Nokia Officially Announces Partnership With Man of Steel Movie; Release App and Exclusive Movie Content

| May 22, 2013 | 18 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 8.33.51 PMAlthough it’s been obvious for quite some time, Nokia have officially announced their partnership with WarnerBrothers and the Man of Steel movie. This of course means loads of teaser material, exclusive wallpapers and fun apps.


Using the Lumia 925 on the new site will let you see “More than your eyes can see” thanks to the magic of OIS, after which you’ll be redirected to a page with exclusive related content.

Of course there’s also an app to get you in the countdown mood; which you can grab form the QR code down below:



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  • sbw44

    Why not Ironman,Thor,Captain America,Avengers Nokia?

    • tony

      God (of thunder) forbid nokia from making a phone as heavy as thors hammer,

      and they used up all of that rare element making captain americas shield so no luck with that either

      phone of steel for man of steel….

    • muhsal

      hmmmmmm Iron man got bankrupt……. and went for Alcatel!!

    • viipottaja

      Why not all Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood movies while we are at it?

    • alsocan

      Superman is a paternalistic symbol of us imperialism. He is the reassuring choice after taking comfort into microsoft’s arms.

      • shallow ocean shoal

        Then who is Captain America?

        Then who is Team America?

        You imperialistic dog!

      • viipottaja

        Lol. You guys never cease to crack me up.

    • shallow ocean shoal

      What about Tron and the N8?

      Why not Lawnmower Man? Why not River Phoenix in Explorers? Nokia why?

    • sunnyvale


      Guys, I predicted this!!

  • muhsal

    is it me or the theme (colour of tiles )of Lois’ lumia 925 not available on current lumias (not in my 920 at least) ??
    will nokia amber bring more themes ??!

    • JGrove303

      That’s Nokia Blue, and you’re right: that isn’t a color available on the Lumia 920’s theme palette.

      • muhsal

        is currently available in other lumias ?? i think it was available in wp7 1st gen lumias or what ??!
        i really hope to get it when i get nokia amber. i really like it.

      • i suggested that nokia blue color on twitter back then
        -and they heard me 😀

  • Liju

    Because Batman, Superman and Spiderman are bigger and they have/had tie-ups with two of those and I’m sure Nokia would’ve gone for Spidey too if it wasn’t a Sony property.

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