Video: New Nokia Lumia 928 sample OIS test video shared by NokiaUS (vs iPhone and SGSIII)

| May 8, 2013 | 24 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 08.10.21Nokia’s policy has always been not to talk about unannounced devices. There may be little teasers but nothing so explicit as perhaps the site launch yesterday and now sample videos!

The next Nokia Lumia is coming and we are excited to unveil it soon. In the meantime, enjoy a preview of what’s in store.


We took the new Nokia Lumia to Adventureland in Farmingdale, New York and strapped it to the front row of a rollercoaster called “The Hurricane.” It’s 60ft high and has an inverted loop, so we thought we would capture some video footage alongside the Samsung Galaxy S III as well as the iPhone 5. Which phone takes better video on this shake-filled and low-lit ride? You decide.

Nokia Lumia 928 with xenon should also focus on being the best low light WITH flash as well as without. Let’s see if Nokia’s managed to implement xenon correctly.


Via ST

Cheers Derrek for the tip!



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  • satanlovesyou

    Why SGSIII when SGSIV is a new flagship?

  • Akki

    Camera is not important nowadays

    • dss

      Its the only meaningful thing that can set phones apart.. most of them can do the same exact things as smartphones..

    • Ady

      Except when Apple miraculously make good ones and start advertizing it their style

    • JameSB

      So says Instagram, one of the top apps everybody keeps complaining that its not on WP yet.

  • Akki

    Apps are important

  • Akki

    Not much more difference in Iphone and nokia camera here

    • Victor

      Actually camera is very important when you need to make some shots an you get awfull photos.
      On the other hand spamming is not important nowa days with lot of people going that route.

  • dss

    So.. the difference between the 928s camera and the iphone 5/gs4 will be negligible.

    1.4 – 1.1 micron pixels on all of them.. average quality at best, just like the 920.

    If they are going to hype the camera again, IQ is not going to be its strongest suite… show us what the xenon flash can do..

    • Mapantz

      I agree. The video didn’t blow me away at all, the usual stabalization came in to play and that was about it?

  • Akki

    People are not buying smart phone for special for camera even galaxy camera is not sell well

    • dss

      the galaxy camera is not a phone..and the camera sucks. Its a waste of plastic..

  • Toni

    There sure are loads of people bashing Nokia for providing better experience than what their competitors can; shouldn’t everyone frequenting a blog devoted to Nokia be happy to see how they are simply leaps and bounds better than their much more successful rivals?

    And really, you have to be a blind monkey if you cannot make the difference and would they have been e.g. in a gig you could have heard the difference in sound recording as well. I guess that it will be the next video as suggested by that earlier leak on the Nokia Blog.

    • who knows

      Yep, sure is strange seeing fans of Nokia (?) trying their very best at discredit improvements. I could more understand the comments if this were an android/apple centric website.

      I’m waiting for an iphone with wireless charging, sensitive touchscreen, OIS, xenon flash, nfc, HAAC, sturdier build quality…..

      • Victor

        Then it will be a Nokia made handset ๐Ÿ˜€

        • who knows

          Ah, but then it would miss the most important feature; the glowing apple logo on the back which enables “air of superiority”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          I’m joking of course, I would never buy a phone that wouldn’t allow me to use maps offline. In my opinion offline maps is the best feature there is here in Europe and the single reason I started buying Nokias products in the first place.

          • Victor

            A very solid point..

    • arts

      there are people here that just want to see nokia fail. Or are REALLY unhappy some people just happen to like lumia products.

      If you are looking for a place that focuses more on the positive side of things, you are better off looking at say a wp centric blog.

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  • Groznik

    Actual piece or nokia marketing…can’t believe my eyes:)