From Our Friends – Inspiration: Homescreen galleries across the AAS community!

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Home screen philosophy

Dear MNB Readers!

Our good friend, Steve Litchfield of AllAboutSymbian (AAS), has a great article that shows user submitted Symbian home screen setups!

From the article:

I asked a few days ago for screen grabs of your Symbian homescreens, so that we can all learn and take inspiration from the set-up efforts of the wider AAS community – and here I present the results, thanks to everyone for your submissions, from all across the world. And if I didn’t get round to including your homescreens, please don’t be offended – I had way more submissions than could be reasonably included here. Do note that this article is quite big, in terms of bytes, because of the number of screenshots – please be patient while it all loads in your web browser!

There’s a lot to a set of homescreens, of course, with my original questions being:

  • Do you max them out (six) or keep them simple (or even single)?
  • Do you go for garish or plain?
  • Mainly active content or mainly shortcuts?
  • Do you try for any artistic look?
  • What about wallpaper? Same for all homescreens, or geekily set to mimic panning? Or dramatically different for each, perhaps themed?
  • Any widgets that you use which aren’t well known and deserve wider dissemination?

Here then, for everyone’s interest, are some of your submissions, along with any comments by the originator and, in places, with my own thoughts…


I think Steve has a great article and a wonderful community over at AAS and the article provides a great insight at how other Symbian users around the world have their home screens set up, their philosophy and the various applications that they use. Who knows, you may just see something that catches your eye or find out about an application that you didn’t know about previously.

I didn’t get a chance to submit my home screens for inclusion in his article but the main pic of this article contains my home screens and a brief explanation behind their setup and wallpaper choices. What do you all think of my setup? It’s rather simple and basic compared to the fine examples over at AAS. Feel free to comment below with answers to Steve’s original questions or head over to AAS to join in on the discussion there.

As always, thank you for choosing MyNokiaBlog and have a great day!


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