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Fresh off my latest rant against WP’s apparent lack of development, I found this video concept for some suggested UI changes and navigation in WP 8.1 or whatever it’ll be called. The concept is based on implementing a notification system and shortcut hotbar into the left side of the device, and a multitasking pane to the right. Although this concept may not be ideal (to much swiping and navigation to get something done) it’s just one more possibility on how to get things done, the one part I really liked about this was the way the whatsapp, Skype and other notifications were shown. With a simple red badge to alert you of a new notification; with the option to slide into it for more detail. Good stuff.


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  • Maybe

    Look Like BB Hub Style…

    • Jep

      Looks like, looks like, looks like… Shut up and make it better.

      • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

        Looks and acts like everything else out there and… its not needed cuz windows phone has all these implementations already, but… i assume the person behind the concept don’t know it yet.

  • v.s.i

    Maybe Nokia should transfer some SW engineers to MS and let them fill in the missing parts? Symbian became better once they did that with Accenture.

  • sailfishos rocks

    no matter how you design tile it us ugly with three buttons

  • dkNigs

    Pass. Windows Phone is already behind enough with voice control, hopefully I’ll be able to do simple things like specify music to play by voice or ask the time with 8.1.

    Last thing I’d want is to lose the voice command shortcut for some crappy sidebar to turn Bluetooth on or off. Toggle app does a good enough job at that.

    • bob

      Download hey DJ, it plays any song, album, artist just by holding the windows key and speaking.
      sending SMS and emails work perfectly by voice out of the box as well.

      • dkNigs

        I can do these things on an iPhone out of the box with a lock screen password on. HeyDJ is a third party app, therefore requires lock screen password to be disabled, or you have to unlock your phone making the entire voice control pointless.

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  • tiyo xi

    facebook phone ? , there are lots of important thing in life other then fbook , where are live wallpaperes and pictured animation theme

    • Bassman

      You know, there are lots of other important things in life apart from live wallpapers and animated themes…

      • sreeni ra


        i just couldn’t stop laughing at that comment 🙂 good one

  • Francis

    I think MS has no longer stubbornly insist on Metro UI now (i.e. oversize font with large waste of space). I just upgraded for my Note II, it seem better implementation with more useful interface now.

    The present level of Metro UI concept had been proven that not able to be accepted by mass public ( i hate Metro UI in my notebook, but l like the stability of Win8 too). WP needs major improvement in features and further development for more flexible interface, with more efficient use of screen space.

    In the past i seen some hardcore Nokia User here just blindly accepted WP’s poor Metro UI just because Nokia embankment with MS. They keep saying how fluid and lag free on WP, but they forgotten that featureless phone sure will run much faster than those heavy feature OS such like Android !

    However, if MS can let go the strict restriction on Metro-UI in smartphone (due to requirement of consistent experience across all OS platform), and adopt some good UI concept like notification panel/feeds in N9, i can foresee better acceptance of WP smartphone. Hope this will not be too late for Nokia, otherwise Nokia definitely needs new OS and CEO soon.

    • Peter L

      Sorry to disappoint you, but the direction is actually completely opposite.

      Microsoft is very committed to the Metro design language and will be pushing it more and more in the future for every MS product out there.

    • v.s.i

      My N9 has arguably more relevant features for me and yet the UI follows my finger almost as fast as my brother’s 620, because of FasterN9. On a 2009 vs 2012 CPU. Features and lag are not mutually exclusive.

      Other than that and the need of a new OS, I agree.

      It’s all in the code.

      • dkNigs

        You do realize a 620 is a bottom of the range phone and you’re bragging about almost keeping up with it?

        • Ady

          Well, if you didn’t know, the low-range L620 is almost exactly as fast as the high-range L920 due to the WP optimization stuff, which is considerably faster than the latest iOS on the latest iPhone 5. Unfortunately *sighs* they are both the most feature-less OSes I’ve seen…

          P.S: I’ve just realized that my mom’s 15$ Nokia 1280 can keep the flashlight open with a timer running in the background while I’m listening to the FM Radio while playing Bounce! Something WP and iPhone users can only just dream of :/

          • sbw44

            Some people here will argue that we don’t need that because of WP not supporting it.

          • N9 Fanatic

            And that is what we call true multitasking

            • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

              That is what i call Android style battery drainage.

              • Luisito

                And that’s what I call, “It doesn’t matter to me, so shut up and drink the Kool-Aid”….

          • Silthice

            The first thing I hate the most that I discovered on my Lumia in February is the “resuming” word.

          • Tabu

            API not allowing the led the be on at all times has very little to do with multitasking.

  • It is so simple, the WP team should just look at the W8 team and ‘copy’ the charms bar from them. Implemented properly and it would even be possible to have a buttonless phone a la N9.

    Yes, panoramic app design is problematic with side swipes yadayada. People who say that are forgetting that W8 uses similar panoramic app designs and it works there. A good touch controller and responsive screen go a long way there.

    • Peter L

      And you are forgetting the difference of the bezel and screen surface size between W8 and WP8 devices.

      Charms bar is never going to happen in WP8 the same way it’s done in W8.

  • AlOnE89

    What about replacing the capacitive search button to something more useful?
    A button to drop down a notification menu with some toggles?

  • hiro

    Not so like it,its look like android style..

    • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

      Yeah, somebody Touchwizzed all over that. 🙁

  • Hui

    a fundamentally flawed concept. The winkey is reserved for tellme.

  • Hypnopottamus

    I don’t really like this concept, but I applaud the concept designer thinking outside of the box.

    I think there are too many swipe actions and they’re not very intuitive. My opinion is it needs to be simplistic and accessible from anywhere. The only way that I think this can happen is from a swipe down from the top design.

  • torcida

    Even the very loyal MS/Nokia-WP Blog isn’t loyal to WP anymore… WOW!!

    • incognito

      You can not say that WP wasn’t given a benefit of the doubt by many a Nokia-oriented blogs, and even was actively cheered for on many such places, but enough is enough… Even the strongest believers in the ‘strategy shift’ are starting to see that Microsoft is slowly killing Nokia as we, ‘the naysayers’, were claiming all along.

      Microsoft has to hurry up, or GTFO of Nokia, if Nokia is to have any chance of survival, as simple as that.

      • +10000000000000000

      • Thomas F

        +1 Sailfish + Nokia would be a killer combination.

  • zokabosanac

    Fantastic concept. Simple, efficient, fluid.

    • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

      Ok, not simple, not efficient, Android style.

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  • anon2

    The company that manages to get gesture control right will win the internet prize imo.
    As too the above, I have no doubt it’s coming to Windows Phone in a future update ( Blue??)

  • francesco

    Look so hylarous reading so much haters and naysayers here, talking so big shit about msft.. while there’s a lot of people quite happy about their Nokia lumia and using – w/out bitching loud as here – wp8.. Ps the wp8 upgrade is due to release quite soon.. Take a breath , try harder to leave happy , with whatever brand is you like….

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  • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

    If you knew Windows Phone, you wouldn’t being doing these lame concepts. All of these things are there already, this is just a Samsung Touch Wizzy way of doing it. Why would you go to the setting this way when you can add the tiles you want on your homescreen and solve it like that?

    And why…. oh whyyy would you add the damn notification center. Theres no need… Windows Phone is a “no clutter” idea and practice, which is exactly why i bought into it. I don’t need all this mess to confuse me on par with ios and Android.

    Don’t understand why people spend time on this without even checking out the actual use of the already implemented philosophies and workings. Bahhh…

    Thumbs down!

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