More alleged copying of Nokia by HadToCopyPasta?

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I’m not going to get involved with this story as I don’t have the time to research this enough to hide my ignorance of the subject. So I’m just going to share these links with you that were posted in our tips section. I’m pretty sure many in the comments section of the following and related posts won’t refrain from their blind blanket statements against Nokia but oh well.


Nokia, as far as I can see it, is innovating as well as litigating. So quiet down those who parrot that iBoyAttack phrase.

Cheers Dougie and for the tip.


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  • Why don’t they kill Sammy instead of HTC?

    • et3rnal


      I hate there s**y devices, unlike HTC

    • Sefriol

      Samsung and Nokia have many Crossdeals since they would be suing each other all the time.

  • twig

    They know Sammie will kill itself in a way. The only long term possibly for Sammie in a super OEM saturated Android market is Tizen. More and more Android OEMs coming everyday, each will be eating away at Sammie profits once at peak Android saturation. So take HTC out of the Windows picture and they too lose in Android long term by the smaller fish feeding on them. Xbox One may bring that sooner than later.

    • Mooking

      understand this….xbox1 failed before it even hit the shelf…might aswell buy a pc…..:/ limited walled garden garbage….ms just only has tv subs and call of duty… And onetime use games…..if you think that’a good…you really must be blind…….losing 13%cause of their Sh***y windows8 and crap sales of wp is putting them nicely in hole but ms will just throw money at it like they always have with their fails…which is 90% of everything they release

      • Bassman


      • KeiZka

        Haters gonna hate, eh? You still sound like a broken record.

  • Francis

    Infringing patents are different from copying, even Apple also infringing patent of Nokia previously. Who else will not infringing Nokia’s patent if he want to manufacturer Handset ??

    Well, HTC One is selling like hot cake now, how about Nokia Lumia 920/925 ?

    If you can not kill big Eagle so just try kill small bird to prove you are Hero ??

    • SLAYER

      HTC is infringing Nokia’s patents >>> they will get sued. Plain and simple, don’t try to make anything more of it. if samsung infringed Nokia’s patents and refused to pay licensing fees they will get sued too.

    • DesR85

      So in other words, infringing on patents should be condoned? Then why bother creating your own technology if other people can just copy and use it without your permission?

      All Apple could have done is to approach Nokia to license their antennae technology, but instead, chose to copy it and use it in their iPhones until the 3GS line without paying a single cent. We all know what the consequences are.

      Being a rather arrogant company, Apple came up with their own antennae tech for the iPhone 4 by using the metal strip on the side of the phone, which of course, ended up with problems when held at the sides.

    • Joker

      What a stupid comment! According to you, a small bird can steal legally just because it is small? And then you say HTC one sells like hot cakes, what that has to do with HTC steal? Well, they would sell less like hot cakes if they don’t steal. That’s more reasons they should be stopped.

      How do you know 92x not selling like hot cakes? One thing I can tell you is there will be time HTC will stop selling like hot cakes, and Nokia will.

      • Tom

        Well, it’s alleged so far. There is no judgement yet. If the court decides that HTC used Nokia IP without proper license, it would be final(after all appeal).

  • JGrove303

    Show of hands: how many people have no idea that Taiwan is infamous for knockoffs and replication? Nobody?

    Ya, just as I expected. It’s time to pay up.