero-v2-jpgThere’s been a lot of talk about when and where the Lumia 928 for Verizon will be announced, the latest of which is suggesting an announcement in London on May 14th (alongside what will probably be the Lumia 925/Catwalk). Besides the obvious reason that the Lumia 928 is a US destined phone (and therefore will probably be announced in the US) we can confirm that the Lumia 928 will NOT be presented at the London event, although we don’t know when it will actually be announced, we’re confident that it won’t be in London, nor on the 14th.


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  1. svedu says:

    So for what will they use 6 hours in london then?

    • Aleksi says:

      enough playtime for all the new devices ? :)

    • Omar-BHR says:

      EOS and a new W8 tablet

      • noki says:

        W8 tablet will be single most dumb thing nokia ever did windows RT does not sell if the very “decent”(the construction is freaking nice to be honest) Microsoft surface had pessimal sales sipte of the huge marketing push how come do we think nokia would make it, specially wen the retail channel is completely different and Nokia as very little position in it?

        • dss says:

          Win 8 tablet should be x86 based, not ARM.. if Nokia are smart they will use the dual core Temash chip from AMD, or wait until BayTrail ships later this year.

          • noki says:

            Again don’t get it, Nokia as Zero brand value on the PC market and x86 tablets are just PC’s in disguise, what do they hope to achieve there??? PC market is declining… Don’t get it think they are completely lost and without an sort of direction now…

            • JameSB says:

              And yet, over 200 million PC’s will be sold this year.

              • noki says:

                Yes, divided by 100 different OEM’s, dominated by giants like Samsung, Sony, Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo (the only one growing) etc etc all of them well established in the distribution market and way way way more vertical than Nokia would be in that segment specially the X86.

                • dss says:

                  The tablet market is still fresh.. nothing wrong with trying to get into it, if they do it right.

                  They need to wait for x86 CPUs that are made for that kind of form factor.. the current crop weren’t, and it shows. The Surface Pro is a great product, hampered by a high TDP CPU which requires active cooling and a big battery..

          • Weirdfisher says:

            Windows 8 RT uses ARM CPU
            Windows 8 Pro uses x86 CPU

    • akash says:

      i think NL928 is just for verizon, so it will announce separately…..!!! in 14 may they will announce global version phone catwalk and eos.

  2. fabi says:

    or maybe 928 won’t be Verizon exclusive (last minute change of heart)

  3. spacemodel says:

    Time to hurry up cause the investors are ‘already’ losing their patience:

    • noki says:

      Sad… “it’s the blind leading the blonde”

    • Jirkaone says:

      Yeah, one opinion of Android loving investor is supposed to change the way of whole company. Android is road to hell. It did not help producers like HTC. Look at companies like Huawei or ZTE. They are able to make devices better and significantly cheaper than Samsungs supersmartphones. Samsung is not going be the world smartphone leader for a long time, because there are other manufacturers which can make better and cheaper devices that Sammy. Nokia would make a big mistake by choosing Android. Nokia is synonym of originality and inventions. But it is a pity that so many users are stucked on such a clumoy system like Android.

      • arts says:

        He is just fishing for attention and replies. ;) he posted somewhere else too.

      • dss says:

        Going with android will be a nightmare.. I hope it doesn’t happen.

        Nokia is going to give Microsoft everything its got, and that should be worth at least 10-15% market share for the WP “eco” system, which should be enough to save Microsoft’s effort.

        As far as what happens to Nokia… uncertain is an understatement.

        • noki says:

          Kinda agree, time to try android is long gone Nokia could have pull that one off but not now. this new bet on the low end segments will not bring the wp brand needs and will expose it to competition from even more OS’s not just android…Think nokia is in serious trouble…

      • noki says:

        “HTC. Look at companies like Huawei or ZTE” interesting you mention them because they all left WP.

        • JudaZuk says:

          really. why are both ZTE and Huawai releasing new Windows phone 8 devices soon then? and why is Huawai selling their windows phone so well in Kenya right this minute?

          • noki says:

            so well???? hehehhe ok nokia as 90% of the market share in wp nokia sells 5.5 M the remaining 10% = 550 k that is what android sell in what minutes? that is what Huawai sales in a couple of days in android …..

            • JudaZuk says:

              Nokia is a company making phones, and is soem of them they use the Os Windows Phone. Andoid is a free operating system and does not sell anything.

              What company sells 550.000 devices a minute?
              It is not Motorola, ity is not HTC or sony ..that is for sure.

              Considering there is around 1.3 – 1.5 million Android devices activated every day in the world, from all manufacturers, and that gives approx. 902 – 1041 devices a minute. So seems not even Samsung can sell 550.000 a minute or in minutes and the activated devices includes phones and tablets . so the number is actually even lower

              • noki says:

                men hehehe, I said minutes a day is composed of 1440 of those so ok minutes its an exaggeration ok so hours roughly 8? so in 8 hours more androids are activated than non nokia wp in a month, happy with the precision of the comparison now?
                Does not sound lot better does it?

      • manu says:

        by choosing android nokia should have sold anywhere over 5.6 million smartphones,

    • JudaZuk says:

      only some clueless Share holders that dont realise that going Android would be suicide for Nokia.

