Video: Lumia 720 vs. 920 Software Comparison and Boot Speed

| May 24, 2013 | 19 Replies

DSC02778The one and only thing keeping me from using the Lumia 720 as my absolute daily driver is the ram limitation, the 512 Mbs although capable of running WP8 as an OS smoothly becomes an issue when some apps can’t run on the device due to it. Or even worse, some apps fail to resume properly (I don’t know why that is, but as mentioned in the video Whatsapp and Viber don’t resume from background tasks too well) which is weird seeing how I never had any issues like that on the Lumia 620.


Check out the video for a boot speed comparison and overall software performance comparison:

Direct link:



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  • Ztuka

    Still all these small fonts, for example when typing…hmm.
    I am ready for the jump soon but I really really would like to see adjustable font sizes for Reading text on facebook, sms or whatever..

    • Viipottaja

      You can actually increase the size of the text in phone, People, email, messaging and lock screen in the “ease of access” settings of the phone. Also, you can activate a “screen magnifier” there as well which you can use to magnify any text/screen view by double tapping with two fingers.

  • himanshu

    I have a heating issue with this phone on 3g usage.

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  • Vineet


    You mentioned Whatsapp is supposed to get an update soon. Have you heard anything specific or the murmurs based on the forums?

  • nick

    How is Skype a “cool” app? Just because everybody uses it? Or because governments can spy on you?
    Oh next Facebook. “Really cool”. Yes more governmental control. Awesome 😛

    I think I’m getting old…

  • phalguna parakesed, Nokia lumia720 indonesia pre order with special price. the normal price little bit expensive compare toSony xperia l wouldbe IDR 3.000,000

    • adit38

      just bought yellow one in hypermart bandung

  • adit38

    just bought yellow one in hypermart bandung

  • Ellen

    I just got a Lumia 720. Let me know if you have any questions about it

    • viipottaja

      Are you single (hey, that’s 720 related)?

      • aliqudsi

        You must’ve missed the ring on her finger… Look closer.

      • Ellen

        Haha, then I will give it a 720 related answer.

        If you are single and buy a colorful 720, ladies will notice it among all those boring black phones.

        • Puhelimellanikin

          Ladies will notice it? I guess some people would want that to happen, but really, ladies noticing you because of your phone?

          I thought that was over with the 80’s.

          Ok, maybe it happened here in Finland also in the early 90’s.

          This was probably the first message in years where someone was saying that ladies might notice you because of a phone.

          Honestly, this made me thinking and that’s nice!

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  • AnythingButNokia

    Just wanted to let all the Nokia fanboys know, your bubble is getting smaller! Even the Finnish would rather buy a foreign product made in Korea than a homegrown Nokia!

    IDC report: Samsung sold more phones than Nokia in Finland during Q1 2013

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