Win a One of a Kind Red Lumia 920 Courtesy of Nokia Conversations

| May 8, 2013 | 3 Replies


Honestly I’m not the worlds biggest soccer fan (obvious by the fact that I call it soccer and not football), but one thing I can definitely get behind are one of a kind phones, especially when it;s a spanking hot red 920. In memory of Manchester United’s head coach Sir Alexander Ferguson Nokia went ahead and had a custom Lumia 920 engraved for him, in red of course. And to make sure we’re all part of the fun there’s a second 920 up for grabs to one of you, simply retweet the tweet down below (make sure you’re following Nokia UK of course):


Nokai Conv


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  • Fz

    Seesh, I saw “Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson” and some years engraved there. Then my eyes picked up the following words from the article “In memory of Manchester United’s head coach Sir Alexander Ferguson …”

    Had to read the article twice and even checked his Wikipedia page to make sure he isn’t dead :).

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