Nokia EOS Working Model – Shows off Sunlight Readability in Glaring sunshine

| June 6, 2013 | 56 Replies


Until now, we have just seen photos of parts from an assembly line, internal components, the device from all angles and so forth.

So the gunmetal EOS is now on and showing off the sunlight readability feature – something not shouted about enough despite how much more usable it makes your smartphone in the sun.

It’s the same Lumia design you first saw sitting in the grass. It could still be a 920 as the front is nigh on identical EXCEPT the sensors at the top are placed slightly different (FFC more on the sides, in the 920 it’s closer to the midline).

ViziLeaks has just posted a photo showing the Lumia EOS with the standard Windows Phone start screen, claiming that the device they have on hand is “working”.

Is it just me, or does the music + videos tile not look right?

Source: ViziLeaks

Cheers Michael for the heads up


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