Nokia EOS Working Model – Shows off Sunlight Readability in Glaring sunshine

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Until now, we have just seen photos of parts from an assembly lineinternal components, the device from all angles and so forth.


So the gunmetal EOS is now on and showing off the sunlight readability feature – something not shouted about enough despite how much more usable it makes your smartphone in the sun.

It’s the same Lumia design you first saw sitting in the grass. It could still be a 920 as the front is nigh on identical EXCEPT the sensors at the top are placed slightly different (FFC more on the sides, in the 920 it’s closer to the midline).

ViziLeaks has just posted a photo showing the Lumia EOS with the standard Windows Phone start screen, claiming that the device they have on hand is “working”.

Is it just me, or does the music + videos tile not look right?

Source: ViziLeaks

Cheers Michael for the heads up


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  • Janne

    Speaker placement seems to be higher than in Lumia 920 too. Maybe they have had a bit of trouble fitting that all in there in the top bezel.

  • Sa Ra


  • Werner Ruotsalainen

    Stop teasing us and give us the damn handset at last!

  • Mark


    No thanks.

    • Werner Ruotsalainen

      Same league as the iPhone 5. Not a GS4, that’s for sure.

      Not that it matters if it has the strengths of the 808 and the 928 camera combined (stereo high-amplitude audio, OIS etc.), along with the rumoured double-recording (full-res image along with an oversampled one).

      • Symbian was not responsibe for everything

        Taking double resolution photos is quite smart. It would be even better if the phone allowed to choose the PureView resolution at a later time.

      • Do you really like the Sammie? Ugly to me, but each his own.

        • Werner Ruotsalainen

          Yup, handled it. Found it excellent, apart from the pretty low-quality, plasticky housing. Not the same league as the Nokias or the iPhones.

          Nevertheless, I use external cases (in cases, even heavy-duty ones like the Otterbox Defenders) so the sub-par housing isn’t really an issue to me.

          • Capedonut

            Would like to test the “active” . Probably a more solid feel

    • Ali Abdulla

      the bottom bezel is fine i guess, im not sure, but i heard it improves usability, in a smaller bezel, u tend to hit the capacitive buttons by mistake..

      but the top >_> …

  • pdexter

    That’s a lot of bezel. C’mon Nokia, you can do better.

    • Janne

      Just some observations:

      Bezel looks roughly the same as Lumia 920. Glass on top may be a little more but the top side of the chassis seems slimmer.

      Side-bezel looks more than it actually is because WP start screen has a little empty on both sides though.

  • v.s.i

    Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was fake, I’ve never seen Music+Videos show the Xbox logo on my brother’s 620.

    On the other hand:

  • Grodelj

    Music + video tile looks same as on my 920, so no problem there:)

  • sunnyvale

    At this point, we can safely assume this has been Nokia’s earliest and biggest leak ever.

    One of the most awaited devices? Check

    Almost a month before launch? Check

    Seeing a working model before launch? Check

    We got to see peek at all its angles? Check

    Like 10 MNB post about the leak and counting? Check

    OCD guys getting all “OH NO YOU DIDN’T!! with the design? Check

    Damn it, Nokia! You gotta seal yo holes, man. You’re leaking everywhere.

    • Werner Ruotsalainen

      “Damn it, Nokia! You gotta seal yo holes, man. You’re leaking everywhere.”

      Are you sure it isn’t intentional? 😉

      After all, everybody knows there will be an EOS model. That is, these leaks won’t likely to jeopardize their 92x sales.

      • sunnyvale

        You could be right Mr. Ruotsalainen. With all these leaks, Nokia still hasn’t whine about it.

        I wonder, because this isn’t Nokia’s MO. Leaking a very acclaimed device way that early. Maybe they’re testing the waters to see if a leak like this can raise so much wanted hype. I think it’s working, as of now, quite a handful of blogs and/or tech sites have picked up the news

        I think that, as long as secrets regarding OS functionality are not spilled before launch, everything will be alrighty.

        • sunnyvale

          What I meant with “OS functionality” is any other Nokia exclusive feature baked in to the OS. We all know how WP works 🙂

          • jiipee

            Its ok to tease by leaking, if they will have the device available soon after July release.

        • capedonut

          Given how many hints there has been about this particular phone, it would look rather ridiculous if nokia started complaining about the leaks.

    • Janne

      I think N8 and Eldar was a bigger leak. It got reviewed what six months prior to release. 🙂

      • sunnyvale

        What I like about this leak is how stylish it has been. Previous leaks have been blurry shots within factories or sitting on a boring desk.

        BUT NO!! Leaking it with crappy pictures wasn’t enough. The leaker went to the length of putting the phone, in a stylish position, in a nice well cut piece of grass. Then another leak, was a nice composition of EOS different angles, and a close-up of the camera wart.

        • Shreenit

          Haha!! Good one! 😀 Tech improves so does the leak quality 😀

      • What ever happened to Eldar?

        • Janne

          Maybe Nokia’s downsizing downsized his contacts?

