Nokia Details How the Lumia 925 Defies the Antenna Death Grip

| May 24, 2013 | 15 Replies

Nokia-Nokia-Lumia-925_AntennaBack when the Lumia 925 launched some thought that having the antenna in the metal band around the phone would affect the reception, leading to a death grip as was the case with the iPhone 4. Thankfully as Jay demonstrated in one of the hands on videos, that is not the case with the 925

Video: Nokia Lumia 925, no iPhone 4 style death grip on external antenna (metal)

Nokia conversations have written a bit on the subject detailing why the 925 won’t be plagued with the same issues:


On the Lumia 925, the aluminium ring around the phone actually act as parts of the phone’s radio antenna system. The main antenna is located in the bottom area of the phone and two more towards the top of the phone. There are then stripes that separate the antennas from the other parts of the metal ring.

The end result is that you’ll get equally good radio performance out of the Lumia 925 as you would from a wholly polycarbonate phone, plus the most important benefit in the form of a stunning design.

Of course, if you deliberately use two hands to cover every edge of the phone, you’ll manage to reduce the signal. But that’s true of any other phone, too. You may also find it a little tricky to operate the buttons that way!

So technically you have nothing to worry about folks.

Nokia Conv



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  • muhsal

    hey , at the end of this article at NokConv…..there’s a link to a 2010 NokConv article about how to hold ur NOkia mocking iphone 4 antennagate. here’s the section where the link is
    “So relax, and enjoy Nokia Lumia 925 and its sleek design, any way you like.”
    In that 2010 article, u can see Jay Montano commenting about luckily iphone 4 users (back then) can use accessories to avoid the antenna problems :

    Jay Montano • 3 years ago

    I see I use the Cup method. But I have the freedom to hold how I wish and with either hand and er still be able to make/receive a call.

    Lucky iPhone 4 users get to have the option to improve their signal 100% with accessories such as”
    thought to its nice to share it
    P.S : choose sort by oldest in Disqus to find that comment easier,

  • Angelo

    So if you hold the phone in landscape mode while playing a game you are naturally covering the short ends of the phone and thus reception while playing a game is poor. Right? You may miss a call.

  • Adal

    Just for once admit that Nokia copied this antenna design. Or you forgot this is the same design on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 why just mention the iPhone 4.

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Does it matter? Last I checked, Nokia, Microsoft, and Apple all respect each other, and are the only big boys in the room.

      • Puhelimellanikin

        When did Nokia and Apple respect each other? Only a while ago that was not the case.

        • shallow ocean shoal

          Nokia can’t get mad for being caught with their pants down.

          Let’s remember that it was when Apple was going after Google, they pulled out a Nokia phone to demonstrate differentiating design vs. Google copycat.

          • Puhelimellanikin

            Sure, but does that show respect? It seemed to be an example for how to design differently.

            It’s actually nice to see how Nokia finally admits how Apple got the external antenna right on iPhone 4S. At some point of time people from Nokia even claimed that it can’t be done because it violates the laws of physics. Apparently that’s not the case.

            • shallow ocean shoal

              Exactly. I see the 3 as siblings who ultimately respect each other at the end of the day.

              On the other hand, Google reminds me of that bad guy JP in the movie Grandma’s Boy


              • Puhelimellanikin

                Very well.

                However it would be nice to see Nokia fans to respect Apple just like Apple fans respect Nokia when there is reason to do so.

                At least it would be nice if MNB didn’t try to claim that Nokia invented the antenna of iPhone 4S as this site is almost trying to say.

                • shallow ocean shoal

                  Heck, it would be nice to see Nokia fans respect Nokia fans!!

                  • Puhelimellanikin

                    That can’t be because of this religion of theirs.

  • chris wayne

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  • chris wayne

    Sorry i omitted that, 15% of market share for windows phone in Mexico, official…

  • AnythingButNokia

    Nokia Details How the Lumia 925 Defies Copying Apple by Copying Apple Completely.

    • Tabu

      Think about it. Nokia has been releasing incremental copies of iPhone.

      5800 was a quick iPhone wannabe. N8 was much more like iPhone if you took a quick look. Now Lumia is quite like iPhone.

      Steve Jobs once said that Apple was 5 years ahead of the competition.