Serious Nokia Symbian Product Placement in Fast & Furious 6

| May 24, 2013 | 34 Replies

Fast and Furious 6 MovieSo yesterday I watched Fast & Furious 6 at the movies, and at first I thought I was imagining things. I caught a glimpse of the plastic end caps of a N8; nothing too suggestive, but after that I knew something was up; without fail almost every single phone in the movie was a Nokia… running Symbian.

There were some obvious shots of the E6 (both in black and white), one where Ludacris lets his hand hover over the phone for a second or two so you can get a clear glimpse of the NOKIA logo.

Also there was a brief glimpse of either an N9 or a Lumia 800 (only the side buttons were visible). Either way it’s interesting to see these old phones in what looks like a paid placement; perhaps they filmed this a couple years ago?

Just thought it was interesting, anyone else watch the movie/spot the phones?



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