More Catwalk Teasing by Nokia

| May 14, 2013 | 16 Replies

933954_511268708920779_1164235259_nNokia US has just posted the image above along with the announcement about today’s event, which is obviously going to be about the catwalk/925.


We’re announcing something exciting in London at 2am PDT. Catch the live buzz on, and watch our newest Nokia Lumia ‘steel’ the show! Get a sneak peek here:

One “option” to upgrade over the 920 that no-one seems to have mentioned is a 1080p front facing camera, till now no Lumias have that feature; I know the image above isn’t about the FFC,  but it just got me thinking….5 hours left.

*And I’m off, got an exam in a few; hopefully I can be back on the computer before the event is over.




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  • chris wayne

    Let’s cross fingers for this to be the best Lumia yet comrades

    • Simo

      It’s already too ugly to be that. Hold onto your 920 for now if you have one.

    • manu

      best lumia nah? the best smartphone ever,it should have to be.but i know its not:(

  • poopshoot

    Good luck on the exam Ali! I had a graduate final today…aced it!

    • Thanks, man! and congrats! would be nice to be done 😀

  • stylinred

    nok shares have been rising like crazy ever since the dive it took for their q1 reports

  • how many hours left till the event?

    • adit38

      about 5 hours

    • sunnyvale

      I’m screwed, I still haven’t gone to sleep, and the event is in 5 hours.

      • adit38

        just don’t sleep 🙂

      • haha go sleep in 3 hours 1st.

  • coolyaay

    I would judge the word “New”. If the “New” lumia is just about getting slimmer with nothing special at all. It is easy to get a slimmer sexy phone with metal! they have not done any breakthroughs at all

    • Patrik

      “..It is easy to get a slimmer sexy phone with metal! they have not done any breakthroughs at all..”

      This is wrong! This is exactly what could be pointed out as special, 6 months ago they couldn’t have the hardware from the 920 at this shape – now they can. In other words, they have managed to shrink the device, make it thinner, lighter etc. but not at any cost – just more cons. THAT is innovation in 6 months.

  • sunnyvale

    While this post may be about the upcoming Lumia, I would like to obscure it by saying a big WISH YOU THE BEST AND GOOD EFFIN’ LUCK to Ali on his exams.

    Ace it, dude.

    Now you may resume the upcoming lumia topic. 🙂

  • mushfiq

    All the best Ali , an I have got a meeting at the launch , aghhhh.

  • Andrew_b

    So now we can see the detail on the beveled edge close up, it looks more likely that the side view WAS just of a rocker and not a slim camera bulge on a second phone, sigh.

    Although, this persistent STEEL reference seems to be pointing to a steel, not aluminium frame, which would have better scratch resistance but no opportunity to be coloured.

    Still hoping for an optical zoom…