Verizon’s Lumia 928 is GSM Unlocked Out of the Box

| May 24, 2013 | 23 Replies


According to multiple user reports, the newly released Lumia 928 on Verizon is shipping “sim unlocked” for GSm (4g not LTE) networks; meaning you can use it on At&t, T-mobile and other networks if you decide to travel. This is great news to everyone who is on the network (and has a 928) because it simply means that one “headache” of the carrier system in the US has been bypassed.


Got a chance to try it today..With an AT&T and T-Mobile micro sim.. After using the “Access point” app to apply the correct APN’s… it worked flawlessly (On HSPA 4G, not LTE)


Technically this also means that you could buy a Lumia 928 from Verizon off contract and use it on your network of choice (provided you’re willing to give up LTE), or you could even import it where-ever you are outside the US. Xenon goodness for everyone!



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  • ceegii63

    we already knew that since you know, the FCC mandates all LTE Verizon Phones are SIM Unlocked

    whats interesting is the 1900,2100 WCDMA and Band 4 LTE which are Tmobile 4G

  • Its a known thing.. all Verizon phones are GSM unlocked 🙂 nothing new…

    • I didn’t know. But hey, I just ordered the white and Orange(mango)covers for my 620 at expansysusa. Really want to see that mango in person.

      • rob hall

        i dont live in the usa and my country has 4g
        will that make a difference?

    • Doug

      That’s a lie. The Motorola Droid 3 and Droid 4 are both GSM locked, as is the Razr MAXX HD. The best part is that according to Motorola’s customer support team, the Droids couldn’t be unlocked to work on AT&T. I know Negri sells the Verizon Razr MAXX HD unlocked, but they never got back to me about whether or not it actually worked with an AT&T SIM card. Maybe this year their phones are GSM unlocked though…

      Let’s see if we can get some concrete facts about this process before we all jump for joy about it.

  • iluvnok

    I think I saw from Mark Guim’s tweet (The Nokia Blog)that the APN is however is locked. Meaning the data is locked to Verizon. So beware, i might be wrong as well.

  • javid

    as @iluvnokia mentioned directly above me – if you look at the WP Central user forums, the data and MMS settings appear to be locked and the APN is not currently able to be changed… stay tuned – there are people who want to use this device on carriers other than Verizon (me perhaps) and that means they will want to find a way to do this…
    Also keep an eye on XDA developers – just in case they find a way to do it also.

  • Hypnopottamus

    I’m confused. I thought (actually I know) that Verizon is CDMA. How can the Verizon branded phone be GSM unlocked. Does the 928 also have GSM capabilities in addition to Verizon CDMA bands?

    • Yes. Look at the LTE structure, and look at the Qualcomm chip specifications.

    • JGrove303

      When Verizon went LTE, they had to go SIM card as well. However, all the “World Phones” had SIM trays, since everywhere else uses GSM except, Japan and one carrier in mainland China I believe.

      • DesR85

        There is one telco in China which uses CDMA but with a caveat, it comes with a SIM tray as mandated by the Chinese government in regards to mobile phones.

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  • ricardo

    hi, how you did to install access point app on lumia 928?? i’m trying with no success… in cel marketplace it does not even show up and on web marketplace i found, but it does not goes to the phone…


  • Harry

    Not quite. The phone works well enough with an Orange SIM card in Spain, however even though it detects the cellular data it does not connect to the internet. The APN settings need to be changed and it appears impossible at present. Grrr.

    • Ricardo

      It works if your operator sim card provide the apn settings, here in brazil, the TIM operator sim card works with data , but sometimes the conection fails…i have to desconnect and reconnet sometimes to get it working again…. I think when we can change the apn settings on the phone, it will be solved….

      • Pascal

        Amigo, sou do Brazil e tenho TIM. Este Nokia 928 da Verizon funciona aqui? Tem que comprar desbloqueado ou pode ser o mais barato?

        • ricardo

          Funciona sim, menos o 4g. O 3g fica perfeito após configurar o apn da Tim pelo app pontos de acesso (access point). O meu Tb é tim, o cel é show, principalmente depois da firmware amber. Precisa comprar o desbloqueado. Abs

  • jennifer

    My Lumia 928 won’t let me install access point and even t-mobile person tried to use his chip in it and failed

  • Juha

    I bought Lumia 928 from Verizon and have Germany O2 sim card. Can’t do data roaming outside of Germany home network and can’t send text messages anywhere, even at O2 network in Germany. Is there anything I could do to fix the issue?

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  • Ben Diaz

    Using my 928 right now in Mexico on Telcel, and it works great! I got this phone right before coming down here, it was great to not have to hassle with a new phone coming from Verizon to a GSM network