Nokia reminds you about tomorrow’s event. Recommends you to ‘steel’ yourself for the next installment

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Just to make sure that you were 100% aware of the metallic content of tomorrow’s soon to be announced device, NokConv reminds us to ‘Steel yourself for the next instalment’

Find out on Tuesday May 14th.


There’s a special, invite-only event in London. And it will all be here, too, on Nokia Conversations.

We’ll be hosting a live webcast from the event for you here on Conversations, starting at the following times:

London: 10am

Helsinki: noon

Beijing: 5pm

 I’m heading to London now, just waiting up by the train station. I’m not quite sure who I’m supposed to meet when I get there and where so if anyone knows or could get in touch with the right peeps, that would be cool, thanks 😀 Otherwise I might be stranded there (can’t seem to get in touch with the Nokia peeps myself)

Cheers Viipottaja for the heads up



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  • CJ, Michael Hell, Mark Guim and Sam are already all together at the hotel I believe 😀

    • Cheers! Any ideas which hotel? I’ve messaged the Nokia Connects peeps but they might be busy sorting something else out. @Joaoluisc says there’s a meeting in Nokia HQ at 18:30 but I won’t get there till much later.

      • sunnyvale

        Jay, is there someone from MNB covering the London event? I assume you can’t because of your schedule.

  • Shashank

    Woohoo. I wish I was there too

  • Cod3rror

    All this hype to announce an outdated junk with huge bezels.

    They better bring EOS with 41MP and OIS.

    • I don’t think they are going to be talking about android phones,(junk)😄😄😄

      Instal as in Insta gram??

    • Kumara

      Nokia EOS will in my opinion come at Nokia World and not sooner as that.

      • Just Visiting


      • akash

        right agree…….they will announce eos on nokia world with quad core and 1080p screen……powerful high eend phone and phablet too.

    • javid

      can always count on you to pop up, cant we? 🙂
      got anything constructive to say?
      do you really need to rain on the parade?

    • SLAYER

      Were have you been! we missed you hear at MNB. 😀

  • mushfiq

    As always , I wish I was there aggghhhhh and I would be in a meeting at exactly that time , Godd …

  • crisscross

    Wow! The comeback of the Stainless Steel Phone. Nokia 8800 is back!

  • Michael

    London: 10am

    Helsinki: noon

    Beijing: 5pm

    That will be 11am in Sweden, ye? 🙂

    • sunnyvale

      5:00 AM in here. Quite early.