Video: New Nokia Lumia 928 seen on video, + sample video and ‘rich recording’ distortion free HAAC Audio from Nokia US (Vs SGSIII)

| May 8, 2013 | 23 Replies

928 nokia

The Nokia Lumia 928 makes an appearance on video to test out the sound recording :).

928 nokia


928 nokia

Can you make out anything from the reflection?


Here’s the other sample video from this morning testing out OIS.


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  1. Mendax says:

    Seriously the most underrated feature in Nokia smartphones.
    That and speaker volume/crispness.

    How is the 920′s speaker audio output?
    The N8′s was superb, but the N9′s is average.

    • incognito says:

      The N9 does a rather remarkable job when it comes to recording, and its DAC on the headphone output only messes up the lower frequencies a bit. The speaker on it is quite horrible, tho.

    • SLAYER says:

      My N8 has horrible audio output, you don’t always have the same results with nokia phones, even if it’s the same model.

  2. torcida says:

    Why they compare this with the OLD Galaxy!?!?!?

    And for me it’s looking like the 928 won’t have anything new compared to the 920!

    • viipottaja says:

      Xenon. Maybe microSD.

      • twig says:

        Design more Verizon like? 822 on sides? My next Nokia will be a 6″ phablet. My 620, 808 and 920 are happy right now. A Nokia phablet will replace my Surface RT. Hopefully they will be able to use the wedge mouse and Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard will it. Hello Nokia.

    • who knows says:

      Thinner? Lighter? Lack of dust in FFC?

  3. viipottaja says:

    Not an effective video. They should have used e.g. rock concert to really show the difference.

  4. dss says:

    still no stereo recording ?

  5. faune says:

    Lumia sounds to me extremely compressed. If it wasn’t for the distortion, the S3 sounds much better, more open. I guess it isn’t a good example, but it should sound really much better. Perhaps in very loud environments it tends to compress sound. I imagine it could sound very nice recording a choir or an orchestra.

  6. John says:

    Typical Samsung. They cheat whenever they can.

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