      Windows 8 already has 7.5 of the tablet market, and Windows 8 is going good and will only increase in use, Windows Phone 8 is sure to follow.

      Only one company is making money on Android , and that is Samsung … sorry actually two companies.. Samsung and Microsoft. It sure isnt Google.

      HTC is not going well at all, Motorola only exists today because Google wanted the patents, that has cost them more money then it was worth so far. Then there is ZTE and Huawai that make cheap Androids phones that have a small procentage, but have a hard time in the US because of old Cold War concerns and such. LG is almost no where to be seen, have they released anything selling well recently at all?

      Sony has done well to stop they mobile department from going bust, but is not really doing that great globally.

      and Apple and iOS.. well if they dont realese anything amazing soon, where will they be in a year or two. They seem to have lost their mass appeal. Older people buy iPhones, younger buy Samsung.

      and Blackberry .. well sad to see you go, but you had a great run

      Nokia has something diffenrent with Windows Phone and have the full support of Microsft.. and they have the cash to push that platform for a long time.

      People laughed when Microsoft released the xbox, then with the xbox 360 not long after Microsoft dominated the console market and is still doing it.

      Sega is no more, Nintendo might not exist in a year, Sony is the only real player left, exept for Microsoft.

      Same thing can happen in the mobile space.

      Change does not come over night , but Microsoft + Nokia … have a hard time seeing it fail in the long run.

      In business you have a Windows PC, and Windows servers for exchange, sharepoint and so on. Add a tablet running windows with office on board and Skydrive. ..what phone would that business choose for their employees if they get to choose? (and often they do even with BYOD getting common)

      If you are that manufacturer that dominates the Windows Phone market.. the brand a business will choose is more likely Nokia over HTC or no support at all Samsung if they go full on Windows to connect all internal business solutions.

      • noki says:

        news flash wp as been nothing less than a suicide, for Nokia up until this day the combined sales of all Lumias still have not reached half of what symbian used to sold in one quarter..

        Nokia seams to have given up on the valuable upper end areas and is now betting on low end segments.

      • arts says:

        I don’t think it right anymore to say just Samsung is the only profitable oem. LG made a profit, so did sony. htc is on a downward trend; but htc one is supposed to save their hide. However, it remains to be seen if htc can make it or not.

        One thing you can be sure about is, if you are well vertically integrated, you CAN make a profit with android.

        • noki says:

          OMG I’m agreeing with you a lot lately :D
          Just a note HTC on WP was even worse than what they are on android.

          • arts says:

            im just correcting his facts ;)
            oh and im pretty sure ZTE is actually having a blast with low end android in America.

      • noki says:

        blackberry is doing great or pretty good with their bb10 expected sales this quarter are in the 3-4 Million with an ASP of 450$

      • dss says:

        Google makes TONS of money from Android. Its a distribution system for their advertising/search businesses..

        Why do you think its “free” ? Its funded by selling ads..

  4. Pawlee says:

    EOS plz! :)

  5. Diazene says:

    Thank god, we really don’t need an announcement for a device on another carrier, a new phone (even if a midranger) would be better

  6. sbw44 says:

    According to the text on the photo “stay tuned for updates about the newest Lumia”

    Does that not mean this will be the next phone released? meaning it will be released before the 14th May then?

  7. arts says:

    fake dsmobile, I hope you are watching! fingers crossed for what you say will happen. ;)

  8. shallow ocean shoal says:

    Is the special feature X-Ray Vision, like how they caught that dude hiding in the boat?

  9. torcida says:

    “Verizon’s Lumia 928 WILL NOT be Announced in London on the 14th of May”
    That was instantly clear to me

    • viipottaja says:

      Nope, not likely at least soon. He enjoys the board’s confidence and most of that story is about comments from very small shareholders with little or no say on that matter.

      • dss says:

        It doesn’t matter what happens to Elop… the direction is set, no matter who comes after (sooner, or later) will have to follow the same road.

        Nokia is so deep in Microsoft’s pocket they can’t even see the light anymore… it will be almost impossible to climb out of there and regain their independence once more.

        I am actually happy for Microsoft, they deserve it :) As for Nokia.. ya, they got played.

        • noki says:

          “they deserve it” Like usual they played this game really well, if Microsoft does one thing really well is partnerships with company’s that might be problematic for them, There is hallways some CEO change some fantastic deal, some partnership that will benefit booth company’s, after a few years, company B will 1 go bankrupt, 2 merge into oblivion into Microsoft, or walk always seriously injured never to repeat the deal…

  10. Kevin says:

    Wait…so do you have a source for this or did you just click bait me?

    • Aliqudsi says:

      “we can confirm” = We are the source.

    • poopshoot says:

      I believe it. No reason to announce a Verizon phone outside the US. And really, no reason for Nokia to announce it either. Verizon should be announcing this phone as it is just a variant of the 920 and nothing but the xenon adds for hardware. But anyway, waste of resources if they were to announce the 928 IMO. These events costs hundreds of thousands of $$.

  11. kraKen says:

    from the image, looks like we gonna see some cool waterproofing :):)

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