        • xconomicron

          He is very anti-MS…I think Nokia would ditch him as a contact because of this.

          • Bazil

            If he is anti-something, he is certainly anti-Nokia. And pro-Samsung. And he has no credibility, since he claimed in that N8 “preview” that its camera was mediocre. The camera of N8. Mediocre.

  • Steve

    Looks pretty impressive!

    Not to detract from the EOS, but do I spot a potential ‘MyEE’ app in the bottom left of the screen? the EE Film app does not look like that…!

  • Looks like aluminum sides?

  • dontom

    Did you guys notice that the buttons at the bottom are not capacitive. They are grafical/software ones. And their resolution seems bad… Makes you wonder?!

    • dontom


    • sunnyvale

      PLOT TWIST: Nokia EOS leak is just a 3D-printed mock-up to stir up some hype.

  • john

    wysips solar power please and p2i water proof bring please nokia to make it a legend. if your not getting better specs other than cam give us allot new features so we are happy.

  • johan

    Wish someone in possession of a working device would confirm/debunk OIS on this handset as soon as possible!

  • jas

    Looks like the sides of the 925…even has a black plastic band on the top. Like the 925 has to break up the metal.

  • Viipottaja

    So many leaks can only mean one thing: the model has been cancelled and it’s not coming! 😛 😉

    • torcida

      Also possible xD

    • capedonut

      ouch, sounds like the *old* nokia

  • Symbian was not responsibe for everything

    If this phone really has a 16:10 display, I find it quite smart move.

    It makes the phone slightly more usable compared to 16:9.

    • DannyBoy

      why? u shoot both pics and vids on 16:9

      • Werner Ruotsalainen

        You’ve never handled a 16:10 computer (most MacBook Pro’s or the 30″ Apple Cinema Display), I take it. Otherwise, you would know the answer – the extra screen estate makes these screens allow for much more productive work.

        • Symbian was not responsibe for everything

          Very true.

          While those devices are used for watching videos and pictures, 16:9 is not the optimal format for other tasks. I do other tasks most of the time and that applies probably to most of the people.

          While iPad is even more extreme than 16:10, it’s great for browsing the web or using apps. It wouldn’t be that good with 16:9.

          • Werner Ruotsalainen

            Yup, I also consider 4:3 the most productive aspect ratio. Too bad the 16:9 craze forced almost all manufacturers to switch to widescreen models entirely and there’re no 4:3 models (except for the Chromebook) and there are very few 16:10 ones (e.g., some MBP’s or the 30″ ACD’s).

            • Symbian was not responsibe for everything

              I would buy immediately a 4:3 display if there were good ones.

              Some people are obsessed with 16:9. I can’t understand it.

      • Symbian was not responsibe for everything

        Actually, the reason why so many people want to have every possible display in 16:9 is because of the US companies. They have made people to believe, that it’s the best for everything and almost nothing can be better than that.

        Currently Apple is one of the few to go different direction than the flock following the US companies without thinking by themselves.

        People want to have 16:9 because they don’t think but let the US companies to think for themselves. That’s sad and the rest of us will suffer because of them. It’s hard to buy certain products without 16:9 making them less optimal.

  • is this the world record of higest pic leaked in single day huh ?

  • Gerry

    Nokia – Connecting Bezels

  • ian.guider


    So looking at the screen compared to my 920, I can’t really tell if its still the same aspect ratio. The phone seems taller because of the bezel which causes me to be unsure of the aspect ratio. If it is a 16:9 screen it makes me wonder if the resolution is 1080p, I highly doubt that Nokia would change to a 720p part when they use the 768p AMOLED for the other devices. Also while looking at the screen in the sunlight, to me it doesn’t seem to have the same characteristics as an AMOLED. Now I can’t really speak for an AMOLED with CBD, I’ve never had one, but it definitely looks different than a GS3 under the sun. To me it seems like it is an LCD. I also know Nokia wouldn’t be able to grab a 1080p AMOLED this soon, so could the 4.7″ 1080p the HTC One has be an option? When looking at the HTC One side by side to the 920, the displays are very close in size with the One’s display being slightly thinner/longer.

    While reviewing the other pictures I found something that supported my ideas again. If you look at the picture of the front of the device next to the BB in the sun, the clock is on and the display. Once again, it doesn’t look like an AMOLED to me. The time is barely visible to me which makes me think it’s driven by a backlit display, not an AMOLED. In addition, the edges of the display are clearly visible and it appears that is has a different aspect ratio than my 920’s display.

    Now I was just reviewing what I’ve seen. I didn’t review the pictures to see if they had been altered. I didn’t account for Windows Phone not officially supporting 1080p yet(though BUILD 2013 is in late June and they could announce support). Also, I had high hopes of a 1080p display so my thoughts could be skewed.

    Can anyone see what I’m seeing?

    • richard

      I also notice that. It’s not AMOLED!

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  • dss

    A 16:9 aspect ratio would be great.. both of their previous camera centric smartphones had 16:9 screens, and it works great for the wide angle lens on there..

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