Nokia Teases Man of Steel Superman Movie Inside a Steel Lumia 925 Frame

| May 22, 2013 | 3 Replies

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Nokia has a thing for superhero movies (or so it would appear), strongly associating themselves with the Dark Knight franchise and now the new Superman Movie “Man of Steel”. In their latest trailer/teaser they have a snippet of the new Man of Steel trailer playing inside a steel bodied Lumia 925 (I see what you did there). Check it out down below:

Or go ahead and watch the full trailer:

So is it just me or is anyone else super excited for this movie? (oh and The Wolverine also coming out this summer, gonna be awesome!)

-Maybe we’ll even see some product placement of one of the Lumias in it? Last time they made a fuss about the Dark Knight rises but there weren’t any Nokias in it at all.

Thanks for the tip Muerte


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